Bastion Now on Mac App Store, SteamPlay Enabled!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on April 26, 2012

We’re very happy to announce that Bastion is now available for the Mac! Mac users can get it right now on the Mac App Store. Additionally, if you’ve purchased the PC version of the game through Steam, you’ll be getting a free SteamPlay update for Bastion, which means you’ll be able to play the game on Mac as well as PC (complete with cross-platform cloud saves). So the next time you find yourself with nothing but a Mac, the Internet, and your Steam account, you can always go back to Bastion!.

Bastion for the Mac is essentially identical to the PC version, so you can expect the same high-resolution 1080p hand-painted artwork, fully remappable controls, and smooth gameplay experience. Here’s an image:
Bastion Now on Mac!

We hope those of you who like a bit of Mac gaming enjoy this latest version of the game. Kudos to our own Andrew Wang for doing all the heavy lifting bringing Bastion to OSX. While we have no other versions of the game slated for the moment, we always appreciate the interest from folks who want to see Bastion for their favorite platforms. To all our new players, we hope you enjoy your adventures in Caelondia, and look forward to hearing your impressions!


  • Johnny on 26/4/2012

    ps3 for please!!!!!!!!!!! thank you very much

  • Johnny on 26/4/2012

    There are very lots of ps3 fan of this game. Sorry I was beginning to learn english . I don't yet speak english well.

  • OSC on 26/4/2012

    Woohoo! I'd given up hoping!

  • Henrique on 26/4/2012

    Thank you so much for porting Bastion to OS X. Can't wait to get home and play the hell out of it!

  • SoreThumb on 26/4/2012

    Hey, I managed to get my GF playing Bastion through Chrome on her Mac. Is there any way that her progress can be synched so she can resume through Steam?

  • Greg on 26/4/2012

    @SoreThumb, we don't have a way of doing this right now. The Chrome version and the Mac version of the game are completely different on the back end, with one service run by Google and the other by Apple, so those versions aren't synched up in any way.

  • anon on 26/4/2012

    If Bastion is coming to Mac does that mean it'll be coming to Linux (Since it's been ported to Mono)?

  • vsl on 26/4/2012

    Is this released in US only? I only get "Your request could not be completed." when I open the link in Mac App Store and Bastion is nowhere to be found when searching :( And I was SO excited to see it...

  • Graham Coxon on 26/4/2012

    You people are lovely. Thanks!!

  • Greg on 26/4/2012

    @vsl, it shouldn't be region-specific as far as we know. Please email us via the contact page with any other info and we'll look into it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • anon on 26/4/2012

    Y'know, Steam Linux, which seems to be happening, will offer a good opportunity to reach an emaciated audience...

  • will on 26/4/2012

    i already own bastion on XBLA, but i would love to play it on my mac. any chance for a cross platform discount?

  • Greg on 26/4/2012

    @will, We have no way of authenticating who has the game on XBLA already but it's possible the game will be offered on sale at a reduced price in the future since it's happened before on a few occasions. Keep an eye on our @SupergiantGames Twitter feed for the latest news from us.

  • Matt on 26/4/2012

    @Will come on, just get it, these guys sure deserve it!

  • Azurz on 26/4/2012

    Just wanted to say thanks for the Mac port and keep up the great work guys!!!!!

  • TOm on 27/4/2012

    Super jazzed about the Mac release, any chance it will be comming to iOS, would be killer on the retina iPad.

  • Joey on 27/4/2012

    I purchased this game on steam on m PC and am excited to get it on my mac as it's the OS i'm using 99% of the time. One problem is that Bastion doesn't show up in steam on my mac even under all games where it lists mac and pc games i've purchased? Thanks very much.

  • Ryan on 28/4/2012

    PS3 version please

  • Pascal on 29/4/2012

    Played it whole weekend, very nice game:-) Is the Stranger's area also included in this?

  • Paul on 29/4/2012

    Thanks for the mac version, You guys rock!

  • Jo Santana on 29/4/2012

    Thank you so much!!

  • Pascal on 30/4/2012

    Ok, I was a bit too fast there:-) What I was willing to know is whether the Stranger's Dream DLC is in this release? Additionally, it would be so cool if you guys can implement game center features such as achievements as soon as Mountain Lion is upon us:-)

  • Patrick on 1/5/2012

    Thrilled about the Mac port!

  • forbidden_404 on 1/5/2012

    Look, Bastion is a fantaaaaaastic game in all the ways we choose. Story, gameplay etecetera... But as an indie game, you need to port this game for Linux, you know? All the bundles with games for linux, the linux average is always higher than other OS, because linux users need these kind of games, you know? And when some developer do the job of port a game, they all find a way to "pay back" the effort. So, as a gamer, please do a Linux version and please, submit this one in Humble Bundle, for all the indie gamers!

  • StephenM3 on 3/5/2012

    Hooray! I've been waiting to play this forever! I haven't at all managed to avoid spoilers (kind of impossible, when you talk and read about indie games frequently), so my play experience won't be "pure", but I'm stoked to finally have a chance to try and see it all for myself! Thank you so much for the port!

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