Bastion Wins Big at the Spike VGAs, Inside Gaming Awards

Posted by Greg Kasavin on December 12, 2011

Our team is back from an exciting whirlwind weekend in Los Angeles where Bastion racked up three wins at the Inside Gaming Awards, followed by three wins at the Spike Video Game Awards! Check out our photos from the events, and here’s a summary of damage dealt:

Bastion Wins Big!

At the Spike VGAs, Bastion earned Best Downloadable Game, Best Original Score, and Best Song in a Game for Build That Wall (Zia’s Theme). Watch the Spike VGA pre-show segment in which Darren Korb and I accepted the awards on behalf of the team.

Supergiant Games at the Inside Gaming Awards!

At the Inside Gaming Awards, Bastion earned Best Downloadable Game, Best Indie Game, and Best Original Score.

We owe a great big thank-you and congratulations to Ashley Barrett, who sings “Build That Wall”, for her outstanding performance that’s made such an impact on so many listeners!

And of course, thanks again to the judges of the respective awards for their recognition of our game, as well as to our families and friends for their love and patience all through development. Thanks as well to the team at Warner Bros. for their support, and to all our players out there for taking a chance on a game from a small, unproven studio.

We ain’t resting on our laurels, either. We’re releasing the Stranger’s Dream DLC for Bastion later this week while keeping a close eye on the launch of our new Chrome version of Bastion, which has been getting a tremendous response. Lots of exciting plans for the future, too!


  • Peter Coffin on 12/12/2011

    Chrome before PSN? Guys, I am in love with this game and the Google Chrome browser. I'd really like to be able to buy it for my Playstation 3, though. I do not have an Xbox 360, not because I don't want one. I just don't right now. Keep up the good work, though.

  • Toddus_Maximus on 12/12/2011

    Each award is WELL deserved! It was easy to tell Bastion would be one of the year's best games and a game that will be one of the best games of all time from merely seeing screenshots and trailers. I'm excited I got in on the ground floor of Supergiant Games and am equally excited to see what y'all have in store for the future!

  • SoreThumb on 12/12/2011

    TREMENDOUS response for the Chrome Bastion? B) I can totally understand!

  • Mariusz Borkowski on 12/12/2011

    Congratulation for getting award during the VGA for the best soundtrack and the best song! All Best from Poland!

  • Jon Marcella on 20/12/2011

    So glad you guys won so many awards. You all deserve it. Hopefully more people will play your game because of it, I know that my friends will for a fact as keep bothering them to play the game and now that they have seen that you have won this many awards they know I'm not exaggerating. :) I hope your next game will win even!

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