Bastion Coming to Steam on August 16!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on August 5, 2011

Hot on the heels of our Xbox 360 debut last month, the PC version of Bastion is officially coming to Steam on Tuesday, August 16, 2011. Yeah, that soon! You can visit the Bastion page on Steam right now to preorder the game in time for the 10am PST launch or for more info. System requirements, the works!

Bastion for PC Arrives

What’s different about the PC version of Bastion? We’ve taken the time to make sure the experience feels right at home on your gaming rig, specifically with these features:

Gorgeous 1080p Resolution
Experience the lush world of Bastion in stunning detail.

Custom-Tailored PC Controls
Fully redesigned, remappable controls created for PC – plus gamepad support.

When you buy something it should be yours.

Steamworks Enabled
Cloud saves, Leaderboards, and Steam achievements.

Bastion for PC retails for $14.99 in North America, and will be coming to other PC digital distribution services later this year.

While you wait, have a gander at these fresh new screenshots of Bastion in full 1080p glory. And be sure to read our earlier post about the just-released Bastion Original Soundtrack!

  • The Bastion

    “The Bastion ain’t going to build itself. Well, not entirely.”

  • Scrap Musket in Action

    Count on the Scrap Musket to clean up any mess.

  • Meet the Anklegator

    Say hello to the dreaded Anklegator, one of many colorful creatures you’ll meet in the game.

  • He gets up

    “Proper story’s supposed to start at the beginning. Ain’t so simple with this one.”

  • To everyone holding out for the PC release of Bastion, thank you for your patience and we hope you’ll find the wait was more than worth it! We look forward to hearing from you.


  • SebastianekPL on 5/8/2011

    So fast STEAM on PC !!! I thought that will be end of the year! I am so happy - INSTANT BUY! Best reagds BEST, VERY BEST!

  • Ptival on 5/8/2011

    This seems pretty cool! Credit card, prepare to suffer! And thank you so much for delivering the game DRM-free and the soundtrack free+DRM-free, this is much appreciated!

  • Aemilius on 5/8/2011

    I hope the price will be regional and not a direct Dollar=Euro=Pound sterling conversion.

  • SebastianekPL on 5/8/2011

    OK I preorderd - good price! :)

  • FuKuy on 5/8/2011

    Oh GREAT NEWS!!! Thanks for PC/STEAM support.

  • Daniel on 5/8/2011

    Awesome! After all the great buzz this game generated, I couldn't wait to play. I downloaded the game on my brother's Xbox and played a few hours; enough to totally hook me! Can't wait to get it on my own computer.

  • Nathan on 5/8/2011

    Any chance of a Mac release? I know that's asking for a lot when the game was developed for XBLA.

  • Izzard on 5/8/2011

    I'd be happy to pay $15 for it, but as it stands, in my region 14€ is a bit much (over 30% more in fact), so I'll have to wait for it to come to GMG (where I can pay in dollars) or go on a sale on Steam.

  • Nate on 5/8/2011

    Just pre-ordered the PC version and the CD of the soundtrack, I am totally pumped for this, thanks for making an amazing game!

  • Jambe on 5/8/2011

    I held out for the PC release; I'm looking forward to the game! One little niggle I have to mention: Steam is a form of DRM, so anything sold there is de-facto DRM-bearing unless it is possible to obtain a standalone version of the game which doesn't require server authentication (Arcen Games make truly DRM-free executables of their games available to Steam patrons via their servers). I like Steam, and I have a large Steam library, and I will buy Bastion via Steam... but Steam is still DRM! The soundtrack is really tempting. I'll probably have to get it!

  • Davin on 5/8/2011

    Cha Ching! Preordered on Steam! Can't wait to get in on the conversation about this game finally.

  • talexeh on 5/8/2011

    It's gonna be a very bad week for me this coming Monday but you guys have just turned it upside-down & inside-out! Pre-ordered right away & many thanks in advance for the countless sleepless nights I'm gonna go through with Bastion. One question though. Is Steam the only channel to purchase Bastion? Any possibility of getting a retail copy? I sincerely think that Jen's artwork will make awesome retail cover or perhaps an artbook for a Deluxe copy of Bastion. My journalist friend managed to get me a bandana signed by you guys but she's not returning home any time soon & I want that bandana soooo badly. D:

  • Artem on 5/8/2011

    OH MY GOSH!!!! YEAHH!!! Thank you very much! 16 aug - is for North America only or worldwide?

  • Awesome on 5/8/2011


  • Andrea on 5/8/2011

    @ Jambe -- No doubt. But better Steam than other DRM. I'll look into the game when it comes out. Thanks for anticipate the release.

  • styx971 on 5/8/2011

    dammit steam if only your pricing right in europe so i can get on release day -_- i rather have a ps3 version but pc is fine too just hate having to wait longer cause is stupid steam time-exclusive

  • Tehnloss on 5/8/2011

    Will you release the game on other platform than steam ? Because the steam work IS a DRM, so the game isn't DRM free. It's important for me, I prefere to pay much to have a DRMless game than buy a cheaper game but an infected one. Platforms like Desura or GamersGate brought real DRM free games.

  • brindy on 5/8/2011

    I'm with Nathan - Mac version via Steam (or App Store even) would be really interesting to me. :)

  • Dekiko on 5/8/2011

    You mention the game will be DRM free. Does this specifically refer to copies made available via other services at a later date, since the Steam platform is DRM in and of itself? Additionally, are you able to give a rough idea how much later it will be before the games appear elsewhere? In all honesty, I would absolutely love to purchase the game directly from you guys on the website here, and cut out the middleman and DRM enforced by some other services, especially Steam. I would prefer my profits go directly to you guys, as this game looks fantastic.

  • Gneekman on 5/8/2011

    I assume "DRM free" means you can play the game without Steam running... just a thought. I, too, was disappointed about the lack of a SteamPlay (i.e. Mac) version. If/when that comes along: instant buy for me.

  • Zommunism on 6/8/2011

    I wasn't planning on getting the PC version as I bought the XBLA version on day one. However, my mouth started to water when I found out about the 1080p part. GOTTA HAVE THEM Ps!

  • Anon on 6/8/2011

    I use Steam, but saying it's not DRM is silly. 15$ != 14€ I'll wait for a sale due to that, don't want to support it unless the amount is very low. On the positive side, I'm happy it's coming out so soon.

  • Talyth on 6/8/2011

    Nice to see a pc conversion, and it's coming soon too !! Too bad I don't play on pc nor X360.. Do you have plans about a Mac or PS3 version ? I'd be really glad to buy one of these versions !!

  • Charlie on 8/8/2011

    Hi. Will there eventually be a demo available on Steam? Thanks.

  • Pugsakat on 8/8/2011

    I hate Steam and I refuse to use it! So how about following Dekiko's advice and selling the game yourselves as a direct download? The way Runic games did with Torchlight.

  • Joe on 8/8/2011

    Using Steam is *not* DRM free.

  • questionmark on 8/8/2011

    Any chance Bastion getting released on other digital distributors? Or at least selling it at your own website? Would be happy to just skip the distributor and give you more of my money ;) BTW: Yes, "DRM free" and "Steamworks" in one sentence is rather funny... in a sad way.

  • Luke on 9/8/2011

    +1 to Dekiko's comment: I'd really like you to offer either a direct download or at least bring the game on other distribution platforms. I can deal with getting the short end of the stick with the currency exchange (I live in EU) but using Steam is a something I won't do, no matter how low the price falls.

  • Bob B on 9/8/2011

    I'm with all the above. Steam is DRM. I might purchase Bastion once it's available DRM-free. I have no Steam account and I plan to keep it that way.

  • mandark on 11/8/2011

    i also agree. steam is DRM. and for singleplayer games, the need to first run steam, before the game itself can be launched, is annoying and outright silly. from that point of view, IMPULSE or GOG are imho much better digital distribution portals. i'd buy the game immediately from that platforms or directly from your website. but from steam....i'm certainly hesitant.

  • camino1961 on 11/8/2011

    This game is beautiful! Is there an "Art of Bastion" book anytime in the future? You have to sell one "PLEASE"!!! I will definitely purchase the book. Keep up the great work.

  • GT on 15/8/2011

    Not sure why a few of you is afraid of steam. I play my steam games offline all the time! What I meant offline is there is an "offline" mode for steam. Anyway on Bastion, I can't wait to play this game! Thanks for bringing it to PC with such care. I hope you guys succeed so you can start making for no. 2 :)

  • Charlie on 16/8/2011

    Dear lord PLEASE release this on PSN.

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