Announcing the Stranger’s Dream DLC for Bastion!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on December 9, 2011

One of the most frequently asked questions we got since Bastion’s release this summer is, will there be any DLC for the game? We’ve brushed it aside, stating that we designed Bastion to be a complete, stand-alone experience and would never seek to extend the story through DLC. All this is true.

HOWEVER! In the weeks following the release of the game, we decided to put a little something together for the holidays as a show of thanks to our fans. So, on December 14, we’ll be pleased to bring you the Stranger’s Dream DLC for Bastion, which should give you some good reasons to come back to the game while preserving the core experience just as we intended. Here’s a sneak peek:

Announcing New DLC for Bastion!
The Stranger’s Dream DLC includes:

· The Stranger’s Dream: a new fully narrated Who Knows Where sequence, bigger and tougher than the others. You’ll gain a bit more insight into Rucks’ backstory as well as the history of Caelondia if you can survive this fight.

· Score Attack Mode: a challenging new way to play through the story! You start at level one with all Spirits and Idols unlocked. Your combat performance is rated for efficiency, and all areas are repeatable.

· No-Sweat Mode: for those who just want to experience the story of Bastion, this mode provides unlimited chances to carry on from where you left off if you’re defeated in battle.

The Steam and XBLA versions of the game will also contain new Leaderboards for the Stranger’s Dream and Score Attack Mode.

To access the Stranger’s Dream sequence as well as Score Attack Mode, you need to have finished the game at least once. The Stranger’s Dream sequence will be available early on in your New Game Plus or Score Attack play-through.

How to Get the Stranger’s Dream DLC
Steam Users: You’ll receive this free update automatically through Steam when it becomes available.

Xbox LIVE Arcade Users: Start the game on December 14 or later to be prompted to download our new Title Update. You’ll see an option to download the new content from the main menu once you have the Title Update, which also fixes various minor issues in the game.

The Stranger’s Dream DLC will be available for 80 Microsoft Points ($1) on XBLA, which we can’t make free due to Microsoft policy, so it’s about as close as we could get. Though, since you’ll be getting a good chunk of new content, we think you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

Non-Steam PC Users: We’ll be working with the various online vendors to update their versions of the Bastion installer so that you can download the latest version containing the update.

Google Chrome Users: Our newly-announced Google Chrome version will be getting this DLC as well, in the coming weeks. Your version of the game should update automatically when the DLC becomes available.

~ ~ ~

We hope you enjoy this little encore in the Bastion universe! Thanks again for making 2011 an amazing year for us at Supergiant Games, and here’s to many more!


  • Brandon on 9/12/2011

    Sounds great! I'll be getting this DLC for sure. I loved Bastion, got the full 200 gamerscore to prove it. Great work guys! I remember you saying that DLC wasn't super likely, but I'm happy it worked out this way. It'll be well worth it.

  • LinHongJun on 9/12/2011

    Nice shot~ Thanks for this free DLC.

  • Tiny on 9/12/2011

    This sounds great! While we're adding modes, by the way - I would definitely shell out for a mode that let me non-sequentially re-play levels, with narration on.

  • DigTheDoug on 9/12/2011

    Awesome! You guys are killing it! Great game, great support. Keep it up and I look forward to your next project. Make sure to do another GiantBomb behind the scenes look as well; that was top notch.

  • Ben-jammin' on 9/12/2011

    Own Bastion for both PC and Xbox to support you guys in future endeavors. Super excited to see more Backstory on one of the most interesting characters in the game! Do want.

  • chronic on 9/12/2011

    You're learning the right lessons from Valve by doing this, good on ya.

  • DJ DeWitt on 9/12/2011

    Three excellent additions that help broaden the target demographic of the game! Thank you Supergiant Games for the effectively free DLC that will encourage new types of players and new ways to play.

  • Psyconix on 9/12/2011

    Great news. Thank you very much for this DLC. Are you adding some new achievements to Bastion?

  • SoreThumb on 9/12/2011

    You guys are so incredibly generous. Also, I didn't even know there was a Chrome version until this post.. So that's mind-blowingly cool. I always hoped Chrome Apps would be useful beyond one or two things, but Bastion's new portability in Chrome has me dumbfounded with its grandiosity B)

  • Carla on 9/12/2011

    Wait what, it's free?! I was ready to hand you my wallets for anything meaning more bastion! Friggin swweeeeet

  • Malte on 9/12/2011

    You guys are great, thank you for everything!

  • Darron on 9/12/2011

    Any chance you guys did a Building the Bastion DLC for Giantbomb? I would have loved to have seen the process of making DLC. However, thanks for this free DLC, looking forward to seeing what you guys do next!

  • AFreakinProblem on 9/12/2011

    AWESOME! It's cool to see that we'll be getting a look at some Caelondia history as well as some background on Rucks.

  • Alex on 9/12/2011

    Excellent news. I got my Caelondia Mason Society shirt last night for my birthday (which was the 7th) and then reading this today, it's been a truly fantastic weekend. You guys have inspired me to keep pushing myself in school because of your passion to make a great game. I want to be able to do the same in the coming years. keep up the great work, and thanks for the DLC!

  • Toddus_Maximus on 9/12/2011

    Wow! DLC for one of the greatest games of the year AND it's free?! This is amazing! I think it shows a lot of class and appreciation to us fans of the game back making it free (or virtually free - XBLA). You very well could have charged $5+ and I would have gladly paid. Of course, the money I save from DLC is more money I can spend at the SGG store! w00t!

  • Elrood on 9/12/2011

    I gladly accept this gift and wish you the best of luck in the future. By the way, I finally got my Soundtrack-CD here in Germany, so thanks for that too^^

  • Kevin W on 9/12/2011

    This is hugely appreciated by the fans, guys! Thank you!

  • Farmer John on 9/12/2011

    I just got 4 copies for friends for Christmas, great game! Thanks for adding the Score Attack Mode! It's what I was hoping for more than anything. Can't wait for the new leaderboards!

  • Simon on 9/12/2011

    You people are incredible, really. Lifetime supporter here.

  • Locke on 9/12/2011

    As if I needed another reason to re-install Bastion. I bet I can get rid of SOMETHING on my hard-drive for this. I mean, who NEEDS all those college assignments?

  • recognizer on 9/12/2011

    Supergiant Games gets a supergiant thumbs up for this delightful holiday gift. Hoping for the best on your future titles!

  • Raven on 9/12/2011

    Good to know that the DLC will be free. The score attack mode with replayable levels is nice, as there are a few areas that really enjoyed and wanted to play through again. Though I suppose I should finish the whole game first :D

  • D0ct3r on 9/12/2011

    Yea, I first tried the demo. I finished the demo and then I bought the game the same day. I finished it and loved every part. When it was on sale recently I was going to buy a copy for my friend but he had already bought it so I got a copy for my other friend then I saw that the soundtrack was on sale too. I picked that up for myself. Kinda upset I didn't buy the CD version. Great GAME.

  • Dan on 9/12/2011

    Awesome! I'm a HUGE fan of the game! Any chance this DLC will be coming to the OnLive version?

  • Evan on 9/12/2011

    @Dan Considering that OnLive is listed under the PC options on the right sidebar of this page, I think we'll be getting it for free! Hoorah!

  • Josh (onlive: magnumriver) on 9/12/2011

    Wow, awesome news!!! Any chance of an OnLive version? (BTW thanks for doing tablet support in onlive)

  • Zaranell on 9/12/2011

    Honestly, I'm pretty okay with paying for it on XBLA, because it means I get to give you guys more money and support one of my favorite developers. Bastion is my GOTY, so paying a dollar for new content is fine by me.

  • Dragonjackal on 9/12/2011

    Oh, AWESOME! Happy holidays to the SuperGiant team, and THANK YOU for this! Rucks has fascinated me in playing through Bastion.

  • Craig on 10/12/2011

    You guys are so great! Really, you're absolutely right that this game was a complete experience and didn't need anything else to be right up there with the best games released this year, but free DLC right before Christmas? That's going above and beyond! I'm really glad Bastion has been successful enough for you to do this, and I'll be eagerly awaiting any news of your next project. Oh, and as others have commented, the soundtrack to this game is amazing!

  • Mike on 10/12/2011

    Free guys? Seriously? Thank you for looking after us, you're very good to the PC gaming community.

  • Alex on 10/12/2011

    When I saw this article, I thought "Ugh, great, DLC. Well I'll buy it because it's Bastion, but I'll buy it grudgingly. I hope it's not expensive." It only made the 'free' announcement sweeter.

  • uberTaco on 10/12/2011

    Supergiant just became one of my favorite game companies of all time. I just bought - and beat - Bastion. It's an amazing game; to have more content for it makes me all kinds of excited.

  • Chard on 11/12/2011

    Wasn't that interested in buying it but seeing as its free then great :) You guys are definitely showing the triple A studios how to make a game. Grats for the VGAs too, only one with a truly original soundtrack.

  • his1nightmare on 11/12/2011

    The nicest news I read about anything since the day i bought Bastion. I'm looking forward to launch this title once again.

  • DktrAgonizer on 11/12/2011

    Oh man, this sounds so awesome. I always wished we could learn a little more about Rucks. Definitely gonna play through the new mode once it's out!

  • Shonak on 11/12/2011

    Thanks guys, I will buy it for XBL. No harm done in 1 Buck for Ruck. ;) Also congratulations to the VGAs, well deserved. Next to Dark Souls, Bastion was probably the game I sinked in the most this year. Stunning game, and all praise is well deserved.

  • Jack on 12/12/2011

    See, now, if you were shoehorning random story stuff in and retconning and doing bad things to Bastion, I'd be annoyed. Adding modes, putting new areas for Who Knows Where in, and doing other stuff like that? Totally cool. You're not shilling us for the modes, you're not doing hardly anything that suggests to me you're grubbing for money or sales. It puts a bad taste in my mouth when 'DLC' means 'Pay us for things that PC game companies used to do for free', but you guys are doing sterling work here. Thanks a bunch, well done, good form, will buy from you folks again as soon as I can.

  • Gelugon_baat on 12/12/2011

    Thanks for the free update for the Steam version, Supergiant Games.

  • Giostraro on 14/12/2011

    Stranger’s Dream DLC in XBLA has a problem. when you press X on the book, the level became but after during the level the Xbox reboot!!! WHYYY???

  • Greg on 14/12/2011

    Giostraro, please try switching your console language setting to English and see if that works. We're investigating this issue and apologize for the inconvenience.

  • AJ on 15/12/2011

    Thank you for the amazing game, and I appreciate that you gave us the complete game instead of holding content back for DLC like many other companies. I absolutely hate DLC for this reason. That being said, I really appreciate the free update for the PC game. I may purchase the game on Xbox too, and I am thankful for the cheapest DLC I've ever heard of on Xbox... clearly you guys are deserving of all your success and appreciate your customers!

  • Cavalieroscuro on 16/12/2011

    How can I start the new dream sequence?In the Bastion I can't fine anything,I Finished the game two times already!

  • Greg on 16/12/2011

    Hey, in your New Game Plus or Score Attack play-through, you should see a new item in the Bastion near to where the other Who Knows Where items would be. It appears early on in the game, before the Kid's Dream.

  • SilverGhost01 on 20/12/2011

    Just wondering, have you guys updated the Direct2Drive version so it contains the DLC? Also, does this mean that the non-Steam versions won't have the Leaderboards? Anyways, thanks for making such a great game! I love Bastion.

  • Greg on 20/12/2011

    Hey, we haven't updated the Direct2Drive version yet and will be working to do that in the coming days. We'll announce via Twitter when it's available. It's correct that Leaderboards are only available on Steam and Xbox LIVE Arcade.

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