Bastion in the Humble Indie Bundle V!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on May 31, 2012

Update 6/15/2012: The Humble Indie Bundle V is officially over, with 598,980 bundles sold for a total of $5,106,887.23. This was just amazing and we’d like to thank everyone who purchased the bundle for their generous support, and are happy to have contributed with our game. Special thanks to the organizers and our fellow dev teams for being so great to work with on this! To all our new players, we hope you enjoy the game!

~ ~ ~

Question: What do LIMBO, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Psychonauts, and Bastion have in common? If you answered, “Why, they’re costarring in the Humble Indie Bundle V, an amazing value where you can pay what you want to get these games in a cross-platform, DRM-free format, complete with full soundtrack downloads for each title… and help a charitable cause for good measure,” then you’re me. But at any rate, this news is true!

Among other things, Humble Indie Bundle V marks Bastion’s debut on Linux. We’ve received a lot of requests from Linux users for a Bastion version native to your preferred OS, so we hope you guys enjoy it…!

We’re honored to be included among such an inspiring group of games here. Each game has its own distinct identity and beautifully crafted atmosphere — from the pervasive sense of claustrophobic dread in Amnesia, to the haunting and otherworldly landscapes of LIMBO, to the soulful 8-bit homage of Sworcery, to the whimsical and memorable cast of Psychonauts. Head on over to for more information and get the games for yourself! It’s a limited time offer so act fast.

Oh, and in case you’re not already familiar with the games in the lineup, we helped put together a little trailer to get you in the mood:

The Humble Indie Bundle V is the best deal on Bastion that’s ever been offered, to say nothing of the four other outstanding games included in the package. Check it out and tell all your friends!

One last thing! Our art director Jen Zee cooked up a little wallpaper for the occasion. All yours!

Humble Indie Bundle V Wallpaper
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  • Mark on 31/5/2012

    That wallpaper kicks ass; Jen is such an incredible artist. Already own three of these, including Bastion, but may just go ahead anyway!

  • Alex on 31/5/2012

    An unstoppable Humble Indie Bundle. Every one of these games is one of the best games ever made. That wallpaper is amazing, congrats Jen. If the other artists put together their own versions of the wallpapers...

  • Geoff on 31/5/2012

    Oh boy, that wallpaper really makes me want too see a survival horror game in bastion's art style. Beautiful.

  • Ryan on 31/5/2012

    I was hoping that there was a wallpaper for that art, and all my dreams have come true! Amazing work!

  • Elliot on 31/5/2012

    Wallpaper is freaking gorgeous. Great job!!

  • Genoard on 31/5/2012

    This is just BEST BUNDLE EVER. Wallpapers are BEAUTIFUL. THANK YOU Supergiant games & all the indie developers!

  • Neil on 31/5/2012

    This bundle is really just beyond good. To get all of the games AND their soundtracks is just amazing. I already own them all but Amnesia...including the soundtracks for Bastion and S&S. But...might be worth it for a PC version of Psychonauts and the accompanying soundtrack. P.S. I'd totally buy a print of that art. Just saying.

  • akurei on 31/5/2012

    Thank you sooooooooo much for the Linux version!

  • David on 31/5/2012

    OMG! This Humble Bundle is really AMAZING! Bastion for Linux!!! Thank you very very very very much! And the wallpaper rocks too. ;)

  • John E on 31/5/2012

    New iPad wallpaper? Please <3

  • el_zorro_loco on 31/5/2012

    Will the Linux version be still available for purchase after the bundle, or is this the only chance to grab it?

  • Jeikwolf on 31/5/2012

    Just bought it! Freakin awesome pack!

  • SlickMcRunFast on 31/5/2012

    Thanks for the Linux port.

  • Moshev on 31/5/2012

    *me chilling out* Suddenly, HIB 5 casually comes and "Psychonauts for Linux". WHAT THE FUUUU *head explodes from awesome*

  • nullward on 31/5/2012

    Wallpaper, freaking gorgeous. THANK YOU. I also went and made an alternate using the image from the HBV site and some art from S&S EP, not as crisp but it is text-free, maybe someone will enjoy it:

  • Dominik on 31/5/2012

    Thank you for supporting charity (and making awesome games!). This is great!

  • A on 2/6/2012

    grabbed the bundle, and the wallpapers. gorgeous art :) keep being awesome guys!

  • Alejandro Moreno on 3/6/2012

    Already half-way through S&S on iPad, plus OST. Already own Psychonauts on steam. Already own Bastion on Chrome Store, plus (signed) OST. Bought it anyway! Finally having these as native Linux games is awesome, and of course, now I also have Limbo and Amnesia!

  • Taoisman on 8/6/2012

    Got it. Best deal of my life. I'd say that even if it only contained Bastion. If your goal is to create games like the ones we played as kids, you succeeded. Please don't stop. I need more of this :> 10/10

  • Tiber on 9/6/2012

    If anyone's having trouble with Bastion immediately crashing on startup, try (re)installing the XNA 3.1 redistributable (Not 4.0). I ran into this problem with the Humble Bundle version, and thought I'd share my solution in case anyone else comes looking.

  • Martin on 11/6/2012

    Never heard of Bastion before Humble Bundle V comes however it is really amazing: great story, great gameplay, great music, great voice. I love it and it's native on Linux! Great Job. Greetings from Germany

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