Happy Holidays from Supergiant!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on December 20, 2013

We’ve been pretty quiet this season, so as the year winds down we wanted to give an update on what we’ve been up to! And show you our festive studio décor‎.

What we’ve been up to, simply put, is making Transistor.

Happy Holidays from Supergiant!
After our reveal of Transistor went over as well as it did back in March, our goal became very clear: to keep doing everything we can to make the full game live up to the first impression. We had our second major showing at E3 a couple of months later, where we announced the game is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC. We had one more big showing planned for this year, which happened at PAX Prime. Then after that, we wanted to hunker down and work on the game for the rest of the year. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Right now Transistor is in an alpha state where just about all of the content, systems, and features we have in mind are implemented in some fashion, and the game is playable from beginning to end. It’s where we wanted to be as we head into 2014.

In the coming weeks, we plan to keep testing, tuning, and iterating on every aspect of the game until we think it’s ready to put out there for you to play. We’ll talk more specifics as we get closer to that time. Until then, you can always check in with us on Twitter or Facebook. Stay tuned, happy holidays, and keep in touch!

P.S.: All the merchandise in our Supergiant Store is on sale for the holidays if you’d like to have a look.


  • William Cross on 20/12/2013

    Thank you so much for this update! You guys have made a lot of progress. So excited about 2014 and when we finally get the announcement of the release date and the game itself. Glad to hear everything is going well. Happy holidays and hope everything continues going this smoothly for you. You definitely deserve it!

  • Harry on 20/12/2013

    Will there be any way to apply to be a beta tester? I loved Bastion and can't wait for Transistor!!

  • Jonathan Villariasa on 20/12/2013

    Happy Holidays, Supergiant! I'm glad to hear that everything's going well with the studio and the progress of Transistor. That game will be my first excuse to get a PS4. Bastion is amazing and Transistor looks like it will be a whole 'nother beast. Thanks and keep it up!

  • lokiderhase on 21/12/2013

    woah i like that office, can i visit you ;) but seriously keep up the good work on transistor, i love what i have seen so far.

  • Merehappenstance on 23/12/2013

    Oh man, I loved the heck out of Bastion and seeing this game trailer made my day. The soundtrack sounds like it's going to be amazing again if the trailer theme is any indication. Really looking forward to this!

  • Pepper on 29/12/2013

    Merry Christmas, and all the best for the new year to you guys! Really looking forward to Transistor next year. Bastion was my favorite game that I played in 2012. I see a DotA poster in the background. Maybe I'll run into you guys one day. Best Regards!

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