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Posted by Greg Kasavin on September 18, 2012

Update 11/12/2012: Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in this job posting. At this time we’re no longer seeking new applicants. Should we have any additional job openings in the future, we’ll likely post about it here and via our Twitter feed.

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Supergiant Games is looking for a driven, experienced, multitalented 3D artist! 3D modeling and animation were essential in the making of our first game, so we want to bring this expertise to our studio for whatever we do next (which is too early for us to talk about in more detail as yet). Our 3D artist will collaborate with our art director Jen Zee and the rest of our team to help us bring to life memorable characters and experiences for players. The ideal candidate has a passion for creating and playing video games, is eager to collaborate closely with a small, tight-knit, cross-disciplinary team, and will have several if not all of the following skills.


· Experience using industry standard 3D modeling packages (e.g. 3ds Max, Maya)
· Experience modeling in 3D (characters, creatures, objects)
· Experience rigging 3D models
· Experience creating 3D animation
· Experience creating 3D textures and materials
· Experience working with and/or creating visual FX
· Experience working with and creating 3D textures and materials
· Knowledge of rendering pipelines
· Ability to work well within an established art style


· Bachelor’s degree
· Credit as an artist on one or more games
· Willing to relocate to San Francisco Bay Area if not local


· Skill in traditional and digital art
· Skill in 2D animation
· Experience scripting in the above-mentioned 3D modeling packages
· Experience with Illustrator, Flash, or other vector graphics software
· Experience with UI design and implementation
· You like otters

We fought for 45 minutes over which otter picture to include

Qualifying applicants will be subject to an art test. To apply for the position, please follow these instructions: Send an email to jobs@supergiantgames.com with the subject line “3D Artist”. Include your resume in the body of the email, as well as links to your portfolio, reel, and/or personal web site. Do not include file attachments. As part of your cover letter, name three artists whose work is influential to you.

Note: This is our only available job opening at this time.


  • Thai Sirikoone on 18/9/2012

    haahah, I laughed at the otters part. I wish I could be part of your team, but frankly im only in highschool grade computer science. Good luck on your guys' search for an animator and your next project! Big fan of Bastion!

  • Patrick St. Pierre on 18/9/2012

    You guys are an inspiration, I am currently working on my own game and forming my own studio which would complete requirement number two. I wish you guys the best of luck with this one and you better believe i'll be buying it on launch day. Maybe one day in a couple of years I can hop on the next project. until then, godspeed. Oh, and congratulations to who ever gets the position. you'll be making history. P.S. I love Otters o.O

  • Jaime Thayer on 18/9/2012

    I have a bachelor's degree, am willing to relocate to San Francisco, and like otters, does that count?!

  • Matthew Little on 21/9/2012

    Oh yeah? Well I have a bachelors degree in computer animation, and I'm already in the SF Bay area. Plus I'm a fan of small mammalian aquatic creatures AND lame puns. You 'otter' hire me!

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