Surprise! Bastion Now Available in the Chrome Web Store

Posted by Greg Kasavin on December 9, 2011

Check this out: If you use Google Chrome to browse the Internet, now you can also use it to play Bastion right in your browser. Our game is now available in the Chrome Web Store. Crazy, but true!

Bastion Now Available in the Chrome Web Store??
This latest version of Bastion is built to run right in your web browser, using Google’s new Native Client technology. This really is the full Bastion experience, featuring our highly acclaimed 1080p artwork, musical score, reactive narration, and play experience, all built to run fast and smooth just like our Xbox 360 and PC versions. And, much like those versions, you can play through the prologue for free. The full game can be unlocked for $14.99.

We’re very excited to have Bastion now available on Chrome since it makes getting into the game easier than ever before, and opens up the experience to tons of new players… including players using computers other than Windows-based PCs.

The Chrome version of Bastion requires:
- Processor: 1.7 GHz Dual Core or Greater
- Memory: 2 GB
- Hard Disk Space: 1.0 GB
- Video Card: 512 MB graphics card (shader model 2)
(Note: Gamepad controllers are not supported in this initial release.)

We’d like to thank the team at Google for collaborating with us on this project, and Roger Hanna, Ryan Williams, and Griffin Chronis for their additional engineering work.

Also, we owe a special thanks to all you folks who’ve taken the time to request Bastion for your gaming platform of choice. This new version means many of you should now be able to play Bastion for yourself. This is also a good time to reiterate our stance when it comes to bringing Bastion to other platforms: We have no confirmed plans for other versions of Bastion, though we haven’t ruled anything out for the future either. The quality of our game is our primary concern, and that means having to focus on developing for one platform at a time. We aim to be super careful about how we make these choices, to bring you the highest possible quality in any new game we make available.

And that’s not all. We’ll have some more Bastion-related news tomorrow!


  • Ryan on 9/12/2011

    I just ordered the Bastion Bundle and now I get to play Bastion away from my Xbox on my Macbook! THIS IS AWESOME

  • snowy2004 on 9/12/2011

    Nice job guys! I've been playing Bastion with OnLive on my Mac and have been having some fun but answer me this: Does Bastion for Chrome work offline? That might be worth a re-purchase.

  • Walt on 9/12/2011

    Bastion is .Net/XNA, right? How easy was it to get that working with Native Client?

  • Matthew on 9/12/2011

    I remember when Windows 95 came out and I was in awe of playing games in Windows without booting out into DOS. Now you're telling me I can play stuff in my browser?

  • GKFAN on 9/12/2011

    You're doing it right!

  • Jambe on 9/12/2011

    That's pretty cool! I'm glad Bastion has done well; it's a really novel and well-made game.

  • Interested on 9/12/2011

    Could you shed some light on exactly what technologies went into the chrome port? Is this more than just HTML5/JS? Or some chrome magic? haha Great game btw!

  • Zack on 9/12/2011

    I REALLY hope the announcement is related to a sequel or perhaps some tasteful DLC for Bastion. Easily one of my top games of 2011.

  • Erik Skoglund on 9/12/2011

    I don't people really understand how cool this actually is. Running a game like Bastion in a browser is just incredible. Thank you guys for making this possible, and congratulations on your success with the game. I'm hoping to see more of Super Giant Games in the future!

  • Lee Costigan on 9/12/2011

    This is unbelievable! Bastion plays great on my i7 MacBook Air. I just need to blank this out of my memory until my final dissertation hand in on Wednesday and then I am all over this. Great work, guys!

  • Zzyzzyryxy on 9/12/2011

    Congratulations, this is a quantum leap for showing how the web can become a real platform. As a software engineer, I hope that PNaCl will adopt rapidly and we can use real languages and tons of excellent existing libraries to build high-quality, high-performant, web-distributable software.

  • Derek on 9/12/2011

    OMG! I installed it on my Mac Pro and it was working (except there was no sound) so I restarted and now it's saying that Bastion isn't working and I need an Open GL compatible card. I have an ATI Radeon 5770 which appears to be compatible. But however briefly I got to play, it looked BEAUTIFUL. Oh and the deflated scumbag is soooooooo cuuuuuuute!!!!! While I wish the game was working for me right now, the error message softened the blow significantly ^_^

  • ZM on 9/12/2011

    What is the gameplay itself like without a controller? Do you use the keyboard or the mouse or what?

  • WorstJVAEver on 9/12/2011

    Cool! A friend had been asking me if the game was available for Mac... and he uses Chrome too! Now I can point him to this version :)

  • Gabriel Williams on 9/12/2011

    This is amazing...!!! Does this mean it will work on Linux too? Either way, what an awesome achievement! As a a game dev myself- please, please, PLEASE make a post on just how you made this possible, even if just the basics. I'd love to know, and I'm sure so would many others. Supergiant is becoming more and more of a Super-inspiration to other indie devs!

  • bananaoomarang on 9/12/2011

    Awesome news! Really a sign of how far we've come! So native client actually works? :D I'd love to hear about the development, what was bastion written in C/++? .net/XNA maybe? It'd be really nice if you could post something on the development. Awesome job!

  • Masklinn on 9/12/2011

    @ZM On pc you can play with kb+m so I'd expect that. Works wonderfully too, I never felt the need to bust out my 360 pad as the mouse is absolutely perfect to aim ranged weapons (yes I know about auto lock, mouse can be superior depending on situation)

  • Khalid on 9/12/2011

    @Interested You can't produce a game like this with HTML5 and JS. It just can't be done. Native Client is a Chrome technology, so this won't run on other browsers. Native client allows traditional programming language code(such as C or C++) to be run safely in Chrome, without the need to maintain another code-base. It's beyond awesome.

  • Khalid on 9/12/2011

    The other key thing is that because it's a part of Chrome(as opposed to being an operating system technology) it doesn't matter if you're running it on Chrome in Windows, Mac or even Linux.

  • SL on 9/12/2011

    Awesome! I... wish I'd known this was coming. Two days ago I finally succumbed to temptation and bought the Steam version - which I can only play at lunchtimes as I don't have a Windows PC. Now, suddenly, a version I could use at home - if I buy it again. Tempting...

  • Raven on 9/12/2011

    Playing from Ubuntu linux here. I've already bought the game on Steam, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoy it. Would still like to see a native linux version so that I can play off-line, but this will definitely tie me over for now. It's great to see NaCL games leading with a something as great as Bastion.

  • Eric on 9/12/2011

    This is marvelous, what does Bastion run on? This seems to me like an impressive technical feat.

  • Bob on 9/12/2011

    I just bought this game during the recent steam sale. Sure would be great to be able to play it natively on my Mac without having to run windows, or purchase the game again. (Note: I'm too cheap to purchase the game again.)

  • Tom on 9/12/2011

    Sorry, I'm not trying to be difficult, but what is the point of this? It's not a web app. It requires this weird Native Client thing on Chrome, which basically (as far as I can tell) means you are running the normal game code but just through your browser (for some reason). The whole point of a web app is that it is built on standards (html5, js, css) that any web browser can execute without an additional install. Maybe I am missing something? This just seems like "let's see if we can get a game to run in a browser for the sake of it."

  • Cpt.Awesome on 9/12/2011

    Just finished the demo and it's awesome! Any chance of a PS3 or Mac release? I don't like buying games that won't work without an internet connection.

  • l3reak on 10/12/2011

    Gotta say, this runs great! But I *just* bought this game on Steam yesterday during the sale! :( Been waiting a long time... Any chance you'll consider letting people who bought it on Steam get access to the Web App?

  • Rockslacasa on 10/12/2011

    This is soo awesome! Been following development since 1st episode of Building the Bastion on GiantBomb, and now I finally get to play your game (I only own PS3 and Macs). I've even almost got it working with Gamepad Companion (right stick stops moving the cursor as soon as I use another button). Mouse and keyboard works great though! Thanks again!!! Adam

  • gzmask on 10/12/2011

    solved. my other computer has Nacl disabled.

  • Rade on 10/12/2011

    If I payed for the game on Steam, do I get Chrome full version?

  • Steamuser on 11/12/2011

    I own bastion on steam. Do I have to pay another $15 to get it on chrome?

  • manny on 11/12/2011

    so happy, am playing it in ubuntu linux !

  • Khrome on 11/12/2011

    Very impressive to get this working in Chrome. This really shows the way things should move in the future. Chrome is the same across platforms, so it makes a unified experience to develop for, atleast that is my understand. I hope at some point SGG will go over some of the work they did to make this port. it works amazingly well on my laptop and if there were more entries like this, i could totally see Chrome as a growing platform. I think the largest benefit is that now it's a MAC game. Little curious how the hardware is on Chrome Books, and if this game can run on those. Because opening doors to games like this for Chrome Books makes those more plausible now as well.

  • Rydor on 12/12/2011

    As a mac user, I bought Bastion on launch day for Steam to play under bootcamp. I'd really appreciate the ability to play this game in Chrome. I don't know how feasible it is from a linking of accounts perspective, but since this seems to currently be the only plan to bring Bastion to OSX, I'd really appreciate it. If you have already made a decision on this matter, I'd really like to hear what that decision is. If you all have made the marketing decision to require Steam users to buy this game a second time, would you kindly make an announcement to that effect? Thanks! (I love the game on Windows, I'd just love to be able to play it more conveniently, cause bootcamp isn't convenient)

  • Tom on 13/12/2011

    @Khrome >I think the largest benefit is that now it's a MAC game If that is the benefit, then would it not be better to develop a proper native Mac application? Most people do not use Chrome. Therefore people are having to install an additional browser, plus this Native Code thing, to run a game. Seems strange to me. Plus, you are always going to to get better performance, graphics and stability by creating a native app. Sorry, I am just not quite getting it. It may well be my fault for not understanding the motivation here. It just doesn't seem clear what the thinking is behind this sort of thing. In fact, it almost seems like a retrograde step in web standards and compatibility. Almost like going back to the bad old days of Microsoft and their control over Active X and all their weird proprietary extensions to web technologies in IE. If it runs in a browser it should run in *every* browser. That is the whole idea of the web.

  • Boe2 on 20/12/2011

    I am also interested in how you ported this to chrome. Could you PLEASE do some special on how the porting process went and what tools you guys used?

  • Ike AhLoe on 21/12/2011

    thanks for helping us linux users out!

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