Bastion Sheet Music, Ringtones Now Available

Posted by Greg Kasavin on March 15, 2012

Hey, we’ve just added a couple of new goods to the Supergiant Store, for those who can’t get enough of the sounds of Bastion:

Bastion Sheet Music

Bastion Sheet Music!

Ever since the debut of Bastion, we’ve received a lot of requests for guitar tabs or sheet music for the songs from the game. So, we decided to put together this new collection of sheet music, which features both guitar and piano arrangements of the four songs from the Bastion Original Soundtrack! We’re pleased to offer this pack absolutely free, as a token of our appreciation for all the support you’ve given to our game and soundtrack. We hope you musicians out there enjoy this. Get It Free

Bastion Ringtones for iOS / Android

Bastion Ringtones!

Another oft-requested feature is the ability to have Bastion’s narrator invade on one’s personal space outside the game, namely in the form of ringtones for your telephone-like device of choice. At last we have capitulated, in the form of this ringtone pack containing more than 30 different sounds from the game – including some never-before-heard bits of narration! Now you can experience Rucks’ dry wit each time your mom texts you. Or you can listen to the smooth sounds of Build That Wall each time a telemarketer reaches out for a minute of your time. Think of the possibilities! We priced the ringtone pack at a steep 99 cents. Purchase for $0.99

~ ~ ~

Bastion Wins Big: In other news, we were honored at the Game Developers Choice Awards last week when Bastion earned Best Downloadable Game and our studio earned Best Debut! As the award winners are chosen by the development community, this meant a lot to us. What’s more, we picked up two awards including ‘Rookie of the Year’ at the G.A.N.G. Awards for game audio! Thank you to everyone who believes in us and what we can do from here – we look forward to carrying on as a team!

Supergiant @ PAX East: Speaking of which, the next time you can come see us will be at PAX East, April 6 – 8 in Boston. Several of us from the team will be on hand, offering up some of the stuff from our online store. If you plan to make it to the show, be sure to stop by our booth and say hello!


  • Vanilla on 15/3/2012

    Oh.. Oh my gawd. We get to have Rucks.. in our phone..? <3333 AMG I NEED THIS

  • Sebastian Wolff on 15/3/2012

    From musicians and pianists everywhere: THANK YOU!

  • Jessica G. on 15/3/2012

    Can I just say that I adore you all for putting this sheet music up? And for free?! I am slightly obsessive about hunting down piano sheets for songs I take a liking to, and wow do I like the music in this game. A lot. You people are awesome. And once my paycheck comes in you bet I'm downloading that app. <3

  • Pan on 16/3/2012

    Is it even possible for you guys to get any cooler?!

  • Mike on 18/3/2012

    I'm warning you guys (and Jen) right now: I will be giving all of you hugs at PAX East. Handshakes and waves are nice, but for making such a beautiful, compelling, often heartrending experience, you deserve hugs.

  • tobias on 21/3/2012

    this is great. are you sure the tuning is correct? doesn't sound quite right. I just changed strings, though, so that might have something to do with it. this thing detunes faster than something really fast.

  • Alex on 21/3/2012

    Y'know, I think you guys will be just fine in the future, just fine :)

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