Bastion Soundtrack Live: Build That Wall & Setting Sail, Coming Home

Posted by Greg Kasavin on January 3, 2012

While most of our team is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bastion’s audio was done all the way over in New York. So it’s always a treat when the rest of us get to see Darren Korb (our audio director and composer) and Logan Cunningham (our voice actor) over on this side. They’ve been in town over the holidays, and same goes for Ashley Barrett, the vocalist behind two of the most popular pieces from the Bastion Original Soundtrack. In fact, Darren and Ashley stopped by today for a little impromptu session right in our studio:

This is the first-ever video of Darren and Ashley playing music from our game live. We thought you’d enjoy seeing this inside look at some of Bastion’s music being performed by the people who created the sound you’ve heard in the game.


  • MattMcCullar on 3/1/2012

    Too cool! You two are extremely talented, thanks for letting us see this video! Keep up the amazing work :)

  • DAVES on 3/1/2012

    I've been looking for this all over! I bought the album just for these songs, Worth every penny!

  • Ethan L on 3/1/2012

    Even having listened to these songs 100 times before, I got shivers from this - Ashley's voice is incredible.

  • Adrian Chavez on 3/1/2012

    Wow. that was just too cool. I love that live sound of your guys voice's. And that crystal clear guitar really just adds to the awesome.

  • Derek Gildea on 3/1/2012

    Still wonderful, every time I hear it.

  • Mike on 3/1/2012

    You guys should definitely release a book of sheet music for the sound track. In fact, release anything you want. I'm ready and willing to throw more of my money at you.

  • Dan on 3/1/2012

    This soundtrack gives me goosebumps every time. Especially this song. Props to all of you; continue making games and music - shut up and take my money, etc.

  • kenjisalk on 3/1/2012

    everybody involved in this game's development is so extremely talented, it's really amazing. the music is so incredibly important to the emotional impact of the experience, and every time I hear the Build That Wall/Coming Home medley it moves me to tears. I cannot wait to see what you folks do next.

  • Dyskresiac on 3/1/2012

    You two should perform at MAGFest. After you get a few more songs. Seriously, you two make an insane duo. I HOPE you make more.

  • Geoff on 3/1/2012

    Thank you.

  • Tim D on 3/1/2012

    Such beautiful music that went a long way in making one of the year's best games even more memorable. The blending of the two themes for Setting Sail, Coming Home while the credits were rolling was the final push I needed to get me to purchase the soundtrack as soon as it was released. It was the first full game soundtrack I've ever bought, and even now, months after completing the game, I still stop and savor the music every time it comes on my mp3 shuffle.

  • Calamity Bird on 3/1/2012

    I second Mike's comment - I love both those songs to pieces, and I would so like to learn them! I love to sing, and I play a little guitar and piano but not nearly well enough to pick stuff out on my own. I, too, am in possession of money that you should relieve me of.

  • Rob on 4/1/2012

    I'm getting chills just hearing this. It's amazing.

  • Patrick on 4/1/2012

    You guys are amazing. These are two of my favorite songs from any soundtrack ever. Darren, you are flat out a musical genius. Bastion's was the first soundtrack I ever bought, and I enjoy every single track. Ashley, you have one of the best voices I've ever heard.

  • Luke on 4/1/2012

    ey,check's Zia and Zulf :P this is great,im glad i played bastion and i cant wait for more so keep it coming ppl from supergiant games ^^

  • Fiko on 4/1/2012

    I almost lost hope in this generation bringing out something great, until supergiant games showed up. They definately are what they try to be, the guys who give you immersion and videogames they way they used to be; perfect.

  • Toddus_Maximus on 4/1/2012

    Thanks for sharing! Incredible sound - just as good, if not better live than on the game/in the CD.

  • Vorkronor on 5/1/2012

    This song was the impulse that pushed me to try the game in the first place! Thank you for the live version. You made my day.

  • Simon on 5/1/2012

    Darren, you're one of the slickest blokes I know of. Keep up the good work pal. And you too Ashley ;D

  • chronicthrone on 6/1/2012

    best. soundtrack. ever. gave me chills. can't wait for more from you guys!

  • Eric on 6/1/2012

    Everything in this game is just perfect but the audio part along with the story telling is one of a kind. Nothing more to say... thanks for this masterpiece. Eric, from France.

  • Adrian W on 7/1/2012

    Thank you for this behind the scenes look into the music. Having played and beaten the game recently this is a great treat.

  • Von Random on 12/1/2012

    Amazing piece.

  • Kerem Tulunay on 13/1/2012

    You two are really great and beautiful. Thanks for this masterpiece songs and performing. I really hope to see in the next game of Supergiant Games

  • Kerem Tulunay on 13/1/2012

    You two are really great and beautiful. Thanks for these masterpiece songs and performing. I really hope to see you in the next game of Supergiant Games.

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