Bastion Picks Up Five Nominations in the Spike VGA Awards!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on November 16, 2011

We were thrilled to learn that Bastion earned five nominations in four categories in the forthcoming Spike VGA Awards, which will be live on Spike on December 10! The winners and nominees are selected by an advisory council that includes reps from just about every major North American gaming publication, so it’s a real honor.

We’re nominated in the following categories:
Best Downloadable Game
Best Independent Game
Best Song in a Game (we got nominated twice here!)
Best Original Score

Follow those links to go in and cast a vote for us, or some other more deserving game if you see fit!

Thank you to the VGA Advisory Council for the consideration, and congratulations and good luck to all the nominees!


  • Gigabacon on 17/11/2011

    I really hope you guys do well, you deserve to win all of those awards, having played and mostly enjoyed the other options.

  • Jeremy on 17/11/2011

    I voted for Bastion in all the categories it was nominated in. Such an excellent game. Pure genius.

  • Marc L on 18/11/2011

    You guys totally deserve those nominations. Best of luck at VGA!

  • Maikel on 19/11/2011

    When I finished the game for the first time, "Setting sail, coming home" felt like the perfect icing for a perfect cake. I enjoyed Bastion like I enjoyed Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and Metal Gear Solid, fully absorbed by the story, the art, the music... That deserves every award out there :) I really hope you guys do well at VGA!

  • DeCrypter101 on 20/11/2011

    Bastion should be in "Game of the Year" category.

  • monkey on 22/11/2011

    I was sad when I instantly voted and realized you were nominated twice XD Those songs are amazing, but like the game they need to last longer... possibly forever? Get on that :D

  • Sunny on 22/11/2011

    Life is short, and this atricle saved valuable time on this Earth.

  • Lima on 22/11/2011

    Voted! :) I really hope you win. Yes, the ending theme is simply amazing!

  • Garyn on 23/11/2011

    Pretty impressive to have both best Song in a Game + Original Score nominations for any game, let alone a first time indy developer. Still has my vote for GOTY. Best of luck with the nominations.

  • Garyn on 23/11/2011

    But, "Setting Sail" has to win Song of the Year. Gives me goosebumps every time I hear it still.

  • happy on 26/11/2011

    I introduced the game to 4chan, people bought it, played it. and then we had more threads about it, with people URGING each other to vote for bastion. Just beautiful, how much people want supergiant games to win. and you guys definately deserve it. never believed video games could be art, until I played bastion.

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