Transistor Original Soundtrack Extended!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on July 31, 2014

It’s been a rather overwhelming few weeks for us at Supergiant since the launch of Transistor. Above all, we wanted to say thank you to everyone who played our latest game. It’s been wonderful to see the amazing response from players around the world, and the game sold even faster than Bastion over the same period. Simply put, this means we get to stick together as a team and keep making games our way, which was the outcome we’ve wanted with both our games.

As a small token of our gratitude for Transistor’s success, we’re pleased to present Transistor Original Soundtrack Extended, available now on Steam, our online store, YouTube, and right here:

This bonus album by our composer and audio director Darren Korb contains more than 80 minutes of alternate music tracks, featuring the amazing vocals of Ashley Barrett and instrumental versions of some key pieces from the soundtrack. We’re releasing it as a free update to everyone who picked up the Transistor OST on Steam or our web site, and it’s also available for free streaming. We hope you enjoy it!

* * *

Besides supporting the launch of Transistor these past few weeks, we’ve officially welcomed two new members to the Supergiant team: Josh Barnett, our resident visual effects and user interface expert; and Morgan Wren, our quality assurance specialist. Learn more about them on our Team page. In fact Josh and Morgan have been working with us for some time already, and Transistor never would have been the same without them. We’re pleased to give them an overdue public welcome and to have them as full-time members of our studio, where we expect they’ll continue to be key to whatever we do next.

We recently also said goodbye to our senior engineer Chris Jurney, who joined the team at Oculus to do amazing stuff in the realm of VR, which is one of Chris’ passions. Chris had a big impact on Transistor and our iOS version of Bastion so we’re thankful for all his contributions and wish him the best.

As for what’s next for us as a team, we’re excited to figure that out! In a few weeks we’ll be at PAX Prime in Seattle where we look forward to meeting many of you in person. Until then!


  • KagariTeru on 31/7/2014

    Thanks Supergiantgames for the extended Soundtrack! I´am sure there are a lot of people who will love it. Keep up the great Work!

  • Jonathan Rajavuori on 31/7/2014

    Will those of us listening through Google Music All Access get this soundtrack too?

  • Sgt. Polaris on 31/7/2014

    I already purchased the soundtrack before the extended version came out. Since they are sold together, can those of us who already purchased the soundtrack get it for free?

  • Greg Kasavin on 31/7/2014

    @Sgt. Polaris: You will be getting the extended version as a free update if you purchased the soundtrack on Steam or this site. Or if you purchased it somewhere else just email us!

  • Gravitas on 31/7/2014

    I was planning to buy the soundtrack on Bandcamp because I like getting the files in .flac format, is there any plan to release the extended edition on Bandcamp as well? Thanks, love your work guys!

  • Wubdor on 31/7/2014

    Does this mean we won't be seeing the soundtrack appear on Spotify?

  • Tordenhalen on 31/7/2014

    Two news I've been waiting to hear since the release of Transistor :). Great to know this amazing and beautiful game did so well - and great that now we can get the alternative versions of those magical songs. Just a... small question. Would there be a chance to also buy that... third version of "Impossible"? But no matter what the answer will be - best wishes to all of you :).

  • Zach on 31/7/2014

    Well darn. Guess I'm not getting the Extended. I got my OST on iTunes.

  • Greg Kasavin on 31/7/2014

    @Zach, just email us and we'll get it to you!

  • Enigma777 on 31/7/2014

    Are you guys going to release the Extended soundtrack on ITunes? I already bought the regular version when it came out from there but I wouldn't mind paying for it again if it was available there.

  • Brenna on 31/7/2014

    Thanks for this Supergiant! Love the music, love the game, love getting new music.. it's all great. Welcome to the new team members!

  • Tim on 31/7/2014

    Any news on the Mac version of Transistor?

  • Andrew on 31/7/2014

    I bought the game on PSN and the original soundtrack on Amazon. Is there anywhere to get the extend OST besides Steam?

  • Shot on 1/8/2014

    Fantastic soundtrack, thanks! Will this extended version also be available on Spotify (as the original soundtrack is)?

  • Sid on 1/8/2014

    You folks are awesome. I love seeing a company that does things for their fans and supporters instead of screwing them over for money. :) Stuff like giving the extended soundtrack for free to people who bought the regular is very cool IMO. I've bought both Bastion and Transistor on Steam and console, as well as the soundtracks for both, and I'll more than likely do the same with your next title whatever it is. :D Keep up the great work.

  • Donna on 1/8/2014

    One of the most amazing soundtracks I have heard now even more amazing! Thank you for posting this! Darren Korb did a truly amazing work and the vocals of Ashley Barrett are wonderful. A beautiful combination to say the least. Thank you for this!

  • Robert on 1/8/2014

    Thanks for the humming soundtracks, supergiants. Ashley's humming is a critical part of music in your games for me, it started Build That Wall at a high note and it has not got down since.

  • bkoepp on 1/8/2014

    What about if we bought the soundtrack on Bandcamp? Like others who prefer that service, the option of downloading in lossless formats is important to me. Will there be a download option via bandcamp for the extended soundtrack?

  • Chris on 2/8/2014

    Is there a way to get the FLAC version of soundtrack when buying on Steam?

  • Darwin J. Vargas on 2/8/2014

    This is awesome that there is an extended album. Is the extended album going to be available on Spotify? Thanks.

  • Marie on 2/8/2014

    Gah! Instrumental versions of We All Become and In Circles! Karaoke editions! I can't be Ashley Barrett, but I can pretend, can't I?.....

  • Oscar on 3/8/2014

    Will the Extended soundtrack also be available to those of us (like me) who purchased it on Itunes?

  • Alex on 3/8/2014

    I bough the cd on your website. The mp3 version was available as soon as I bought the cd. The question is the extended digital version available as mp3 only not FLAC for those who bought the cd? I did get the a new link to download the mp3 for the extended versions.

  • Diego on 4/8/2014

    "A game on your wishlist is on sale!" *look transistor* *get excited* *yay* *see that does not yet has linux support* *look away waiting for better times to come*

  • Greg Kasavin on 6/8/2014

    Hey for those asking about iTunes, Bandcamp, etc. versions of Extended -- just email us via the contact form and we will get back to you.

  • Zeed on 7/8/2014

    Where are In Circles and The Spine hummed version? I'm really looking forward to that

  • Haru on 8/8/2014

    Many thanks to everyone who helped out with Transistor, and best of luck to Mr. Jurney. :) As soon as I heard the announcement that the extended OST was available at no additional cost, I went out and purchased the soundtrack. Thank you for listening and being so good to us, Supergiant.

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