Our Online Store is Open for Business!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on December 1, 2011

Guess what?! As of right this second, we now have several pieces of Bastion merchandise for sale at our brand-new online store!

Our first crop of items includes:

Bastion Original Soundtrack CD ($14.99)

Own a physical copy of the highly acclaimed Bastion original soundtrack! Features an hour of original music by Darren Korb, including two bonus tracks. (Also available as a digital download.) Purchase

Bastion Bandana ($4.99)

You don’t have to be a Kid to rock this 21″ x 21″ cotton screen-printed bandana, featuring the Star of Caelondia emblazoned across the center, and the Bastion logo plus an unassuming Squirt adorning the corners. Purchase

Caelondia Masons Society T-Shirt ($19.99)

Now you can join Rucks and the Kid as an honorary member of the Caelondia Masons Society, the hard-working folks who built the City and the Rippling Walls. (Also available in crimson and olive.) Purchase

Kid vs. Scumbag Limited Edition Print ($9.99)

The Kid stands his ground against the oldest Scumbag of them all in this high-quality limited edition print by Bastion’s art director, Jen Zee. The artwork is 11” x 17” in size. Purchase

Bastion Ultimate Collector’s Bundle ($39.99)

Includes all of the above at a discounted price, plus — for a limited time — a copy of the Kid vs. Scumbag Limited Edition Print autographed by all seven of us at Supergiant! Purchase

~ ~ ~

Since Bastion came out this summer, we’ve received a lot of requests for various Bastion-themed memorabilia, so thanks to all of you who’ve expressed interest and we hope you enjoy our initial selection.

By the way, we’ve received a ton of requests for different kinds of items, so just because we’re not offering all that other stuff now doesn’t mean we’ll never do it. We design all our own merchandise, so we’d much rather release a smaller number of high quality items over time than try to do everything at once. We will also be handling order fulfillment from our new HQ in San Francisco.


  • Jake on 1/12/2011

    I'll always continue to support you, SuperGiant games!

  • Kieran on 1/12/2011

    Awesome looking stuff. I'll order them all! Just an idea though, maybe a Cog necklace? I remember that being pretty symbolic, and could make for some more nice merchandise. Keep up the good work guys, hope you go far!

  • Ryan Rodriguez on 1/12/2011

    Awesome! It's about time; I've been yearning for Bastion merchandise for what feels like forever... though it's really just been a little more than two months. I already have the OST (Darren Korb = BOSS). That shirt looks really cool, I must say. I hope that, as more merchandise becomes available, a good bit of it features quotes from Rucks. Logan Cunningham is AWESOME.

  • Ben on 1/12/2011

    If you guys put out a music sheet book for guitar or piano or something, I'd be down to buy it.

  • Felipe on 2/12/2011

    I'm thrilled, and I must certainly will buy some stuff, but it would be awesome if you had an art book! Could you guys convince Jen Zee to give us some of her inspiring art? I will so look foward for it! You're all the best!

  • Brian Phan (@bpanomaly) on 2/12/2011

    This is awesome! Thank you for making this happen. Ordering stuff now!

  • Nina Nguyen on 2/12/2011

    I could die of happiness right now...<3

  • Hadyn on 2/12/2011

    Well, I just ordered my own Christmas present... Awesome work guys, I'm absolutely jumping at the chance to support you and pick up some neat loot whilst I'm at it.

  • Maikel on 2/12/2011

    Awesome! I'm going to order the bundle as soon as possible, that stuff looks great :D You guys made something really great!

  • Soaring on 2/12/2011

    Haha, I haven't played Bastion yet! (I don't have an Xbox or PC. Only PS3 XD) I've stayed away from spoilers and Youtube videos. I've read reviews and seen the trailers hundreds of times. XD This may be weird, but I've become a big fan of Bastion even though I haven't played the game yet, LOL. Though without a doubt I WILL play Bastion one day!! And I know that I will love it! And I look forward to what you guys will make in the future . : ) --------- In about 5 minutes I will be purchasing the Bastion Ultimate Collector's Bundle!!

  • Toddus_Maximus on 2/12/2011

    If yall designed it you KNOW it's gonna be awesome merchandise! I just placed my order for the Ultimate Collector's Bundle. I would definitely LOVE to see an art book with concept drawings and the whole bit. IMO that should be the next offering.

  • Dale on 2/12/2011

    Yes, an ART BOOK would be my number one instant buy. The art is beautiful and I would love to get a better look at it, and read behind-the-scenes commentary from the team. I know a book would take time to make however, so I'll wait.

  • Alex on 2/12/2011

    Just finished getting all of the achievements! Was so torn between the endings, not sure which is better....

  • Brandon on 5/12/2011

    Thank you for making the soundtrack available once again before Christmas! It was going to be on my Christmas list this year, but you guys sold out. Now I can put it back on there!

  • Andrew on 5/12/2011

    Very pleased with all that you guys do. Any chance of a vinyl soundtrack release?

  • Gray on 8/12/2011

    Loving the Mason's shirt, but how about a 2XL for us taller folk?

  • Miles on 10/12/2011

    You guys really need to make the bandana into a shirt I'D BUY LIKE 20

  • Oleg on 14/12/2011

    I agree with Ben, I'd be down to buy also. I think playing the songs by Ear on the piano sounds very similar to the original , but if your someone like me, then you want perfection.

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