Bastion Steam Sale and More!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on November 2, 2011

Hey, it’s an exciting day for us, as a lot’s happening this week. Check it out:

Bastion Midweek Madness Sale on Steam: Get Bastion for 50% off now through Thursday, November 3 on Steam! If you’ve been holding off on getting the game or thinking about getting it for a friend, now’s the perfect opportunity.

Supergiant Games AMA on Reddit: We’re answering all your questions on Reddit! We’ve been wanting to do this for a while.

Bastion Soundtrack Giveaway on IGN: Check out IGN Prime where right now members can download Bastion’s much-vaunted soundtrack for free…!


  • Niklas on 2/11/2011

    When will Bastion become available for us Linux gamers? :)

  • Alberto on 3/11/2011

    Hey guys, firstly I must say that I am really happy of your success with the game, it is great and you can really see the love that has gone into making the game and secondly I would like to ask you if there are any plans on releasing an art book? The art in the game is amazing and I would gladly purchase it if you released one. Compliments from Sweden!//Alberto Paredes

  • K.W. on 5/11/2011

    Just got the game yesterday on Steam. It was one of the most intense experiences I had while playing video games ever. Thank you for that :) I hope this wasn't your last project!

  • ultrawasabi on 6/11/2011

    Thanks for the discount! That $7.50 was well worth the ~15-20hrs or so put into it. Already ranked first on the story leader board minus the hacked accounts :-)

  • Russ on 9/11/2011

    I wouldn't mind getting a Bastion art book either! I decided it would be better to buy your soundtrack then get it for free. Cheers!

  • Matthew D. Schultz on 10/11/2011

    This was one of the better games I've played (and I have played hundreds over the course of my life!). I'd certainly rank it in the top 25, if not the top 15. The art direction, original soundtrack, witty narration and polished gameplay all combined to make an exceptionally unique and fascinating gaming experience. And its moral and philosophical issues were raised in a non-pedantic manner. Indeed, it felt organic, a natural fit with the smoothly executed storyline. Thanks for the great experience. I'll certainly be keeping my eye on future titles from Supergiant Games.

  • djouv on 10/11/2011

    I just finished the game and obtained (almost !) all the achievements and I thought I had to say thank you. This game is the best game I ever played and I wish I could forget I played it just to discover it again. Thank you for this amazing masterpiece! Greetings from France.

  • gr4j0m3r on 13/11/2011

    I wouldn't mind to buy it again if you have a plan to release "Bastion Collector's Edition" in a form of hard copy including Bastion game, Original soundtrack CD, Art book, or maybe Paper craft would be great. I do really want it one, can I have a pre-order already? I didn't have to know the meaning of creating great video game that make a something different for a long time.

  • MonopolyRC2 on 15/11/2011

    I loved this game. But I am a starting programmer and want to know where can I find information about developing this game. I am sure that u have to say many interesting things about developing

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