Transistor Launch Trailer

Posted by Greg Kasavin on May 16, 2014

Meet Red’s adversaries in the Transistor launch trailer:

The game is out Tuesday next week. We are excited!


  • ww on 16/5/2014


  • Sgt. Polaris on 16/5/2014

    The more I see about this game, the more I want it. Can you push the release date up any? If this is a good as Bastion, then you will have earned yourself my money.

  • Sgt. Polaris on 16/5/2014


  • Bradaviel on 16/5/2014

    I want a PAPER ARTBOOK ! Please !!

  • Marie on 17/5/2014

    I haven't been this excited for a game release in....... I just don't even know. Seriously? After Bastion? This stuff succeeds in your mission statement, as far as I'm concerned. As a woman, I have to say.... Red gives me that excitement that only Yuna of FFX has. She's beautifully feminine in a way I can love and admire, not just pure eye candy for the teen male demographic. Jen Zee has absolutely outdone herself with the stills and overall aesthetic. Korb and Barrett have me just as much hyped for the soundtrack as the actual game - I can't wait to play the game, and then relive the tale for years afterwards via the soundtrack, as I have with Bastion. And after Bastion, I can't wait for another world that is as carefully soaked in its own life and details. That's what elevated Bastion from good to great, for me. THANK YOU for making games.

  • Sefam on 17/5/2014

    I can't wait to play this awesome game :O

  • Alex Nguyen on 17/5/2014


  • SQ on 17/5/2014

    Heard Greg on giantbomb and the release news reminded me how much I've come to loathe these multi-year, multi-channel, trickling, pre-announcement announcement, saline-drip style marketing campaigns that are about as joyful as a robo-call in a swing state. These marketing geniuses are like the napalm of fun. I promise I will not be there on minute-one of when Transistor comes out, and I won't contribute to the same old message-board-twitter-podcast barf-dump in the first 72 hours of release, but I do love the aesthetic and look forward to trying it sometime. I imagine and hope it will just be one of those neat surprises when it threads back onto my radar at some point.

  • Lyeco on 18/5/2014

    Is there a possibility of a mac release months later?

  • Anderty on 18/5/2014

    As Bastion showed me many things, I wasn't expecting in electronic gaming, as that big I was excited to hear 'bout that you prepared for us more of this. I totally love retro/nuar-futuristic stile, and some steampunk variations, and Transistor with it's nuar-almostfullfuturism just blows me mind. It's not just epic. It's endlesly epic. Can't wait these 2 dais, though...

  • Golden on 19/5/2014

    nice game, and please let me know the music's name,~

  • Sam on 19/5/2014

    Supergiant games you are all awesome at what you do. Bastion was aesthetically perfect with the art, narration, gameplay and sound and music, from what I've seen Transistor looks like nothing less. Counting down the hours! Enjoy your launch partying!

  • Robert on 20/5/2014

    When will it be out for PS4 in Europe? I can't buy it/pre-order it or find it in the PSN store... :(

  • Marie on 20/5/2014

    Robert, my understanding is that it is out for you guys tomorrow, unfortunately :( Has anyone had any luck getting their Humble Store keys? My link is still thanking me for pre-ordering, and informing me that my key will be available on 5/20.... I emailed support over an hour ago, and haven't heard anything. It sucks to get this hyped for a game and not be able to play it.

  • Marie on 20/5/2014

    For those that can't play yet, you can do what I'm doing and listen to the full version "We All Become" over and over again, wishing you can nail those last few lines as well as Ashley does:

  • ducca on 20/5/2014

    this game looks beautiful, I will be checking it out.

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