Out Now: Bastion for iPad!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on August 29, 2012

We’re very excited to announce that Bastion for iPad is now available on the App Store! You can come try it for yourself this week at PAX Prime (we’re at booth 6019). Featuring all the narration, music, artwork, and action that made Bastion one of the most acclaimed games of 2011, this latest version reimagines the play experience to work intuitively using the iPad’s touch screen.

Have a look at our reveal trailer:

We’ve got a lot of little details to share about this version so we decided to share them by way of this Bastion for iPad FAQ!

UPDATE — November 14, 2012: Bastion is now a Universal App! We’ve updated the contents of this FAQ to reflect the latest changes in the 1.1 version.

What is Bastion for iOS?
Bastion for iOS is our award-winning game re-created to work with touch controls and feel right at home on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. If you’re not familiar with the original game, you can learn more about Bastion here. If you want to know more about Apple’s hardware, visit Apple’s web site.

Where can I get it?
Bastion for iOS is available on the App Store.

How much does it cost?
Bastion for iPad costs $4.99.

Which devices does the game support?
Here is a full list of devices supported by Bastion for iOS after the 1.1 update:
- iPad 2
- iPad 3rd Generation
- iPad 4th Generation
- iPad mini
- iPhone 4S
- iPhone 5
- iPod touch 5th Generation

Bastion will not run on older devices for technical reasons.

Does Bastion for iOS support the Retina display on the New iPad?
Yes. Bastion for iPad looks even sharper and more colorful on the New iPad. The screenshots in this blog post should give you an impression of how the game looks.

Is Bastion for iOS optimized for the iPhone 5′s Retina Display?
Yes. We reworked every screen type in the game to take advantage of the iPhone 5′s larger screen. Here is an example of one of the menu screens on iPhone 5.

Does Bastion for iOS include iCloud support for saved data?
Yes. As part of the 1.1 update, we introduced iCloud support so that your saved data will transfer seamlessly between devices. You may disable this feature if you wish. To transfer data from the 1.0 version of the game to iCloud, please update the app and load each save slot you want to sync.

Does Bastion for iOS support Game Center?
Yes. Bastion for iOS has more than 20 Game Center achievements as well as a leaderboard tracking story progression.

How big is the download?
The download size is 542 MB. Once installed, the game takes up around 1 GB on your device (thanks to all that HD artwork). As such, a WiFi connection is required to download the game, though you don’t need to have a live Internet connection to play it.

I already own Bastion for another platform. Should I get this version?
If you’ve already played through previous versions of the game, read on and decide if the changes we’ve introduced to Bastion for iOS make it worth your while to get it again. If you decide to get it, thank you very much for your ongoing support, and we’d love to know what you think.

What are the main differences between Bastion for iOS and previous versions of the game?
Bastion for iOS offers the complete game experience found in previous versions of the game, including all the narration, music, artwork, and gameplay. While there are many subtle changes and enhancements, the main difference between this and previous versions is in how you play the game. Also, due to the nature of the iPad’s screen, Bastion for iPad is presented in a 4:3 aspect ratio (other versions are in 16:9). Note the iPhone 5 version of the game is closer to the original 16:9 aspect ratio.

How do you play Bastion for iOS? What are the controls like?
The default controls are designed to be easy to pick up, while allowing you to maneuver with finesse through the game’s scenarios. Touch anywhere on the screen to move to that point, or press and hold onscreen to make the Kid move in that direction. Double-tap to perform a quick Evasive Roll. The Kid will attack automatically when foes or obstacles get in range. You can manually fire certain weapons and can also use the Bullhead Shield to defend, or use a Secret Skill to quickly dispatch foes. You can carry two weapons at a time and freely switch between the two at the touch of a button.

We also offer Classic Controls, reminiscent of playing with a gamepad. With this setting, you move using a virtual joystick and can attack, roll, use the shield, use secret skills, or toggle weapons by pressing the respective buttons.

You can switch control settings at any time. The default setting is intended for new players or those expecting the game to feel natural and intuitive with touch controls, while the Classic Controls may be better suited for Bastion fans expecting a more familiar experience or those accustomed to other games with virtual-joystick controls on iPad.

Does the game include in-app purchases or microtransactions?
No. Bastion was always intended to be a complete and immersive experience, so these types of things are not appropriate for our game. This version does include a link to the Bastion Original Soundtrack on iTunes, though, since a lot of players ask us where they can get our soundtrack.

Who developed Bastion for iOS?
We did! The same team that created the original game is behind this version (with the help of the latest additions to our team). You can learn more about us on our Team page.

I’ve played Bastion before. Is there new gameplay content in Bastion for iOS? Any new narration or music?
Bastion for iOS includes the Stranger’s Dream sequence, which was not in the original releases of Bastion for Xbox 360 or PC but later released as a downloadable extra. The visuals are updated to look best on this platform, there are a couple of new lines of narration relating to some minor gameplay changes, and numerous little fixes, as well as rebalanced Proving Grounds for all the different weapons. Further, we converted the “No-Sweat Mode” added to previous versions into an Infinite Lives toggle setting, for less experienced players who might be enjoying the story but having a tough time with some of the encounters. On the other hand, experienced players can still engage the Shrine system for some very challenging and fast-paced battles. On the whole, though, the content of the game will be similar to what you remember if you’ve played previous versions. That said, the experience of playing should feel quite fresh on this platform if our playtesters’ feedback is any indication. Also, all of the game’s menu screens are re-created from scratch for this version, so they have a different look and feel.

Are there any new weapons or upgrades in Bastion for iOS?
While the majority of the content in Bastion for iOS is very similar to previous versions, some weapons have been retuned and some upgrades redesigned in order to best fit this platform. If you’re a fan of previous versions of the game, we hope you’ll enjoy discovering some of the differences in feel in some of your favorite weapons. As with previous versions of the game, our goal here was to ensure that each weapon was viable all the way through the game and in combination with every other weapon — so it’s not about getting better and better weapons, it’s about finding a loadout that best fits your preferred playstyle.

Why does the iOS version cost less than other versions and does this mean the other versions have their prices cut?
We want Bastion to feel like a great value on each platform where it’s available, so the $4.99 price point is what felt right to us on iOS, given the availability of many other high-quality titles at similar price points. We have no plans to cut the price of other versions of the game.

Is there a free trial or demo version of Bastion for iOS?
There is no free trial version available on iOS. We didn’t want this version of the game to appear like a free-to-play game in the App Store, and we didn’t want to create confusion by having a “lite” version as well as a full version, so we decided we’d be better off without a trial version in this case. You can always play a free trial version of Bastion on Steam or Xbox LIVE Arcade if you’re new to the game and want to get a feel for it.

Why isn’t the game available on older devices such as the iPhone 4 or the first-generation iPad?
For technical reasons we only targeted the second- and third-generation iPads for the initial launch. Our 1.1 update added support for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPod touch 5th Generation, and we’ve also verified that the game runs great on the iPad mini and 4th Generation iPad, which released after Bastion’s launch.

Why does the Requirements sidebar on the App Store list devices other than the ones above?
Due to a technical limitation in the submission process, unfortunately we cannot update which devices appear in that list. That’s why we list the real device requirements emphatically at the top of the product description itself.

Why isn’t the game available in my regional App Store?
Due to publishing restrictions, Bastion may not be available in your regional App Store. We are investigating whether there’s anything we can do to address this but ultimately the decision is not within our control. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please note other versions of the game may be available in your region.

How did you get the game running on iOS?
Our engineers used Mono, a high-performance runtime engine from Xamarin, to get our proprietary game engine running on iOS devices.

Why make Bastion for iOS?
More than a year after the first release of Bastion, we still hear from many players out there about how much they enjoy the game. As such, we continue to be interested in making it available to new players, and the iPad represented a very exciting opportunity to do that. It posed a unique and interesting design challenge for us, having to make the game to feel right at home using a touch device. Our team’s interests naturally aligned with this project, as we’ve been playing more and more games for Apple’s mobile devices, in addition to the console and computer games we’ve always been into.

Does this mean your next game will also be on iOS?
It’s too early to say what the future holds for us, though we’re looking forward to finding out.

I already own another version of Bastion. Does this mean I can get Bastion for iPad for free?
Bastion for iOS is a completely new version of the game and is not compatible with other versions. We have no way of gifting the game to players who own other versions of the game already.

Now that the game is on iOS, when will Bastion come to [insert other game platform]?
Our stance on other versions of Bastion remains the same as always: We have no plans for additional versions of the game, though we haven’t ruled anything out for the future either. Each version of Bastion that we make requires a focused effort from our team.

* * *

We hope that gives you a sense of what to expect from the game, and more importantly, that you really enjoy it if you have a chance to try it! We’re looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks, and we very much enjoyed our first foray into creating a game for this platform.


  • Max Power on 29/8/2012

    Thank you for doing your part in bringing awesome games to iOS.

  • Adrian on 29/8/2012

    Congrats on the launch for Ios. I completed the XBLA version but will pick this up in September for a couple of road trips I have to take.

  • Lee West on 29/8/2012

    Great FAQ, looking forward to playing this again!

  • Anthony on 29/8/2012

    I am soooo happy! Congratulations guys! The game is awesome. And many thanks to DARREN for the BEST soundtrack i've ever heard in games

  • SaberSaurus on 29/8/2012

    Really? iOS? Who even asked for an iOS version, what about PSN..

  • Ben on 29/8/2012

    What a great surprise! Played this through on xbla and am more than happy to go on faith and pick this up at the stroke of midnight. Thanks guys and keep up the good work

  • Mike on 29/8/2012

    OMG why no Android Version? I would pay 10€ for that.

  • Jonas on 29/8/2012

    This is awesome but it should really come I the iPhone 4S! It is just as powerful and more money can be made there. Please release for iPhone 4S!

  • Zoltan on 29/8/2012

    Nice for you guys to release for the iPad. I am looking forward for the Android version.

  • Sean Lama on 29/8/2012

    Very excited to see how this great experience translates to iPad!

  • YoshMaster on 29/8/2012

    You, are, awesome! Bastion was my personal "best of 2011" (that's when I played it, not sure if it was released earlier?) !!! It's funny how pricing works. SquareEnix has release a gem of a game called The World Ends With You. I loved that game almost as much as Bastion when it came out. I would have LOVED to get the iPad version and show support. But they priced it at 19.99$!!! I will never pay that much for an iOS game by principle. You priced Bastion for iPad at 4.99$, I will GLADLY pay 5$ for this game to show support!!! I honestly don't even know if I'll enjoy playing it on iPad, but I don't even care! I love this game and your team so much, and I respect you so much for getting a reasonable price that I will buy it no matter what! Thank you so much for understanding how it works and being humble with your products!! I respect you so much, I will always be a fan of SuperGiantGames!!! :D

  • YoshMaster on 29/8/2012

    Also, not to brag, but I played so much, I'm in the best 2% in every leader boards in Bastion :D And I'm never the type of guy to go for high scores and things like that, but Bastion was so amazing and addictive... :) Oh and I bought the soundtrack too! Honestly in my top 5 of all time for a video game and it is easily mixed in with "non-gaming" music while I'm on the road etc.

  • Mensrea on 29/8/2012

    Release the damn game for android. It's like you guys are trying to screw me over. I have a ps3 and a nexus 7. I really want to play your games, but you continue to put them on inferior hardware. My word.

  • Sun on 29/8/2012

    Now that bastion is in both the Mac App Store and on the iOS app store for the iPad version, will see iCloud support for both titles? That way I can move seamlessly from my Mac version to the iPad version with the same save? Also, will the Mac App Store version get Game Center Support now too now that game center is in mountain lion??

  • JB on 29/8/2012

    Please release this on PSN; I'll buy it immediately!

  • David on 29/8/2012

    Please make a port for Android! My Nexus 7 is crying out

  • TT on 29/8/2012

    No IAP? A top flight full game with no ads? Instabuy. Even if I WASN'T interested in the game (which I am), I'd give you the money just to say THANK YOU for your philosophy!

  • B30 on 29/8/2012

    Always waited for an iPad version, and here it is (with no IAP crap), YES!!!

  • Kevin on 30/8/2012

    Thanks for making this game available on iOS. I've wanted to try it for over a year now but didn't want to buy an Xbox for it. When I heard it was coming out yesterday I set my alarm a little early so that I could download it before work and have it ready when I get home. iPad purchase has been totally validated!

  • FG on 30/8/2012

    Amazing news ! Supergiant Games, thank you for the port ! Didn't know this was coming out on the iPad - instabuy for me too :) Now if only Apple released some sort of bluetooth controller for the iPad, similar to the PS3/XBOX360 one, this would transform gaming on iOS (and would definitely give Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo consoles a run for their money).

  • Mark Alfonso on 30/8/2012

    Will this be available in Singapore?

  • Leo on 30/8/2012

    Is there a plan to release this for iOS 5.0.1? Currently it's limited to iOS 5.1, making it the first game I've seen that does not work on (slightly) older versions of iOS. I do not want to update to 5.1 for a number of reasons and would absolutely love to purchase this title.

  • FGV on 30/8/2012

    Awesome! I bought it already. The thing i absolutely didn't like is that there is not an option to change the language of the subtitles and item names... In spanish most of the item names lose their impact and sound really dumb... Please, add an option for this!!!

  • jojoschi on 30/8/2012

    Great game, but unfortunately there's no option to change the language of the on-screen text. It is determined by the devices default-language. A lot of developers do this and it is kind of annoying. Yes, I can change my default language, but then spellcheck etc. is also only in the choosen foreign language. We have come so far with DVDs/BluRays where the original language is always included on the disc. So this feels like a step backward. Every (!) movie, book and game profits greatly when consumed in the original language.

  • Edward on 31/8/2012

    Only available in selected countries, my App Store doesn't have Bastion, I already bought it on Steam, so I was just wondering if this was a mistake or intentional, again I was able to buy it digitally, so why is there a restriction on one platform but not the other? Just wondering that's all. Great game btw, can't wait to see what you guys come up with next!

  • MS on 31/8/2012

    Please bring it to PSN ;-)

  • Jürgen on 31/8/2012

    Thank you SuperGiant Games for this technically superb iOS port!! It so Great to Play this über Game on my iPad.

  • Tomaco on 31/8/2012

    I would also kindly ask for Android version of this game. :)

  • Pnoy on 1/9/2012

    I want this game but I can't buy it in the Philippines ITunes Store? Will the game be eventually available in my region?

  • Nate Legaspi on 1/9/2012

    I noticed that some of the games distributed by Warner Borthers is unavailable in other regions. Played the game on my Mac but couldn't find the iOS version on the iTunes Philippines. Would love to introduce this games to other people.

  • Bob Rizzo on 1/9/2012

    Never played this game before. Simply amazing,fun, and creative. Thanks, great job, even the pricing rocks.

  • legaity on 1/9/2012

    After skimming this FAQs page and some parts of their website, I find that these developers are passionate and sincere about creating a fantastic and a well-thought out game. This will be my first time to play this game, I'm quite excited to get immersed! You (Supergiant team) got yourselves a deal! :)

  • SirEdge on 3/9/2012

    I wish it would come out on the Philippine store soon. Blargh.

  • SirEdge on 3/9/2012

    Sorry for the double post. Thought the first one didn't come through. Nice surname Nate Legaspi. Hey from one Legaspi to another, if that's your real name. Is it possible to download it from the NZ store or something? What are the ramifications for doing so?

  • Mike on 3/9/2012

    I am located in Hong Kong, and the game is not available on the iTunes store in Hong Kong either. Is this not a worldwide release? Why are you excluding certain areas? I hope it will come out here in HK as well.

  • Drac on 4/9/2012

    Wow, this game is incredible. I've never left comments about games before, but after playing I felt I had to say something. The music, the narration, everything just fit together perfectly. Thank you so much for easily the best game I've played in years. Absolutely amazing. Wow, wow, wow.

  • Jack on 5/9/2012

    Will it be available on the Argentina App Store?

  • Jeremiah on 5/9/2012

    Phenomenal job. I adore the original Bastion on 360, and this version not only keeps the exact same feel, but manages to feel completely new at the same time! Amazing job!!!

  • Eddy S. Tandya on 6/9/2012

    I am glad that u bring Bastion on iOS platform. Everything is nicely done porting. The soundtrack, the update controller, the new weapon, etc is well executed. Strangely i like the on screen d pad better than Keyboard controller on PC. But there is flaw. It went a bit sluggish when there were many monster on screen. Maybe due to memory issue? I am playing it on new iPad wifi only. But it is not a big deal and i hope you will fix it on future update. Thank you for bring this game to iOS! Good luck and see u on other cool game u guys made.

  • Ann on 6/9/2012

    Best 5 bucks I've ever spent. The soundtrack is simply gorgeous! Darren is a genius!

  • Pavel on 9/9/2012

    Does no available in Kyrgyzstan app store :(

  • TheScubaGeek on 9/9/2012

    Attention other iOS developers: THIS is how you do a port! You guys absolutely nailed the new controls with the iPad version of Bastion! No ads, no paid-add ons, insanely beautiful graphics, and a musical score that demands headphones to truly appreciate-- all for $5. Not just a great iPad game, but a great game period.

  • Gene on 10/9/2012

    Hey guys, the iOS version is getting great reviews... so how about releasing it on the iOS stores in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore etc etc ? Thanks and keep up the awesome!

  • Greg on 10/9/2012

    @Gene and others: Unfortunately, due to publishing restrictions, Bastion may not be available in your regional App Store. We are investigating whether there's anything we can do to address this but ultimately the decision is not within our control. We're very sorry for the inconvenience. Note other versions of the game (e.g. Steam) may be available in your region, though I realize you're probably interested in this version in particular.

  • ET on 11/9/2012

    This was a such an amazing experience on the iPad. I feel like nothing else can ever come close to it. So varied, challenging and beautiful. Art, narration and music just came together. Thanks so much guys. Bought the soundtrack as well..

  • Coline on 11/9/2012

    Can i play Bastion on iPad offline?

  • SirEdge on 11/9/2012

    As Nate mentioned, most if not all of the WB distributed games don't get released in our region. I couldn't get Scribblenauts as well. I hope a solution can be reached sooner rather than later. I could buy this on Steam or Xbox Live, but I do most of my gaming on portables now, so this would have been very ideal.

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