Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on November 24, 2011

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States, so we’re feeling right grateful for how the past couple of years have panned out since Supergiant first started, and for our families and friends who supported us along the way. Here’s a moment from Bastion to mark the occasion! (Click for the hi-res version.)

Just as important, we’re grateful to all of you who picked up Bastion this year and got us to this point, and for all your thoughtful emails, blog posts, notes, really everything you’ve done to give us your feedback.

I like to say that the one thing all seven of us at Supergiant have in common is that we’ve loved playing games all our lives. If you’re a long-time game player then you know how frustrating it can be to see real-world pressures and cynicism creep into the game industry from time to time… games are supposed to be a retreat from all that. It’s all the more reason why we’re grateful for what we’ve got, happy to have made something that’s left a strong impression on many of you, and lucky to be in a position to be able to try and do it again (and, with any luck, again and again after that). We live in interesting times, but then we also live in times when for a few bucks and a few minutes you can have access to a whole bunch of wonderful gaming experiences (i.e., this year’s Steam sale, which Bastion is a small part of). So as Rucks would say, it ain’t all bad. Happy holidays.


  • Dave on 24/11/2011

    Any word on widescreen versions of that wallpaper?

  • Greg on 24/11/2011

    We don't have a widescreen version right now, sorry.

  • Guynio on 24/11/2011

    Hey, thanks! Even though I don't celebrate it, I appreciate the thought. And the same to you guys! I hope you'll feel as happy during Thanksgiving as I felt while playing Bastion. I don't celebrate, but I know one of the things I'm thankful for... ;)

  • EltonBM on 24/11/2011

    Thanks, I really love it.

  • BrightSuzaku on 24/11/2011

    I'm just thankful there is such a nice new wallpaper, widescreen or not! Here, have a little Thanksgiving Bastion tribute:

    Roast That Bird
    I stuff my bird, you build a pie
    I stuff my bird, you build a pie~
    One day that bird's gonna be mine.

    Gonna roast that turkey on a hill
    Gonna roast that turkey on a hill~
    Someday that gravy's gonna spill.

    So roast that bird, and
    Roast it good, 'cause
    We'll be there once it's been cooked.

    Gonna roast that turkey for tonight
    Gonna roast that turkey for tonight~
    One day that bird be out of sight.

    Gonna roast that bird until it's done
    Gonna roast that bird until it's done~
    But then you'll have no bird alone.

    So roast that bird, and
    Roast it good, 'cause
    We'll thank you once it's been cooked.

  • Ed Lago on 24/11/2011

    Happy Thanksgiving for you guys too and i have just one wish for 2012, a PSN version of this awesome game, besides that congratulations for all the incredible work mates.

  • Felipe on 24/11/2011


  • Danny Burleson on 24/11/2011

    Happy T-Day right back at you! Bastion is seriously one of the things I'm thankful for this year; one of the best game I've played in years. I got it on both PC and 360, and am awaiting the day I can play it on my PS3 as well. Keep in mind, that's along the side of the likes of Arkham City, Skyward Sword, and other major releases, in what I think is one of the most epic gaming years ever. You really proved a smaller game can be just as good (if not better) than the big guns. Can't wait to see what you all do next! @BrightSuzaku That is pure awesome right there. I second the motion to record that for reals.

  • Lucas on 25/11/2011

    Bastion + Turkey Tribute = Basteion. :)

  • happy on 26/11/2011

    I love how I used to wonder why people thought this game was so amazing. I wanted to play the new zelda, it was in my mailbox and I just had to go get it, then bastion was finished downloading on steam, so I thought, let me just give this a try. and now I still have to play zelda. its been a few days, and I can't bring myself to play it. Feels like no game will ever live up to be as great as bastion was to me.

  • Cory on 29/11/2011

    Anywhere you are looking for more people to help create video games. Like Level ideas or just thoughts for a game. Been a gamer for over 15 years. And it's all I do. In college now for video game design as I want to have that Old School feeling in my games. These Multiplayer FPS games that keep coming out are holding gamers back from what a true gaming experience is. Bastion is what brought this back to me. I've literally played 1000 games. It's not an exaggeration, I love video games. Like I said it's all I do. If your looking for someone with bright new ideas, I am your guy. And if you think I am kidding about the games. I'll leave you a great summary for each one of them

  • Cory on 29/11/2011

    Yes, each 1000 games. Including every single NES game and Snes game. I've beaten them all. I know video games, more than most people in the world.

  • Matt on 30/11/2011

    Just beat Bastion last night. You guys did a fantastic job. The combat feels tight and challenging, the art style drop dead gorgeous, and a soundtrack that will be playing from my speakers for a long, long time. Truly, thank you. Special games are a rarity in any generation, but each one adds to the long list of reasons why I love this medium so damn much.

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