A Look at Bastion’s PC Controls

Posted by Greg Kasavin on August 13, 2011

Bastion is coming to Steam in just a few days, so we wanted to show you what we’ve cooked up with the PC controls. Due to Bastion’s focus on fast, responsive action, it was very important to us to provide PC controls that let players move and fight quickly and easily. We do offer gamepad support but we weren’t about to sacrifice the quality of the experience for those players who don’t have gamepads. With that in mind, we came up with a set of PC controls we think you’re going to enjoy. Here’s a sneak peek at the controls setup screen:

Bastion PC Controls

As you can see, our controls screen on PC offers three different default settings, centered on your choice of which device you want to use for moving around:

- Slinger-Style: Our default PC control scheme, reminiscent of shooter controls where the keyboard is used to move your character and the mouse is used to aim and attack. Having free-aim on the mouse feels great even if you’re used to the auto-aim mechanic we have on console.

- Mason-Style: Our alternate PC control scheme, inspired by traditional action RPGs, where clicking or holding the Left Mouse Button moves your character. This provides a smoother analog feel for character control.

- Trigger-Style: Our original console control scheme for those preferring to play using a gamepad. Controller vibration is supported. Unlike on console, the commands are all fully remappable.

Each of these settings is fully remappable if you want, though we made sure the defaults felt good and made sense in each control scheme.

Beyond the control differences, the other key enhancement in Bastion for PC is that it runs natively in 1920×1080 resolution (up from 1280×720 on the Xbox 360). To see what this means, compare this 1080p image from the PC version to this 720p image from the console version. Our loading times are quite a bit faster on PC as well.

Bastion is coming to Steam on Tuesday, August 16 at 10:00am PST, and will be available for other digital distribution services in the following weeks. We’re very excited to bring this version of our game to a whole new audience, especially since Bastion started its life as a PC game. It’s finally come full circle!


  • WtcWerner on 13/8/2011

    Is there a Mac version coming out? BTW liked your bastion on the xbox now doing the second new play with every weapon in my arsenal :)

  • Greg on 13/8/2011

    Hey, we don't have plans for a Mac version or any other version of Bastion at this time. We're all focused on the PC launch. Nothing is ruled out for the future though a lot depends on what happens with the PC launch.

  • Awesome on 13/8/2011

    How awesome is that 1080p screenshot? So awesome.

  • chris on 13/8/2011

    I hope everyone in the universe buys bastion for pc and xbox AND i hope they buy the soundtrack too. build that wall is a great song and rucks kinda sounds like the "wad, war never changes" narrator from fallout 3 and nv. anyway can't wait to see what you guys do next. btw bastion would make a great 3DS game

  • Jonathan Grenier on 13/8/2011

    I'll add my voice to those wishing for a Mac release. I bought & S-Ranked Bastion on 360 already, but this is an awesome game and would buy it again should it ever come to the Mac. Keep up the great work.

  • Gregory on 13/8/2011

    I pre-ordered and can't wait until Tuesday! The review at gamecanary.com sold me.

  • OSC on 13/8/2011

    Also voting for a Mac version! The system requirements for the PC version say 512MB VRAM. Is this only for 1080p? Will I be able to get away with 256MB at a lower resolution?

  • Greg on 13/8/2011

    @OSC - The game should run in theory with less VRAM, it just might not perform as smoothly as intended. We'll have a free demo available around the time of the Steam launch, so feel free to give that a shot and see how it works for you.

  • Gregory on 13/8/2011

    I forgot to mention how deeply thankful I am to see these control options. They should be the bare minimum of PC ports, but that sadly isn't the case far too often.

  • Yodaral on 14/8/2011

    Looking and sounding pretty sleek. Initially I was happy to have a nice gamepad to use, but seeing that some serious attention has been placed into keyboard/mouse controls, I might actually have a tough decision to make. Regardless, the extra care in making sure that PC native control devices work just as well, if not better, than gamepads is appreciated. Here's hoping for a successful launch!

  • Nomad on 14/8/2011

    Can't wait for this to come out on the PC!

  • Cheezespread on 14/8/2011

    Looking forward to the release. "The way the controls are "often breaks/makes games these days . Thanks for the making the effort to consider the PC players who love their traditional mouse/keyboard controls :)

  • Joel on 14/8/2011

    Thanks guy for bring Bastion to the PC. I already pre-ordered the game and I can't wait to play it. I hope that we can pre-load the game. I bet that this game will sell a lot and keep it up the great work.

  • Aquavelvaman on 14/8/2011

    I will buy it again on Steam if only to be able to take screenshots of the beautiful art.

  • lol on 14/8/2011

    really and being totally honest with you guys bastion is indeed a game that suits the mac, because visually it looks good, cant say nothing about performance lol

  • mrhthepie on 14/8/2011

    Every developer who ports from console to PC should read this and follow this example. Good default keyboard/mouse controls, an alternate set of controls, and the original gamepad controls. And fully remapable! These days you're lucky if there's support for non-xbox gamepads on Xbox ports, which is retarded.

  • Moka on 14/8/2011

    Really, thank you for your effort on this PC port! This definitely convinced me I had to buy the game right now! I really wish you the best for the future and hope the PC release goes well, you deserve it! Also I wanted to thank you for the fact that the shipping costs for the soundtrack are so low, even for shipping in France! I can't wait for it to arrive now!

  • Brackynews on 14/8/2011

    "Unlike on console, the commands are all fully remappable" Just curious if this decision (because nothing on the consoles prevent full remapping) was because it's simply not expected by console players and not worth the testing phase? I wouldn't change your default layout for a second, but I'm interested in development decisions against user re-configuration. Particularly in cases of disabled gamers. Remember the old 8-bit one handed RPG controllers?

  • Greg on 14/8/2011

    @Brackynews, your assumption is largely correct -- it's a matter of different expectations on console and PC. As well there are certification compliance issues that would have come up had we given console players completely free reign to remap their controls (as we do on PC). For example on PC if you want to remap the Start / Pause button to an attack button you can go ahead, but on console that would have been a problem.

  • GT on 15/8/2011

    Gotta love choices.

  • z0m on 15/8/2011

    Super super happy that you can choose between control styles. I'm glad you made this announcement. I was honestly on the fence about making a purchase. Now if you excuse me, I'm off to Steam to add this to my library :)

  • Wander on 15/8/2011

    Pre-Ordered this on steam because I don't have a 360. Really thankful for you guys taking the time to port it to the PC (and put some extra thought into it as well!). Was sad when I saw videos of this and knew I wasn't going to be able to play because I didn't have the console. So again, thanks so much for bringing it to PC.

  • Bobbie on 16/8/2011

    I think this blog post confirmed my pre order. I was on the fence about this game. But the fact that you guys took the time out to help make the game suitable PC game is what really sold it for me. A lot of AAA companies don't even do that. I've heard nothing but good things about this game, and I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

  • Cerulean Shaman on 16/8/2011

    I don't really know you guys, but I know I love ya. Keep making such wonderful and imaginative games and I won't have to break your leg benders. ;)

  • Matt on 16/8/2011

    1920x1080 is great, but 5760x1080 is better - see Torchlight in Eyefinity for example. Does Bastion handle multi-monitor resolutions by any chance? Obviously you're a small team so things like moving the UI elements to the centre monitor is probably a bit much to ask for, but scaling the FOV to the resolution properly would be nice at least ;)

  • Enzo_0 on 16/8/2011

    Will the PC version of Bastion have a support for lower resolutions, like 1024 x 768?

  • James_Ross on 16/8/2011

    Had a small problem with the keyboard (Slinger :D) control scheme... while WASD used individually worked as I expect, I can't walk diagonally in an isometrically straight line (using WD for example). So if I'm walking down a narrow path thats diagonal its really pretty awkward... I can't be the only one having this problem? Mouse style control for now then, wonderful wonderful game. :)

  • Geardaddy on 16/8/2011

    You guys did an awesome job on this PC version....running as smooth as talc....1080p...great tunes....great mood....exciting too!! NICE work Guys and Gals!! Independent....the big game guys should learn form this fine example of gaming glory....and how to treat the gaming public....rock on!!

  • Samshell on 17/8/2011

    Played a bit in a friend's console - if there's any chance this game is coming to a MAC, I'm so definitely buying it!! (and the OST as well)

  • Ion on 17/8/2011

    Hey. I pre ordered the game and played a few hours so far and I must say I'm in love with it. From the art style to the narration everything was done perfect. I'm only problem however lies in remapping the controls, which I'm not able to do it seems, it just changes to none automatically on clicking. This is just a minor nuisance in an otherwise awesome game though, I really look forward to what you guys come up with in the future!

  • mike on 17/8/2011

    i want an artbook of Bastion! (>o<)/

  • Andrew on 17/8/2011

    I don't have a Mac, And I own it for XBLA (beat it twice), will likely buy it for PC for the 1080p and the soundtrack is tempting. That said, I will definitely say that this game falls well in line with the (limited) interests of Mac fans. The market is definitely there, and I hope for their sake they'll get a chance to enjoy the game as well.

  • Andy K on 19/8/2011

    Heya guys: Excellent, excellent game! One problem though: I've been playing for the past two days fine with remapped keys. I saw there looked to be an update today, and ever since I can't remap keys successfully! When I click on a key (for example, in the above screenshot "Move Up", it used to pause and let me assign my new key to it ("Up Arrow"). Now, no matter what I click, the instant I click any key option it immediately returns "OemAuto". I can no longer bind any keys! If I click "Default" it goes back to the default scheme, but when I try to set keys again this same thing happens. Not sure why this is suddenly happening now? (Win7 64bit, dual regional set Jpn/Eng with Eng as default lang) I googled this issue but couldn't find anything conclusive...

  • Andy K on 19/8/2011

    Huh. A reboot fixed it? REALLY? Wow. Ah, Windows... :-) BTW, I think it was an issue with the fact that I had changed regional settings (re jpn keyboard locales), and needed to reset the region then reboot. Just in case someone sees this issue again, based on the fact that google turned up a lot of threads in conjunction with Steam-based games and Japanese players, looks to be a keyboard regional thingy. Anyway, thanks again for this great game. I bought three games in the past week, the other two are collecting dust.

  • rlyeh on 19/8/2011

    is there any way to remap my WASD controls to do real 45ยบ diagonals? i find annoying having to tweak my vector direction constantly to avoid wall collisions when walking thru a corridor (like the ones after getting out of bedroom). other than that, top notch : )

  • rlyeh on 19/8/2011

    oh same issue than James Ross! duped >__<

  • rlyeh on 19/8/2011

    ah, found -isomovement launch flag : ) helps everything. this should be in the options settings!

  • cybird on 20/8/2011

    Had a first look on Bastion yesterday at the GamesCom in Cologne and liked it. But there's no version wether for Mac nor for PS3. That's really sad!!! Please convert it!!!

  • Lance on 20/8/2011


  • mic on 21/8/2011

    Fantastic game , also soundtrack is so good!

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