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Posted by Greg Kasavin on August 25, 2011

Hey, quick note to tell you that our whole team will be at PAX Prime in Seattle this week, from Friday through Sunday. So if you’re coming to the event, stop by and say hello! We’ll have our own corner in the Warner Bros. booth. During the show, we’ll be offering the Bastion Original Soundtrack on compact disc for the first time in limited quantities, at a price of $15 (cash only).

PAX this week marks the one-year anniversary of Bastion’s announcement. It was one year ago when we all piled into a minivan and drove 18 hours to show our game for the first time as part of the PAX 10. That was an incredible experience, and kicked off what’s been a very exciting 12 months for our team. We’re excited to return to the show having finished development. See you there!


  • redwarp on 27/8/2011

    Well, I discovered the demo on Steam last saturday. Tried it. Bought the whole game. Now I just finished the game. It's just so freaking amazing. I'd love to come to PAX Prime in Seattle to congratulate you in person but... I'm in the wrong country. (I'm french, and living in france). Keep up the good work ! I hope Supergiant Games will keep making awesome titles such as this one. Everything is perfect and balanced : Beautiful graphics, immersive music, not too long, not too pricy... I'm sincerely impressed.

  • Jason on 29/8/2011

    Awesome meeting you guys at PAX!

  • Matt G on 30/8/2011

    I'd have to say it was a year VERY well spent. I love your game more than practically anything else I've played this year. Beautiful work in every aspect: from the amazing artistry to the soulful soundtrack. Please bring us another world to explore soon! I know I'll be waiting!

  • Aki on 30/8/2011

    After listening though the album on bandcamp four times, I figured out that Bastion was a game. After a number more times listening though the album, I bought it. Yet still I debated on purchasing the game. This matter was dealt with a short while later. I've enjoyed the game, and look forward to future productions of both Supergiant Games and Mr. Cunningham.

  • cerilli on 31/8/2011

    You guys have done some great work, and it was awesome to see you at PAX. I am definitely a fan and look forward to future of Supergiant Games!

  • will on 1/9/2011

    still number eight on Steam! I hope that's good? I mean, it certainly sounds good. also: love that the soundtrack is actually doing some advertising all on its own. fantastic.

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