First Look at Our Next Game: Transistor

Posted by Greg Kasavin on March 19, 2013

We are very, very excited to reveal today a new game we’ve been working on here at Supergiant, a science-fiction-themed action RPG we’re calling Transistor. We’ll have an early build playable this week at PAX East at our booth #892, and right now, we have our reveal trailer! Check it out and read on.

Also: Transistor Wallpaper | Transistor Digital Postcard (get it at PAX East!) | Transistor Concept Painting

Transistor invites players to wield an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin as they explore a stunning futuristic city. We’re designing our next game to seamlessly integrate thoughtful strategic planning into a fast-paced action experience, complete with our studio’s signature melding of responsive gameplay and rich atmospheric storytelling. All of us from the Bastion development team are working together again on this new project, with the aid of a handful of talented new people who’ve joined us since Bastion’s launch.

Welcome to the world of Transistor.

In Transistor, players assume the role of a young woman who gains control of a powerful weapon after a mysterious group of assailants nearly kills her with it. Now she must fight from street to street against forces that will stop at nothing to recover the weapon. During the course of the adventure, players will piece together the Transistor’s mysteries as they pursue its former owners.

We expect Transistor to be released in early 2014. We have not yet decided on which platform or platforms the game will be available for.

The Transistor is a powerful weapon of mysterious origin.

We know you’ll have a lot of questions about Transistor, so we’ll be putting together a FAQ that addresses them, as well as answering more via Twitter and Facebook — and in person at PAX East this week! And now that the cat’s out of the bag, we’ll be keeping you posted on how development is coming along in the weeks and months to come. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Get ready for an unusual adventure through a stunning futuristic city.

The Transistor holds inside it many powerful functions.


  • Cody Albert on 19/3/2013

    I had to wipe tears from my eyes after watching that trailer. I don't really know why. I just did. See you at PAX!

  • Fridgecrisis on 19/3/2013

    SUPER PUMPED. Bastion is a fantastic work of art and Transistor looks like a worthy follow-up. Beautiful art, beautiful music, and if it plays anything like Bastion, it's gonna be a blast to play. Please make sure to bring it and its soundtrack to Steam day 1! :D

  • Ry on 19/3/2013

    I've been waiting for this! Looks great, guys.

  • Duc on 19/3/2013

    LOVE IT! Really nice looking! Can wait to play it.

  • Muhammed Salman on 19/3/2013

    Looking forward to it! looks alot like bastion though but I still like it

  • Lyan on 19/3/2013

    When's it coming?!

  • l0kiderhase on 19/3/2013

    will you sell it in a steelbook for pc pls i would be thankfull if there would be one :) keep up your work

  • Kyle on 19/3/2013

    Looks awesome, can't wait to see more!

  • Matthias720 on 19/3/2013

    You guys certainly know how to make me smile. That looks EPIC! Fingers crossed for a Day 1 Steam release.

  • Telixion on 19/3/2013

    I bet it is killing you guys as much as its killing us to know it wont be out for about a year. Trailer was amazing. I LOVE your art style. You guys are one of the only developers where I consider the game to be artistic. From the looks of the gameplay it reminds me of how bastion functioned. Which is great (I believe you also said that in the article too)! I wish I could go to pax this year. Would love to be there!

  • Wowiewowiewow on 19/3/2013

    Mother of God. I can't wait. I need this song. I need this game.

  • Erik on 19/3/2013

    Looks great, can't wait for it.

  • Dylan on 19/3/2013

    This totally made my morning.

  • Adam on 19/3/2013

    CAN I PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE OST NOW!! The music is even more beautiful, I'm keeping the teaser on repeat!

  • Launster on 19/3/2013

    can't wait to play this game ! Your way to create video games is (to me) one of the best in this huge univers ! Hope it will be on pc, the first platform of Bastion ;)

  • Shuyinsan on 19/3/2013

    I was gonna copy and paste what I posted on Gametrailers. But in short it comes to the fact that you guys make astounding games! Bastion had me almost shed a tear at the end (thanks to the beautiful combination of art, gameplay and music) Darren Korb did an absolutely amazing job on the Soundtrack and this looks and sounds no different! I will buy this day 1, no questions asked, and I don't care what platform! GIVE IT TO ME NOW *throws money at the screen*

  • Gavin on 19/3/2013

    Is today Christmas? Bastion may be my all time favorite game and I have been super excited to see what you guys have been up too. I'm so happy this games has the style, charm and badassery I was expecting from your next game. One day I hope to rock a hard as you guys.

  • Cardboard on 19/3/2013

    Please do another development blog with Giant Bomb like you did with Bastion!!!

  • Hammod on 19/3/2013

    Need a games tester by any chance, supergiant? Can't wait for this to come out, super excited - Keep up the good work! - Hammod

  • Karim on 19/3/2013

    Looks absolutely phenomenal. Shame we're not even halfway through 2013 yet!

  • Lee Martin on 19/3/2013

    Big big fan of Bastion, I own it on the PC and hope you decide to release it for PC. The first game blew me away and I still listen to the soundtrack to this day! Really looking forward to the game, after getting Bastion in the Humble Bundle I wont be making the same mistake this time and will be buying on release. Looking forward to 2014 already!

  • Genoard on 19/3/2013

    0:40 best moment in trailer for me, makes me wish there would be a sunny moments in game, not only night

  • Brenna on 19/3/2013

    I am so pumped for this! Please keep the info coming and some character art would be nice! Everything looks and sounds gorgeous. I guess I better go back to how I was when I first finished Bastion - daily checks of SGG's twitter.

  • Justin on 19/3/2013

    Maybe I should just give you my money now?

  • V-Dawg on 19/3/2013

    Finally, some news. It looks beautiful already.

  • Oddsphere on 19/3/2013

    This looks absolutely amazing! I can't wait to get it, Bastion is one of my all time favourites and Transistor looks like equally awesome! Can't wait, keep up the great work!

  • Andreas Berg on 19/3/2013

    Looks incredible, if it's anywhere near as good as Bastion it's going to be a new personal favorite! Can't wait to be able to throw my money at you, hoping for some awesome merchandise as well in the same vein as Bastion :D

  • Amaury on 19/3/2013

    A sci-fi universe? You guys are awesome. And the music... I already love this game! :3

  • NitRo on 19/3/2013

    Linux version maybe?

  • wam on 19/3/2013

    Needs moar Logan.

  • DrRandle on 19/3/2013

    This just became my most anticipated game, period. I cannot wait. I'm gonna be 'that guy,' though, and ask that you consider the WiiU as a viable platform, as it's currently my own console of choice.

  • uTINGme on 19/3/2013


  • Claith on 19/3/2013

    Didn't you hear? Female leads in games are a liability. /sarcasm Either way, thanks for the work. The world of video games need more female protagonists, just like films are lacking in good strong female protagonists. Weaver, Thurman, are getting a bit old. Wilde might make a good replacement if she can get a lead. I digress. I hope this is the plan, but if you really want to get some major attention beyond just being an awesome company with a great product, I ask that you release the song from the trailer for free during PAX or something. I want that solo, and I have little doubt I will buy this game. Pre-order even. On a side note, if you could squeeze it in onto the Wii U for launch, that would be fantastic. I don't know if I would want to play without achievements though. It maybe quite late for the platform, but this will be another blockbuster from expectations alone.

  • zsombro on 19/3/2013

    You guys need to release that song early, because it's excellent. Also, I'm very hyped. You perfeclty hit the nail with the visual style and atmosphere, and looks just as high-octane as Bastion was. I'm so fucking hype!

  • artezul on 19/3/2013

    Could you release an .mp3 of "We all become" in your store? Song's stuck in my head in the worst way.

  • Boyinthebubble on 19/3/2013

    The best thing about bastion in my opinion was it's storytelling. I really hope that this game does the same. Looking amazing so far.

  • Kefka on 19/3/2013

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. Seriously this will be amazing

  • Rykin on 19/3/2013

    Shut up and take my money!

  • John on 19/3/2013

    Awesome news! I really respect the fact that you didn't choose to ride on the success of Bastion and created Bastion 2 (even though I would welcome that as well), but to create an entire new universe. Will be here all along the way, Keep up the good work!

  • Arachnidae on 19/3/2013

    Personally I already in love with all your games, even if they're not released, I'm looking forward for it! However one of my friend who loves Bastion too wasn't so excited about this trailer. He think that it's nice if you make a few games using Bastion's engine, but if you're going to use it forever it's gonna be boring. Well I still prefer lovely atmosphere and interesting story more than game engine.

  • mattviator on 19/3/2013

    If it isnt available on steam and doesnt run on linux its DOA

  • EleMayo on 19/3/2013

    Please tell me you will have a pre-order deluxe package because I WILL BUY THE **** OUT OF THAT. And so will many others. Or the song would do, for now.

  • Gillman on 19/3/2013

    Take my Money....

  • Otterski on 19/3/2013

    My lovely lady friend had this to say after I showed her le reveal: "Holy sheet! What a beautiful game. I'm sure you were watching along for more than just the song, buwahah. I am captivated by it, though. It has a bit of everything, delicacy and tension. And, I'm in love with the creature at 0:39. But...wait. 2014? One can only hope they release more snippets of the soundtrack. More artwork, More hype. x[ " My sentiments are the same. =D I'll live vicariously through my co-workers exerpience of the game at PAX. Looking forward to hearing more!

  • XenAylomen on 19/3/2013

    Release it on PC please. Pretty please. And TAKE MY MONEY!

  • FX on 19/3/2013

    Wow. This is friggin' awesome. I'm in love with the music, you just earned yourself a space in my RSS feeds and I will definitely check out Bastion now ;)

  • CAJones on 19/3/2013

    Every time I begin to lose faith in the video game industry, either you guys or Thatgamecompany come along to restore my hopes and dreams of this medium becoming a respected form of art. I look forward to the day when I start molding my own interactive works of art. Keep up the great work, guys.

  • Cjristopher Smith on 19/3/2013

    Great work on Bastion and this looks amazing !!! does some1 know the name of the track ??

  • Fin Coe on 19/3/2013

    Holy cannoli. Is the protagonist a WARRIOR PODCASTER? My instinct is to say that you SGG folks bottle lightning with Bastion, but I think the truth is you brewed it. You grew it, you malted it, you casked it, and the game is so popular because it is so clearly a labour of love, and because it seems to care so little about convention. I anticipate Transistor so much because I love the commitment to innovation at SGG. Also, please bring back Logan Cunningham. San Jose native actors represent!

  • Joe on 19/3/2013

    Game's looking great! Really hope you guys will port it to Wii U.

  • David on 19/3/2013


  • jim on 19/3/2013

    The musical score is awesome.Melancholic and emotional.No surprise if you actually remember the music of Bastion.When i first saw the video i thought that i was seeing a video clip from the homonymous as the game band, called Transistor.The style is suprisingly similar.Check it out and tell me your opinion.

  • Welch on 19/3/2013

    The very first time I saw a trailer for Bastion, I was completely sold on it, and bought it first day when released on the 360. Bastion remains one of my favorite games to this day. You have not only recreated that feeling with this trailer for Transistor, you have made it my most anticipated game of 2014.... Damn you all, now I have to wait.

  • Aaron on 19/3/2013

    Can't wait guys, you did a super amazing job with Bastion, glad to hear we can look for another top notch title from Super Giant

  • Matt on 19/3/2013

    Probably not a chance in hell, but could you guys release the song in the trailer as a full-length single soonish? I'd be more than happy to pay for it! It's gonna kill me to wait 'till 2014 for this!

  • Anonymous on 19/3/2013

    I don't have a Twitter or Facebook so I'll have to ask here: can you please tell us who is composing the music for this game?

  • Felipe Carvalho on 19/3/2013


  • John on 19/3/2013

    So Red is married?

  • xSIlas43 on 19/3/2013

    please release this title natively on linux! :D

  • Greg on 19/3/2013

    We've got the whole Bastion team back together on this project so that means the music in Transistor is by Darren Korb.

  • Anna on 19/3/2013

    Good god that style! This looks amazing already and I want to preorder NOW!!

  • Greg on 19/3/2013


  • Lucas Pitt on 19/3/2013

    Hey,wassup,cool? cool ... you just got my money again feel free to keep having it as long as you keep making games. And "desçam a lenha!"

  • RoyKeane on 19/3/2013

    Please, release it on PC. Just, please.

  • arch on 19/3/2013

    Please! Linux!! Great News, wonderful trailer!

  • Sean on 19/3/2013

    Looks awesome, hope i can get this on day one !

  • AFreakinProblem on 19/3/2013

    Wow, it's a bit early to tell, but this is almost looking like what Perfect Dark was to GoldenEye 64.

  • alundra311 on 19/3/2013

    I would love for this to come to Wii U. Please make it happen.

  • Cfodder on 19/3/2013

    +1 for PC availability to facilitate shutting up and taking my money.

  • aurelle on 19/3/2013

    This is going to be so sweet, I can feel it. The trailer music is awesome... I'm almost more excited for the soundtrack than the game itself. Almost! I really hope this'll be available on Steam like Bastion! I'm also grabbing the wallpaper, needed a new one for awhile. The cityscape looks absolutely lovely. I think, once the game comes out, I might grab one of just the skyline by itself, it's that gorgeous.

  • BrightBlueInk on 19/3/2013

    I'M SO EXCITED, YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA! Bastion is one of my favorite games of all time, and I'm SUPER stoked to see what brilliant new world you guys have created! Plus, I LOVE that we get to play as a female protagonist this time! As soon as preorders are announced I'm going to order this. I HAVE to have it!

  • Robert on 19/3/2013

    Oh man! I hope the original art is released, I've been looking for some new wallpapers. Such a beautiful game -- it's a shame we have to wait until 2014 for it.

  • Mike on 20/3/2013

    Oh the sweet music! I'll buy Transistor just for the soundtrack. Bastion was great though, really looking forward to this.

  • Hunter233 on 20/3/2013

    Please please PLEASE release the track from the trailer for download or at the very least listenable in its entirety on bandcamp. It sounds as beautiful as all the rest of Darren's work, and I'd love to be able to listen to it in more than 1 min doses. Darren's actually a significant influence in my buying Bastion a total of three times (X-Box, Steam, and Humble Bundle), not to mention purchasing the physical copy of the soundtrack. Not only is his music inspiring, but when there were issues with the shipment of the CD (which I subsequently discovered he was shipping out HIMSELF), he personally replied and went out of his way to make sure I received my copy. This did so much to convince me of the earnest nature of your company and made me more than happy to do my part in supporting it with subsequent (and admittedly unnecessary) purchases. Anyway, I'm rambling. What I meant to say was: SONG PLZ! =D

  • Dermott on 20/3/2013

    I NEED this song for gods sake! PLEASE give us this song as a free gift! PLEASE! Or tell me where to buy (but please not itunes) :)

  • Daniel Essien on 20/3/2013

    Ok, chill people. Take a deep breath and quit acting like "THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVAR!" because, it isn't. That said, I do like the art style, but the music choice and animation is lame. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

  • KoenP on 20/3/2013

    Loved Bastion, I'll definitely buy this if it's on Linux :)

  • Tim on 20/3/2013

    This looks fantastic... The song in the trailer is fantastic. Please get it in a music portal or put it on your store. PLEASE!

  • Nina on 20/3/2013

    What a great art style and engaging trailer! I'll be checking on this title through the year for sure.

  • Nina on 20/3/2013

    Wow, great art style with an engaging trailer. I'll be keeping an eye on this title through the year for sure.

  • JeremyB on 20/3/2013

    I want, I want, I want, I want, I WANT!!!

  • JesterEE on 20/3/2013

    Love the over-sized weapons! Keep 'em coming Super Giant! Love your work! Hopefully there's a surprise Logan Cunningham appearance ...

  • j on 20/3/2013

    Can you please put the song on iTunes as a right now? Please. So good!

  • Noah on 20/3/2013

    I need a time machine. RIGHT NOW.

  • Talpidae on 20/3/2013

    Looks great! Also, got to put in another vote for making that music in the trailer available for download - I really love Korb's work.

  • Crowbar on 20/3/2013

    Is there any chance we could get the track from the trailer on Bandcamp and suchlike before the game is released?

  • Josh P on 20/3/2013

    How do I give you all my money for this game?

  • Pshaw on 20/3/2013

    You guys need to get a Tee-shirt with that logo design on it. I'd buy one without even having played the game.

  • A fan on 20/3/2013

    Sweet lord this looks cool. Please make this available for ios I played bastion 3 times because I was bored and I loved it.

  • Meese on 20/3/2013

    Hey, not sure if anyone from Supergiant will see this - but I'm a huge fan of Darren Korb's music. Never leave home without the Bastion soundtrack. And I'm totally blown away with the song 'We All Become' from the trailer. I've been looping the Transistor reveal trailer. Any chance of releasing the whole song, as something like an EP? Thanks for reading.

  • Stivizz on 21/3/2013

    YES!!! Bastion was one of the greatest games, and this one seems already excellent! Can't wait to play it! PS: Please bring this to wii u, it would be great ;-)

  • Quastic on 21/3/2013

    Such great news! Bastion was one of them few "insta-favourites", and this seems to be equally spectacular. Youre doing so very well SGG, keep it up. PS: That crisp voice of Rucks, I hope you fit him in somewhere.

  • ash on 21/3/2013

    Looks amazing! :) Hoping for Linux and/or Chrome support; and Android version would also be lovely. If you go to console, please consider Wii U and 3DS!

  • Aidan Merchant on 21/3/2013

    make this come out on my birthday next year.... just make it happen...

  • RedTraitor on 21/3/2013

    Send me the full version of "We all become" ? i promise i wont upload it anywhere, please please please please.

  • Kristoffer on 21/3/2013

    That looks really great, I'm looking forward to hearing what people think about the PAX demo. I hope you decide to release this on the 360 too, even if the new xbox is out by next year.

  • PCgamingmasterrace on 22/3/2013

    Please bring this to the PC. I only have a PC. I want to give you my money for this. You want my money right? If you do, bring this to the PC. Bastion was awesome, this looks awesome, you guys are awesome. Addendum: I would prefer steam to a browser.

  • Lars Rönnbäck on 22/3/2013

    There is no way we can wait until early 2014 to get our hands on the song in the reveal trailer. You have to figure out a way to allow us to get our hands on it now! Preorder, donate, or sponsor to get the song perhaps?

  • KfZ on 22/3/2013

    Looks great, but please don't call actions games RPGs.

  • Billgohan on 23/3/2013

    I can't wait!!!!

  • Theponja on 23/3/2013

    I need that song. Please release it as download. I think I'm going to buy the game just for the soundtrack.

  • Other Matt on 23/3/2013

    When I saw this I assumed it would be for PC and after reading the comments I'm freaking out that it might not. D: (please release for PC pretty please with a Linux on top)

  • Denominator on 23/3/2013

    That song is amazing, and the game looks as epic as hell. What can we do so this is released earlier than 2014? :D Keep up the good work!

  • Raphael on 24/3/2013

    I'm smashing my wallet against the monitor but nothing happens!

  • Nitromian Overlord on 24/3/2013

    This is simply beautiful... I've never heard about you guys so when i saw the post on Gameinformer, I was struck speechless. The game looks amazing just from the trailer... and the music, wow. I dont have a XBox so i really hope this gets released on Sony systems (The PS VITA in particular...)

  • Vin King on 24/3/2013

    How do I throw my money at this immediately?

  • Theponja on 24/3/2013

    Ah , of course, you must make this game available on PC. That's the right choice ;)

  • Crymic on 24/3/2013

    Will be great! I can't wait! Hope it will come to pc too :) Please make a wallpaper with the motorcycle screens! :)

  • garthak on 24/3/2013

    I want this game!!! You guys do have your work cut out for you though, bastion is really going to be a hard act to follow. Looking forward to it.

  • Gab on 25/3/2013

    Please release it on the PC! Amazing work Guys!

  • HarryTheRageQuiter on 25/3/2013

    I really loved Bastion i love the art style in both games i love this trailer you are doing a great job keep it up fingers crossed for a day 1 steam release

  • Jason R. Johnston on 25/3/2013

    Bastion is terrific; I'm really looking forward to Transistor. Keep up the great work!

  • Raphael on 25/3/2013

    PLEASE, say it's coming to PC. Don't wanna buy a PS3 just for this :(

  • Oliver on 25/3/2013

    This is art.

  • H. Melendez on 25/3/2013

    When I first played through Bastion, I told myself that Supergiant Games could never pull off another huge game. Holy crap was I wrong. This early build shows so much promise already. 2014 needs to be here tomorrow!

  • Felipe Gomes on 26/3/2013

    Amazing!!!! I already think Bastion was a great Game but not just a Game is art too. Perfect story, perfect soundtrack (I bought and listing all the time). I am so excited to play this new one, the soundtrack already captivated me. And please coming to PC like Bastion i really wanna play this game. Congratulations for the great work.

  • Raistlin on 26/3/2013

    Bastion is simply put fantastic and now transistor's demo gameplay video just blows my mind away the whole thing just has the feel of your magic in it even the song that's haunting my mind every day ^^ can't wait for it to be released makes me want to go find the song to my playlist ^^. so just one question when will the collectors edition pre-order be avaliable (....hopefully for pc like with bastion) i want to sign up for it and see all the news update progress.

  • NDHill on 27/3/2013

    I loved Bastion. It was a rare game that showcased a beautiful artistic vision at the forefront. Visuals, narrative, sound and play meshed exquisitely. It was a unique, memorable and thoroughly enjoyable experience. It looks like you're about to do that again. I can't wait.

  • Niklas on 28/3/2013

    That trailer looks amazing, really looking forward to the game. The graphical style is solid (as we've seen before) and the music is just wow. Best of luck and god's speed.

  • TGDM on 30/3/2013

    I've been throwing money at my monitor for the last few days and nothing has happened yet. Also, art/game/music are all amazing.

  • Risu on 31/3/2013

    As I am not an entity that ingests and metabolizes the electric impulses stored on computerized media, video games do not make me drool. Seeing this trailer came pretty close though. So excited! : D

  • SicJake on 1/4/2013

    Oh man, that song is great, can we get a mp3? Itunes even? Anything, song is haunting my brain right now.

  • Nicodemus on 1/4/2013

    beautiful! will absolutely buy for Linux! :D

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