Transistor Now Available!!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on May 20, 2014

It’s here!!! Transistor, our second game, is out now:


You can also get the game right here (redeems a Steam key):

What’s more, the Transistor Original Soundtrack by Darren Korb with vocals by Ashley Barrett is now available too!

Transistor Original Soundtrack

You can stream it for free, or purchase a digital version or CD + digital.

Note: We highly recommend playing through the game before listening to the soundtrack, since the soundtrack is deeply connected to the game’s story.

* * *

There’s a lot we want to say at a time like this but as ever, we like our games to do the talking for us.

But we’ll just say this: To all you Bastion fans out there, we couldn’t have made this new game without all the support you’ve shown us. We hope you find that Transistor lives up to it.


  • Izzy on 20/5/2014

    dying for the mac version! ahhhhhh!

  • zsparks on 20/5/2014

    I preordered the game via the humble widget when it was first available, but I still don't have a key. Do you know when the steam keys will release so I can redeem it and play? I'd assume that they'd have been released by now, so maybe it's a bug in the system?

  • tec on 20/5/2014

    The game is released on steam, but I did not get my Humble-Key yet. So hyped, so sad :( Hope it comes quick... can't wait :) Keep up the great work.

  • J on 20/5/2014

    I'm not sure I understand. I preordered the game but the key page still just says the key will be available on the 20th.

  • Helgorn on 20/5/2014

    And here we go. Day 1 + soundtrack :D I'm sure that you did a very good work with this game Thank you very much !

  • Depili on 20/5/2014

    And when will the humble store purchases get their steam-keys?

  • Genoard on 20/5/2014

    Congratulations guys! Can't wait to play it! Hope you are having fun celebrating because you deserve it :3

  • J on 20/5/2014

    Well, the key popped up now, guess I was just a bit impatient! I'm off to play your game now, so excited!

  • Nye on 20/5/2014

    Anyone know if there is a way for those of us who pre-ordered via the Humble widget to get the FLAC version of the soundtrack? If I'd realised it was MP3 only I wouldn't have ordered the soundtrack edition, and would have bought the soundtrack separately. Not the end of the world, but a minor disappointment. (I typically transcode for my mobile device, and FLAC->lossy is often noticeably better-sounding than lossy->lossy)

  • Reuben Horst on 20/5/2014

    It's downloading as we speak. I can't wait! However, I preordered the game + soundtrack bundle via the Humble Widget, and now that both the game and soundtrack have released, I've found only the Steam code to be available from my Humble Bundle account. Will the soundtrack be made available on my HB account later, or do I only own the soundtrack through Steam? Because to be perfectly honest, I'd much prefer to have a HB download link than to own it through Steam.

  • Arthur on 20/5/2014

    I just installed transistor, and every single time I try to run the executable without steam running the game immediately crashes. Help please?

  • Khashayar on 20/5/2014

    I can't wait to play Transistor! Congratulations from Iran!

  • F on 20/5/2014

    Surprised me when checking Steam, it offered to "Install Transistor" - Yay! :] Big fat thanks, off to playing it - I'm glad that I preordered it.

  • Pablo Assis on 20/5/2014

    Congrats!!! This weekend i will check the game, but, only in videos, i can see the careful the artwork and the precision with us, gamers. And that voice....... Its because of games like that im still a gamer nowdays. : )

  • Martin on 20/5/2014

    Wonderful. I've played about two hours and I'm in love.

  • D on 20/5/2014

    Preordered a while ago, but waiting patiently for the Mac version, which I hope arrives soon!

  • BoFiS on 20/5/2014

    Are there any plans to bring Transistor to WiiU? It would seem like an obvious match as you could make the WiiU gamepad display Transistor and make narration come out of the gamepad like on the PS4. Also, could allow for planning attacks on the gamepad screen.

  • Sekhmet on 20/5/2014

    Congratulations! I've played for two and a half hours now and I'm having a blast. It's visually stunning, I love the narrator and the battle system. And the soundtrack, of course! So many wonderful details - I adore that the abilities you can collect have background stories. Brilliant job, I'm very happy I preordered this game!

  • Mondai on 20/5/2014

    This is me, waiting "patiently" for my adult job to end for the day, so I can go home and get addicted to this game. Here's hoping my guy is booting up my system and installing like I asked him to, last night. ♥

  • Baalzek on 20/5/2014

    So when is it out for PS4 in the UK?

  • Firefly on 20/5/2014

    This is pleasing news indeed. Kudos, by the way, to whoever thought up that wallpaper; it's amusingly cute. On another note, the soundtrack doesn't just deliver, it hits the proverbial ball out of the park. I imagine we'll be seeing a Transistor ringtone pack at some point in the future...

  • Marie on 20/5/2014

    2-ish hours in, and it's everything I hoped for and more. Beautiful worldbuilding, and a system of mechanics that I -really- digging. One carefully phrased question: The song "In Circles" changes during its presentation in the game. Any way we could get an extended version of the track? Those moments were pretty simple in the grand scheme of things but..... left an impression on me.

  • wek on 20/5/2014

    Will we see Transistor released through more user friendly distributors such as GOG or GamersGate?

  • Conrad Lukawski on 20/5/2014

    What're the chances you'll be releasing a GNU/Linux version? I'm going to be purchasing the game regardless, but as someone who uses the OS daily, it'd be nice to see it on there (I rarely go on my Windows partition).

  • timbal on 20/5/2014

    Absolutely fantastic. I thought i was overly excited... I was wrong.

  • on 21/5/2014

    Hello from Russian PS store. Can't wait for Transistor to release there -- Bastion is one of my favorite games, and all the comments here about how Transistor is great... Oh, I hope it'll be available soon. Anyway, congratulations with release!

  • Cameron on 21/5/2014

    Just finished the game and all I have to say is another masterpiece from SuperGiant! Music, combat, story, art, all 10/10 IMO! I hope you guys get the opportunity to make another game!

  • Tiffany on 21/5/2014

    Is there any approximate release date for when the game will be available to mac users?

  • diay1987 on 21/5/2014

    Will there be a Vita version later on? If so, take my money.

  • Marie on 21/5/2014

    That ending...... so freaking lovely.

  • Mats on 22/5/2014

    I wish you would consider a ps3 version as well. Seems to be an awesome game that deserves to be played on my big screen. Dont have a ps4, though.

  • Locanis on 22/5/2014

    Really hope to see this game ported to iOS (Well, iPhone 5+ to be precise). Loved Bastion on my mobile, would love this to go portable as well. Hopefully it's in the works?

  • Ben on 22/5/2014

    Picked up and am loving Transistor on my PS4, but I really want it for Linux so I can play on my laptop, like I did with Bastion! I'm willing to pay extra for a good Linux port, and I'd bet most other Linux gamers would be, too. Don't forget us! :)

  • Tyler on 22/5/2014

    With the meticulous, powerful design that you guys presented in Bastion there was never any doubt whether I would purchase Transistor. Thank you once again for an unforgettable and emotional masterpiece - there is no way for me to express how moving the experience you created was.

  • dmitry on 22/5/2014

    Now tell me. Is the guy getting killed at the beginning of the game the Kid from the Bastion grown up?

  • Shane on 23/5/2014

    I just finished it. I cried harder than I did when I played Bastion. Worth every day of waiting and worth the money many times over. I love you guys. You've a fan for life in me.

  • krzyyyyyysiek on 23/5/2014

    This game is so amazing. One of the best games i've played in my whole life. Everything works so smooth. And the soundtrack... so great... so fantastic... great job guys keep it up !

  • Paul on 23/5/2014

    I buy very few games close to their release and this was one of my eagerly anticipated exceptions. Not a lot of games have depth and aesthetic beauty these days but Transistor delivers quite nicely. Great game. Won't say I have played it through to the end as I am reliving the experience again and probably again several times more. I can count the number of games I do that with on 1 hand easy. Thanks again for another very satisfying game/work of art.

  • Zmar on 23/5/2014

    Oh god, give me strength to keep existing until the Mac version comes out...

  • Dominick on 23/5/2014

    After Bastion I couldn't help but blindly buy into Transistor and it was not a disappointment ! You guys make masterpieces in the indie gaming gendra, I simply can't wait for another game to live yet another awesome story. Thanks again for the great experiences.

  • KC on 23/5/2014

    I bought the Soundtrack Bundle on Steam, but it only came in MP3. I'd really like to get the OST in FLAC as well, is there any way I can without buying it again?

  • Greg Kasavin on 23/5/2014

    @KC just email us with your Steam proof of purchase and we'll get you the FLAC version. Everyone else, thanks very much for all the kind words and feedback!

  • niks on 24/5/2014

    Awesome :)

  • Paul on 24/5/2014

    A Version for my Mac will be nice. App Store only please, no Steam. Good work by the game!

  • Anthony on 24/5/2014

    Congrats on the release! Loved Bastion and I can't wait to try Transistor. : )

  • Lorkenpeist on 24/5/2014

    I must say, the game and soundtrack are most excellent! Having experienced Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett in the Bastion soundtrack, I knew it would be a mistake not to preorder the soundtrack with the game, and I was, for the most part, not disappointed. However, I feel it is a disservice to Ashley (and me :p) not to include her beautiful humming in the soundtrack. While the non-humming version of the soundtrack is still excellent, it's just not the same. I was really looking forward to hearing that excellent humming without having to find a backdoor in game, which isn't particularly conducive to listening on my phone.

  • Mohammed on 24/5/2014

    I love the game i only have on problem though it freezes in performance test 4 i tried it multiple times

  • Ohjoyimbored on 24/5/2014

    Ahh I'm dying for mac release!!!

  • fenris on 25/5/2014

    My God this game is a masterpiece. The ending absolutely blew me away. Art, mechanics, little touches like Red humming to the excellent BGM... I'm gonna go stuff this game in everyone's faces until they buy it now.

  • lossofhope on 25/5/2014

    Just got the platinum trophy. Wish it wasn't over but it was so damn good. Starting recursion gave me chills when I realized who was speaking that first line of the game and the ending was somehow even more emotional for me the second time seeing it. Would love to see some dlc for the backdoor tests.

  • Robert on 26/5/2014

    Is there any chance for a digital art book? I prefer the art in Transistor to Bastion, as I like Bastion while fall in love with Transistor. I notice that there is no art book for Bastion, so is there any chance for a Supergiant game's art book?

  • Voldenuit on 26/5/2014

    Thank you, Supergiant. Thank you for making me fall in love with a game. Come to Cloudbank. Stay a while.

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