Transistor @ PAX East 2014 Recap

Posted by Greg Kasavin on April 23, 2014

Our big news going into PAX East this past month was that Transistor is almost done, due out May 20! At the show, we let folks get their hands on a near-final build of the PlayStation 4 version of the game, and got a really great response. Check out our photo gallery below as well as excerpts of some of the coverage!

Supergiant @ PAX East 2014

Transistor Comes to PS4 May 20 – PlayStation Blog
PlayStation Blog

Manipulating Time in Transistor [Video]

Ten Minutes of New Transistor PS4 Gameplay [Video]

The 20 Best Things We Saw at PAXGame Informer

The 4 Best Games of PAX East 2014 [Video]

Why Transistor is Looking Better than Ever [Video]

Interview with Transistor’s Creative

Best Indie Game of PAX EastVideo Game Writers

“…you’ll recognize a worthy successor to one of the most beloved indie games of the last generation.” —

“I want to play more of Transistor right now.” –

“Transistor takes the familiar and turns it into something new. The difference between good and great.” —

“…a brilliant way to make a fun and action-packed game starring a character who doesn’t have a background in combat.” — Tom’s Guide

“It had a constantly massive line at PAX, and everyone from the press room to the show floor mentioned it.” –

“Its gameplay is sleek; its electronica-infused audio is stylish; and it’s definitely easy on the eyes.” —

“Transistor is even more stunning to behold than Bastion was.” — Den of Geek

“If you enjoyed Bastion and the wonderful storytelling abilities of Supergiant, you’re sure to love Transistor.” —

Transistor Interview [Video]

Transistor PAX East 2014 Interview [Audio]Just Press Start

We’re down to the last few weeks of development. We’re very excited to see what everyone thinks of the full game less than a month from now! Until then.


  • Austin on 23/4/2014

    Wow, those are a lot of commendations. If Transistor truly does turn out better than Bastion (and I've always thought it would), it will take first place on my "favorite indie games" list, naturally followed by Bastion and then Dust: an Elysian Tail. :squirtyay: I'm counting the days!

  • William Cross on 23/4/2014

    So glad everyone is loving the game. You've come so far guys, now it's time for the finishing touches! I got a feeling Transistor will be a bigger hit for you guys but only time will tell, and boy am I constantly looking at the time until release. Cannot wait to play the game. Will pre-order it as soon as it is up!

  • yatto on 28/4/2014

    Whoa, I'm counting the days ! Did you ever think of a box-release ? That would be awesome, I like to have the box of the games I like, with the CD, a manual, etc. I understand it's very hard and expensive, I was kinda dreaming (moreover for PC gamer). Anyway, can't wait !!

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