Bastion’s Open Source Branch for MonoGame

Posted by Greg Kasavin on August 24, 2012

Hey, this a quick note for our fellow game developers out there. As you may know, we originally released Bastion for Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC, but we’ve since shipped versions for Google’s Chrome browser as well as Mac and Linux. These more recent versions of Bastion used MonoGame, an open-source implementation of the Microsoft XNA 4 Framework. Given the spirit of open-source development, we’re happy to make our changes available:

Bastion for Native Client – MonoGame Branch

Bastion for Mac – MonoGame Branch

Bastion for Linux – MonoGame Branch

Please note the Native Client version is least likely to work “out of the box” due to the proprietary nature of the work we had to do there. Also we cannot guarantee being able to provide support for these branches if you decide to use them.

MonoGame was essential to our ability to bring Bastion to new platforms so we hope our work can likewise help other developers.


  • Segfault on 24/8/2012

    Thanks a lot! It's really nice when an developer contributes with the community.

  • Will Coggins on 24/8/2012

    Thanks for game dev done right.

  • DrEnzope on 24/8/2012

    Great!!! Now I'm an even bigger fan of Supergiant Games keep up the great work guys.

  • Jeffrey Edwards on 25/8/2012

    I already love Bastion, so seeing the real toolkit used to make it is like getting to see Michelangelo's brushes :-).

  • Andrea on 25/8/2012

    Thanks so so much :D

  • Mantis on 25/8/2012

    Can't stop loving you, keep on being awesome!

  • xfry on 26/8/2012

    Guys you are amazing, I love your work and inspired me! Thanks!

  • Edward Rudd on 27/8/2012

    And do note that several of the fixes in the linux_port branch are already in the main line MonoGame codebase, as I was contributing them as I was porting Bastion to Linux.

  • João Batista on 28/8/2012

    You are really the best! Thanks for your contribution to the community :)

  • Emory on 7/9/2012

    Thanks for making this available - excited at the prospect of the NaCl code getting into main.

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