Now Available: Bastion for PC on Steam!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on August 16, 2011

It’s our pleasure to announce that Bastion is now available for PC via the Steam Store! We’re very excited to bring this great new version of our game to a whole new audience (and to some of you dedicated fans looking to experience Bastion all over again). Visit our Steam page to download the game or the free demo. Bastion for PC will be coming to other digital stores in the coming weeks.

Launch Week Offer: We’re offering Bastion for $14.99 in North America, and as a launch week bonus we’re also bundling the game plus our highly-acclaimed soundtrack in MP3 format at a discounted price of $19.99. We encourage everyone to play through the game before listening to the soundtrack, as the music is best heard in context first.

Enhanced for PC: Bastion started its life as a PC game, so we hope you’ll find it feels home-grown on the platform, thanks to features like native support for stunning 1080p resolution and fully remappable controls. Read our previous post for more details.

And Thanks! Ever since Bastion’s launch on the Xbox 360 a few weeks ago, we’ve been getting some amazing emails from players telling us how strong of an impact the game has left on them. We can only hope this new version will create many, many more such experiences. As ever, thank you all for your support,

- Jen, Gavin, Logan, Andrew, Greg, Amir, and Darren


  • Andrea on 16/8/2011

    They still need to put the demo up. :\

  • Thiago on 16/8/2011

    Good afternoon, I got the game on pre-purchase, but now I can not download. it says that is not available! What do I do?

  • Yodaral on 16/8/2011

    Excellent job with regards to the game in general as well as bringing it to the PC in a very timely manner after the initial XBLA launch. I had Bastion pre-ordered and was anxiously awaiting it. Downloaded, installed, and ready to play for the rest of the day. Thumbs up and best of luck to you all, hopefully the sale numbers will be gargantuan! Bring the masses to the Bastion. ;)

  • Lloyd on 16/8/2011

    Been playing Bastion for the last couple of hours and I gotta say its FREAKIN AWESOME! I really love the fast pased combat and the looks. Shout out to Jen, these colors are so amazing.. Its great how stuff likes steps arent all the same color but every one different from the next but still working so well together. I'd love to know abit more of the art process! After watching Building the Bastion I just wanna see more! Great job guys you really made a great game. Cant wait to play more so.. back to hacking and smashing!

  • Kelly Kintner on 17/8/2011

    I really appreciated Greg's reviews on gamespot. It's wonderful to play a game he had a hand in. It feels fresh, intuitive, deep, and fun. Thank you for making it.

  • rene on 17/8/2011

    Just got the complete version ( including soundtrack ) from steam and it's great, love the graphics and gameplay, but didn't like the narrators pimp voice :P

  • Eager but lazy fan! on 17/8/2011

    You should add an RSS feed for your blog posts!

  • Vit Savicky on 17/8/2011

    I really love this game. Been waiting for the PC relase and it was worth it! However, my computer can't quite handle the awesome graphics. Runs on less than great frame rate. Actualy around 20 and less when in combat. If you decide to make a ps3 version of Bastion it would make me a very happy customer and I would buy the game one more time! Thanks!

  • Odd on 17/8/2011

    DRM free on Gamersgate = instant buy! I've grown to slightly dislike the fact that my game collection relies more and more on a third party program to even run.

  • Xessive on 17/8/2011

    Fantastic! Got my hands on it and now I can't let go, except to take a moment to praise Super Giant Games! It's pretty, it's smooth, it's polished, it's Bastion!

  • Dave on 17/8/2011

    I want to congratulate you folks on being one of the few indie teams to put out something with the polish and finesse of a major studio. While there are always minor peeves each person will have with a game, such as mine with the inability to bind ALT as a key ;), the sheer landslide of positive experiences and reviews this game has received encourages me (as I'm sure it does you) that others value the qualities that this game exemplifies. That you have managed to blend accessibility with subtlety, humor and enjoyable gameplay show the lineage of your team and the bright future you have ahead of you.

  • Andrew on 17/8/2011

    @Lloyd "Making of" Bastion would be incredible. It's kind of hard/impossible to retroactively do.

  • nrl_quaker on 17/8/2011

    Just finished the game. Really amazing! Every part of game is superb - visuals, sound, gameplay. Feels like good old PS2 action-jRPG. And nice to see 2D graphics, because its really hard to find any good 2D this time. Wish you good luck with your future projects! Hope to see something similar in the future.

  • Pepe on 18/8/2011

    Could you guys put the demo here so I don't have to install Steam just to test the game? I mean, we all understand why the full game should be on Steam and only on Steam, but demos are the kind of things you'd want to put everywhere that can hold a file. Specially since the game seems to have very high system requirements (my computer barely qualifies).

  • Steve on 18/8/2011

    Just bought your game.

  • Bluewins on 18/8/2011

    Just completed it. Brilliant game haven't had such an awesome experience since Braid, well done guys!

  • Cleverbird on 18/8/2011

    Congratulations guys, you've managed to succeed where no triple A developer has tread in many, many years. You made me feel emotionally connected to the game. You could just feel that this world used to be alive, that everything had a story behind it. Why were they called the Thunder Brothers, for example. The visual style sucked me in and still hasn't let go of me. And quite honestly? I hope it never will. The only game that has made an impact similar to Bastion, was Braid. And a beautiful soundtrack! I'm so happy I got the OST after I got the game, been playing it non stop since. I cant wait to see what you people are going to do in the future, but at least you got one devoted fan out of this.

  • Call Me Bob on 19/8/2011

    great, now bring it to impulse. Giant Bomb made me really want to play this game.

  • Loz on 19/8/2011

    Pre-ordered Bastion as soon as it appeared on Steam. I had been looking forward to this one for a while. Started playing last night and I'm very impressed with the game. Definitely lived up to my expectations. That said, could you rush out a patch ASAP that fixes the WASD controls in 'slinger' mode. Right now, diagonal movement doesn't line up with the perspective. This makes the Trapper challenge almost impossible because you hold the diagonal, press evade, and roll off the edge!

  • Artur on 19/8/2011

    Whatever. You don't have to approve any of my comments. I just bought the Bastion+Soundtrack bundle for 19€(27$) to show my support for a good game and a new indie-company, but I sincerely hope you don't make a habit out of ripping off your European customers with your next games.

  • Jeff on 19/8/2011

    Awesome game! I love Jen's artwork in this game. It really is just like a living storybook. Also, love the music. Darren, my hat is off to you. All of ya'll did a great job. It is a rare gem. Thank you.

  • Cody on 20/8/2011

    Congrats on making this, it's a gorgeous and unique piece of work. You should be very proud of what you've made. :)

  • mic on 21/8/2011

    One of the amazing game I ever played!! Also soundtrack is so good! Cant wait for Bastion 2 !

  • Martin on 22/8/2011

    "Our goal is to make games that spark your imagination like the games you played as a kid." Be sure you did it guys... be sure...

  • Artur on 22/8/2011

    I just finished the game. It's the most beautiful story in whole game history. Thank You *.*

  • Pixie on 22/8/2011

    Wow. Just bought version of Bastion with the soundtrack early this morning on a whim after playing through the demo. I have never been so happy with an impulse purchase. This was phenomenal. I -maaay- have even teared up a little towards the end at a certain moment. Maybe. Beautiful game, beautiful music. Thank you so much!

  • Frank Kelly on 22/8/2011

    About 3 hours into Bastion and I must say it is a marvel of a creation. I have, for a long time, longed for an old school style RPG with amped graphics and sound, focused on smooth gameplay, and fun factor. Alas, I look no further. The art-style is one of the best i've seen ever. Bastion is a sensory wonderland. Great job guys. I'm not even close to beating it, but I already can't wait for more content.

  • Ranajay on 23/8/2011

    Awesome looking game guys. I just finished playing the demo...gonna get the full version from Steam! Keep rocking!

  • Felipe on 23/8/2011

    Pleeeeease, Supergiant, bring Bastion to PSN!!! I had the opportunity to play it at a friend's house. Excellent game!

  • Orpheusftw on 23/8/2011

    I don't know if you guys will see this comment, but I'd like to say... I've been a gamer all my life; playing thousands of games over the years, basically from the point I could walk. I like to think I've more or less 'seen it all', and I can say with certainty this is a game I'll never forget. A video game hasn't made me feel like that since I was a kid. I didn't think it was even possible anymore... Your next release is an AUTO-purchase for me. I don't even care what genre it is. Please keep doing what you do, with the same passion and care that you had with Bastion. Never sell out and compromise like everyone else. Its refreshing to see someone care about their game, rather than about making money. Thank you Supergiant for my new favourite game.

  • Alex on 24/8/2011

    A must play for all... A Fantastic game!!!

  • Zero_Starlight on 24/8/2011

    Hi, Absolutely love Bastion. There's so many little extras you can go about, it's a joy to play. However, the fact that the option to control the mouse sensitivity isn't in the game is a small problem. Other than that though, it's great fun. - Zero Starlight

  • Ranajay on 25/8/2011

    Purchased it and almost done with my first playthrough. One small comment I have is that the story is a bit hard to follow sometimes when you're concentrating on battles. And there's no way of replaying what the narrator said. Maybe as an add-on, it would be interesting to have a comic book that unlocks its pages as you progress through the game and you can re-read the story so far. Just a thought. Once again, cheers on making an awesome game!

  • Deep on 25/8/2011

    Please please please please please make a MacOS version of Bastion. Please? I probably want to play this game more than any other for the last decade. Ever since I say Greg K (big respect since back in the gamespot days!) being interviewed about Bastion, mentioning everything good about games from the era when I first fell in love with them, I've been dying to play Bastion and hoping that you guys would have the resources and energy to bring the title to other platforms. Please! Thanks ;D

  • Ricardo on 26/8/2011

    exelent job! I wanted to start creating my own game...but it is very difficult. maybe one of these days -.- (soy chileno y use el traductor google...empesare de alguna forma con mi propio juego :D) me enamore de la musica de Bastion!!!!

  • Corey Johnson on 26/8/2011

    You have my support, you have made a fantastic game my friends. I will spread the word. I havnt felt such a refreshing game experience in a long time. I hope people recognize this as a new standard for story/and quality in gaming. Thanks again, Corey J.

  • Søren on 26/8/2011

    Hey, 5 hours into the game and love it! would be nice with co-op or maybe multiplayer if you are thinking about a bastion 2 - best game i have played in a while THANKS!

  • Justin on 27/8/2011

    Just got done with my 3rd playthrough of this game. I haven't replayed a game after beating it since Final Fantasy 7, and thats including Triple A titles like Oblivion, Mass Effect, ect. Your goal "to make games that spark your imagination like the games you played as a kid" has been beyond reached with me. You obviously have such a talented team and i wish you all the best for the future. Thank you for creating one of the best games I've ever played!

  • alundra311 on 29/8/2011

    I want to play this game but I refuse to buy it on steam. Is there any plans on releasing this on other platforms besides steam?

  • mk2net on 29/8/2011

    Are there any plans for a physical release of the game in a box with a manual? At least in a collector's edition style (like the CD)? I would buy one of those in a heartbeat (already own and beat the game on Steam), just to have a physical copy of the game (and one without Steam's built-in DRM).

  • Caffeinated Cake on 30/8/2011

    For me, this is the best game released this year with Portal 2. Didn't finish the game, but I'm so happy you made this PC version so I was able to play it. It's great, fun, addictive. With a simple yet efficient gameplay, a freaking good OST, stunning graphics and an addictive story... Oh well, everything is good in this game. Thanks for all your work!

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