Bastion Soundtrack Shipping Update

Posted by Greg Kasavin on September 1, 2011

Hey, we’re back from PAX in Seattle, where we had a great time meeting hundreds of Bastion players from around the world! PAX was the first time we were able to offer the Bastion Original Soundtrack on compact disc, and now we’re getting ready to fulfill the thousands of preorders we’ve received. The discs will be shipping in the first half of September! Until then, check out our PAX photo gallery on Facebook by clicking the image below.

Thanks to all of your for your continued support. These days we’re often asked what’s next for our studio, and the answer is it’s too early to say right now, but keep an eye on us here or on Twitter or Facebook for the latest!


  • Tony on 2/9/2011

    I wish I could have gone to PAX! I've never been to either PAX... yet. I hope I can make it some day! Is there any other way to get a Bastion bandana besides seeing you all at a trade show?

  • Christopher Drake on 2/9/2011

    I cant wait to receive my copy. :D Bastion was the most beautiful game I've ever played. It brought a tear to my eye as I played this work of art. Keep up the great work. I hope you continue Bastion's story with either an expansion or a sequel.

  • Ty on 3/9/2011

    I picked up a couple copies when I was there... Little did I know it was Darren Korb himself handing me the CDs!! I didn't realise it until I looked him up later, and I was like, "GAHHH!". So, in lieu and a week later, thank you, Darren, for an amazing music experience!

  • John on 3/9/2011

    I love the game, especially the soundtrack. Unfortunately, I'm now hooked on a music genre that has only 1 contributing artist! Curse you Darren Korb for creating Acoustic Frontier Trip-Hop and making me love it so!!

  • ilmarinen on 4/9/2011

    Please tell me that you are going to order more cd's. I want to buy a copy :D Its a crime against humankind not to own this soundtrack

  • Vex on 6/9/2011

    More CDs for the soundtrack would be heartily approved. I just got a couple of co-workers addicted, and I'd much rather hold the physical product in hands than the mp3s on my drive. Also, I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.

  • Shiiro on 6/9/2011

    Cant't wait for my copy! :D

  • Michael Bartnett on 7/9/2011

    >Please tell me that you are going to order more cd's. I want to buy a >copy :D Its a crime against humankind not to own this soundtrack Ditto! Especially with the gorgeous album artwork.

  • James on 10/9/2011

    Thank you so much for the complete pleasure that was Bastion. Rarely is a game so moving that I am driven to immediately replay through its entirety in a single sitting.

  • Gamer on 11/9/2011

    This reminds me Vanillaware games. A love this 2D art style. *.*

  • Shari on 13/9/2011

    We received our lovely CD yesterday, although I've had the digital download for a few weeks, now. Thank you! In addition to the amazing little game itself, every time I hear this music, I think: This should have been the soundtrack to Firefly/Serenity. (@John: Love the "acoustic frontier trip-hop" tag!)

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