Transistor Coming to PS4 and Steam

Posted by Greg Kasavin on June 10, 2013

One of the most common questions we get about our next game is, which platforms is it coming to? Today we’re excited to have a specific answer for you at last: When Transistor is released sometime early next year, it will be available day one for PlayStation 4, and for PC on Steam. We plan to bring the game to Linux and Mac afterwards, and haven’t ruled anything out beyond that.

Supergiant art director Jen Zee created this piece, “Cloudbank”, which is being featured in the Into the Pixel exhibition at E3 this year!

It’s no coincidence we’re making this announcement now during the week of the big Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Sony gave us the opportunity to show our game in their booth this week, where we’ll be on hand with an early playable build. After an amazing PAX East, it’s going to be great letting a whole new slew of players try the game at E3 — but back to the topic at hand!

Even before we announced Transistor earlier this year, we’d been giving a lot of thought to which platform or platforms would make the best home for the game. It’s a big decision that can influence aspects of the game’s design and can ultimately have a lot to do with its overall success. By focusing on the PlayStation 4 and PC as our launch platforms, we think we’ll be able to reach many of our existing fans right from the start, while letting us focus on delivering the best game possible at launch.

You may know that our first game, Bastion, is available for more than six different platforms at this point. But it started on just one. We were still working on new versions of Bastion more than a year after the initial launch on Xbox LIVE Arcade. The main reason Bastion ended up in so many places, of course, is because a lot of people liked the game. And the main reason a lot of people liked it is because we were able to create the game we wanted to make in the first place, by not spreading our focus too thin and making sure Bastion ran great on XBLA, then on Steam, and so on. So, in short: Our strategy of focusing on a console/PC launch worked well on Bastion so we’re doing it again on Transistor.

If you have more questions, please check our newly minted Transistor FAQ, or contact us on Twitter, Facebook, or right here on our web site! Lastly, if you’d like us to notify you when the game is out, we invite you to join our mailing list:


  • Jorge Lopez on 10/6/2013

    What was the name of the song for the trailer of Transistor?

  • Lukas on 10/6/2013

    PC, at least. I hoped for Xbox 360. Well, maybe one day... All the best with your new gem. I will surely play it on PC if I have a computer that is actually worth the name.

  • adam on 10/6/2013


  • Staudi on 10/6/2013

    More companies should think like this. Cant wait!

  • Rykin on 10/6/2013

    I really hope this makes it to Xbox One at some point. The PS4 looks nice but I am getting the Xbox One first because so far Transistor is the only exclusive (timed or otherwise) I have heard about for PS4 that really interests me.

  • MyEvilMonkeys on 10/6/2013

    As a huge fan of Bastion on XBLA, I am disappointed that I won't get the chance to play this on the Xbox One launch.

  • Sayie on 10/6/2013

    Bastion of easily one of my favorite games, and I have been looking into transistor since I saw it at pax east. I was originally planning on getting the Xbox One, so I am incredibly disappointing that it is not actually coming to any Xbox system! I will just be praying that maybe it will also come to the Xbox One and I do not have to buy a PS4.

  • landocal on 10/6/2013

    You better not make me cry again.

  • Anthony Osmond on 10/6/2013

    PS4 is getting a day one release, yet Mac is not? Come on! I am craving another Supergiant game.

  • Tk on 11/6/2013

    I'm hoping for an xbox release too, I got bastion on my xbox and loved it, was psyched for this to come to xbox too, guess thats just the dream atm :/

  • Mr. G on 11/6/2013

    Very excited to hear it's coming to PS4. Was a little sad when there was no Playstation release for Bastion (still hoping there will be in the future. But with all focus on Transistor, I'm doubtful it'll be any time soon). Keep pouring your focus on this game. Bastion was great, and I want this to be equally so!

  • OmegaDestroyer on 11/6/2013

    "By focusing on the PlayStation 4 and PC as our launch platforms, we think we’ll be able to reach many of our existing fans right from the start, while letting us focus on delivering the best game possible at launch." What about your Xbox fans? Just going to neglect them? I bought Bastion when it came out on the 360 and loved it. So now I won't be able to play it for at least a year or two due to exclusivity? I am greatly disappointed.

  • obedlink on 11/6/2013

    Don't Forget GNU/Linux please. use SDL 2 for Force-Feedback support in Gamepads as Xbox360 controller.

  • Pixxel on 11/6/2013

    After the amazing bastion i'm really psyched about this game. So far everything i have seen and heard from the game looks and sounds amazing. I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming title.

  • Povu on 11/6/2013

    Xbox One already has 5 billion transistors, I think they can miss one. ;)

  • FartMystery on 11/6/2013

    Buying it day one on PS4. Will encourage friends to pick it up as well, I really loved the motorcycle part!!

  • Thelb on 12/6/2013

    It's so great that it's coming on PC!! I loved Bastion and i can't wait to play Transistor. I hope you'll release a special edition like Bastion with soundtrack, artwork and so on!

  • Jack Case on 12/6/2013

    Great to know it's coming out on Steam at launch! Also I'm glad to see another great image of Red, as I am going to be helping my girlfriend make a cosplay of her this summer.

  • Greg on 12/6/2013

    @OmegaDestroyer, First of all we're sorry to have disappointed you with our decision here, though we feel strongly it's what will make for the best game in this case and it's what's right for our studio -- much like how launching on XBLA was right for our studio in Bastion's case. We provide a more detailed explanation in the Transistor FAQ we posted recently: You should know we are not exclusive to any given platform and would not have agreed to anything that restricted us from going to other platforms for such long periods of time as you're imagining. While all our focus right now will be on our launch platforms, beyond that nothing is ruled out. In Bastion's case, for example, prior to that game's launch I never would have expected we'd end up on iOS, but that ended up making a lot of sense later. We appreciate your understanding in this case. (Also <3 Omega Red.)

  • OmegaDestroyer on 12/6/2013

    @Greg Thank you for the response. I appreciate the explanation (and the shout-out to MvC2).

  • Sagi on 13/6/2013

    "...we were able to create the game we wanted to make in the first place" And not that I am saying anything new here 'cause you guys already know it, but it need to be said anyways... You guys are awesome!

  • Nihilizem on 13/6/2013

    Never had the chance to experience Bastion due to being a PS3 only gamer, but I liked what I could see of it. Seeing you on stage during the Sony conference was great, I'll make sure Transistor is one of the first games I'll be buying on PS4 ;-)

  • YP on 13/6/2013

    Happy your game is coming to PS4, I hope there will be some online component to it. Games looks wonderfull if it had replayability value, that would be a killer.

  • deafwing on 14/6/2013

    It's probably a lot to ask but will this game cross play with the vita - it just looks like it belongs on the Vita to?

  • True Radiant Free on 14/6/2013

    Please release Transistor to the PS Vita! And not just through Remote Play, but actually natively on the Vita, so I can play it on the go! It sure would be awesome!

  • Matthew Kenealy on 16/6/2013

    Sad to see such a good game go Sony and PC exclusive. I wish more third parties sold their games on all platforms. Especially after making Bastion for XBLA it makes me wonder why you would change sides. I read the FAQ so you don't need to explain it way but it seems like backwards logic to support PC and PS4 after supporting PC and Xbox. Well I guess if Sony gave you more money then it would be a fair assumption you would go with them.

  • Xavier Parrilla on 17/6/2013

    PSN Fans have been waiting for what? like 2 years now for the psn version of bastion. XBL Fans, complain because they might have to wait like 2 months. Or possibly it might never go to xbox one since they are being so awful to indie developers. They showed 2 indie games in there whole conference. One of which was minecraft. Does that look appealing to a small studio? PSN literally showcased the indie market and really welcomed them to their platform. For indies to self publish is a HUGE DEAL. I hope that psn will see bastion coming soon for the ps4 and ps3. Also, a lot fo xbox fans are jumping ship so...

  • Albarroz on 18/6/2013

    @Matthew It's not about taking sides. It's not about money-hatting. PS4 allows indie developers like Supergiant to self-publish their games, set their own prices, pick their release dates, and control whatever it is they feel the need to control with their game. Sony has shown a proper attitude towards indie developers, and it's natural that studios like Supergiant have taken kindly to it. Microsoft, on the other hand, does not allow indies to take the reigns on their titles, and would require Supergiant tie the knot with a publisher to get Transistor on Xbox One. Supergiant had Warner Bros. publish Bastion on XBLA, but hooking up with a publisher isn't always easy / doesn't always make sense for an indie. It's not "backwards" at all. I for one own Bastion on XBLA and iOS and am super excited to play Transistor on PS4. Keep up the good work, Supergiant!

  • Karuko on 23/6/2013

    Looking forward to the PC release. "PS4 allows indie developers like Supergiant to self-publish their games, set their own prices, pick their release dates, and control whatever it is they feel the need to control with their game." So does the eShop. Is Supergiant planning a WiiU port afterwards? Many indies are trying their luck there.

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