Transistor: Impressions from the Press

Posted by Greg Kasavin on April 4, 2013

We’re back after a whirlwind couple of weeks following the reveal of our next game, Transistor. The initial response we got to the announcement and reveal trailer was everything we could have hoped for, and the response we got a couple of days later at PAX East was even better. There we let hundreds of people get their hands on the game, as they braved lines much longer than we expected for a chance to try an early build. Now that we’re back, our mission is to build the game that will more than live up to the promise all those people saw in it. Your support means everything as we press onward, and we really appreciate all the feedback we got during the show and from all sorts of places on the Internet.

In the mean time, check out photos of our trip, and check out some of the coverage we got from various gaming publications around the world:

Press for Transistor
“…it immediately became one of my most anticipated games after my time with it on the show floor.” — Game Informer

“…I am ecstatic to explore that exotic mystery.” —

“Transistor is the sexiest game I played At PAX East.” — Kotaku

“A beautiful, tactical twist on action-RPG.” — Joystiq

“…a worthy follow-up to Bastion.” — Destructoid

“From Bastion to Transistor: Supergiant brings its latest to PAX, sans platform.” —

“It’s an intoxicating fusion of all the things we loved about Bastion and something entirely new.” — PC Gamer

“Transistor is fresher, livelier, and more imaginative than it has any right to be.” —

“Transistor is shaping up to be just as impressive as its predecessor.” — Games Radar

“…even at this early stage, [Transistor] feels incredibly polished.” — Paste Magazine

“It featured enough of Bastion’s genetics to feel familiar, but enough thematic and combat variety to create its own fingerprint.” — New York Post

[Video] Direct-feed gameplay walk-through (– Totalbiscuit)

[Video] Direct-feed gameplay walk-through (–

[Video] Full gameplay walk-through (– GameSpot)

[Video] First impressions from PAX East (– IGN)

“It’s a turn-based game where you’re the only one who gets to take a turn.” — The Verge

“The combat [feels] deliberate, tactical, and entirely satisfying.” — Venture Beat

“The excitement around the project was palatable from both the team and convention attendees.” —

“…a method of combat that negates the need to have near super-human hand to eye coordination abilities.”

“I was very impressed with what I was presented with in the Transistor demo.” —

“…an absolute treat…it impressed in ways that were expected and in ways that were delightful surprises.” — Games Abyss

“Transistor has moved its way all the way up my ‘must play’ list.” —

“We feel it’s going to be amazing.” — Nerd Appropriate

“Transistor’s PAX East demo shows the team is onto something again.” —

“Transistor seems like it’s going to be a worthy second effort even in its early state.” — Armless Octopus

“There’s a definite flavour to the game that echoes its predecessor’s, but remains distinct nonetheless.” —

“I was very impressed with the quality of the audio, the visuals, and especially the game play.” — Mash Those Buttons

“We think Bastion dev’s upcoming adventure Transistor looks perfect for mobile devices.” — PocketGamer

“This early taste of Transistor looked incredibly polished.” —

“I had a great time trying out the new, far more engaging combat.” —

“I didn’t think it was possible, but from the short time I spent with Transistor, I felt what I played was an improvement over the already stellar Bastion.” — Pixelitis

“I have come out of PAX East incredibly excited for Transistor.” —

“As I put down the controller…I could already feel that emotional connection to the narrative.” — Video Game Writers

“Transistor is set up to be an excellent successor to Bastion.” —

“It has everything fans of the developer would expect while also taking some bold steps in new directions.” — The Game Effect

Interview: Bastion’s narrator speaks of next role in Transistor. —

[Video] interview from PAX East (– Press Play)

[Video] Transistor Interview (– Game Reactor)

[Video] Transistor Interview (– 4Player Network)

[Video] Transistor Interview (–

[Video] Transistor Interview (– Final Checkpoint)

[Video] Transistor Interview w/ Audio Director Darren Korb (– GameSkinny)

[Video] Transistor Interview (–

[Video] Transistor Interview (– GameEnthus)

[Video] Transistor Interview (–

[Audio] Transistor Interview w/ Audio Director Darren Korb (– Game Hounds)

“…proved the evolution from Bastion to something more.” — Front Towards Gamer

Did we miss anyone? Please email us and let us know!


  • Raphael on 4/4/2013

    Guys help, my screen is in pieces! I was just throwing some cash at it and accidentally threw my bank account, could this be the cause?

  • Sedi on 4/4/2013

    I already started a countdown. Praying it comes out on my birthday or some time around there. 327 days to go!!

  • Gustav on 5/4/2013

    326 days to go! If Transistor is even half as good as Bastion it will still be one of the best games I will ever play.

  • Sable on 5/4/2013

    I was so excited to hear about this, I immediately went and bought another copy of Bastion from the Humble Bundle just so I could get the postcard! It just looks so amazing and beautiful! I'm pretty sure my friends are tired of hearing about it with how much I've been babbling about it recently, but too bad, because It's too awesome not to share. ♥

  • Sefam on 5/4/2013

    Don't worry. Transistor will be there before you even know it :) I can't wait. And I still really want to hear the full track of that song on the reveal trailer.

  • Tom Roberts on 5/4/2013


  • Robert Anthony L. Ramos on 5/4/2013

    I just watched the trailer and... ... wow. Ashley's voice. It rocks you. The world, the gameplay... Kotaku's Tina Amini said it well: "Never have I been told so little about a game, and yet still come away so thoroughly enthralled by it." Maybe it's the memory of Bastion and that feeling that you want to do so much more. Maybe it's that haunting, enticing, goosebumps-all-over quality of Ashley's arias. I don't know what it is. But I will await the day Transistor comes and I can finally throw money at you guys again.

  • Christian on 5/4/2013

    Please release this onto the Vita!! :)

  • Theponja on 6/4/2013

    If you are so happy to have mercy on the suffering fans and release that song please. Ah, of course we need that game on PC. ;) Regards

  • Michel on 8/4/2013

    Please release We All Become already :(

  • Rodrigo Anzures on 11/4/2013

    If you can, please release We All Become early, I'll buy it so hard you'll feel a bump in your wallets.

  • PCgamingmasterrace on 12/4/2013


  • Theponja on 15/4/2013

    What? Do you still don't release the song? Please, Please

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