Bastion Now Available on Xbox LIVE!

Posted by Supergiant Games on July 20, 2011

It’s our pleasure to announce that Bastion is now available on Xbox LIVE, marking the beginning of this year’s Summer of Arcade. Visit the Bastion page on to download the game, or you can do it the old-fashioned way straight from the console.

Download Bastion today!

Dozens of reviews are flooding in from all around the world. Here’s a taste of what game critics are saying about the full experience:

“Supergiant Games’ debut effort isn’t just good – it’s a must-play.” – Game Informer (9.25 / 10)

“Bastion isn’t just one of the year’s best titles. It’s also one of the best stories you’ll see in an indie game.” – GamePro (5 / 5)

“This game is amazing and you owe it to yourself to download it.” – (9.0 / 10)

“It’s frightening to think how much the human voice has done to distance Bastion from the crowd.” – Edge (9 / 10)

“The entire game drips with passionate artistry from the gorgeous watercolor aesthetics to the stirring soundtrack.” – Wired (9 / 10)

“Bastion…wishes to persist, as a living artwork that may be revisited forever.” – Kill Screen (9 / 10)

* * *

Today marks the most important moment yet in the short history of our studio: Bastion, our first game, is real. Through it we hope you’ll come to better know us as a team. And if you like what we did here, know that we’re very excited to keep on going. Much obliged,

Supergiant Games!

— Amir, Gavin, Darren, Logan, Jen, Greg, and Andrew


  • MattPascual on 20/7/2011

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Galiant on 20/7/2011

    I've been following "Building the Bastion" over on Giant Bomb and I'm really happy the game is getting such great reviews all over! I personally don't own a XBOX360 so I reeeally hope the game will come to PSN, or at least to PC sometime in the future. I'd pick it up in an instant! Best of luck to all of you with your future endeavors!

  • Unhappy Brad on 20/7/2011

    :( Been sitting here all night waiting for it to be available on my dashboard.. no such luck. Everyone else is downloading it and I'm in tears.

  • Artem on 20/7/2011

    Congratulations, guys! You`re the best! Wish you all the great in the future: be healthy, creative, happy and many many new projects! Waiting Bastion for Steam. Waiting very... very much :3

  • Sagi Koren on 20/7/2011

    HUGE congrats guys. We're sending you all the luck in the world. - Sagi

  • Tom on 20/7/2011

    We've been really excited about Bastion ever since seeing it at PAX East this year - wonderful that you guys got to kick off the Xbox Summer of Arcade. Congrats everyone involved!

  • Braynes on 20/7/2011

    I read an article in Game Informer magazine last fall singing Bastion's praises and I have been waiting to play this game since that day. The article said Bastion would be coming to the PSN and I'm disappointed it hasn't. Are there any plans to release the game on the PSN?

  • Lezard on 20/7/2011

    When and where will be available for PC?

  • Ben Goh on 20/7/2011

    Congratulations, guys! The hard work paid off, time for a celebration (I may buy a 360 just for this game alone)!!

  • St.Penguin on 20/7/2011

    CHEERS AND CONGRATS!!! Forget the reviews/sales (for now, at least), go and celebrate! (Downloading now...)

  • Doug on 20/7/2011

    One level in (I've reached 'The Bastion'), and I had to stop, come on here, and tell you all what a fantastic game you have made. I have been following the game since it was announced, you should all be very proud of the work you've put in and the captivating results. Congratulations!!!!

  • Jace on 20/7/2011

    ^+1 on Doug's comments I've been following since Bastion was announced and only had about 15 minutes of play time this morning before work ( T_T ) but I gotta say the game feels, looks, and sounds 10x better than I imagined it. Cant wait to dive into it more. Congrats! I already give it a 10/10 Cant wait to see more from Supergiant Games in the near future! (P.S. Jen... I love your art work!!!! I wish my digital stuff turned out as great as this; its like virtual gold)

  • Shonak on 20/7/2011

    Congratulations guys, the wait was worth it. I enjoyed the first few levels a lot, however right now I am kinda stuck in the clae hammer proving ground. I can't get under 25 secs no matter how hard I try, but I hope it will be manageable once I gain 1-2 levels. Anyway, congrat again to an amazing game and probably the best Indie-game this year. You've done a great job.

  • J-R on 20/7/2011

    I just wish to say thank you for creating one of my best video game experiences since Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, my all-time favourite game. Bastion is a masterpiece of beautiful simplicity that, at the same time, is very mysterious.

  • Sam on 20/7/2011

    Can't wait to get home from work and play this game.

  • andrew Wooldridge on 20/7/2011

    Any idea when the PC version is coming out? Will it be Steam or some other mechanism?

  • Ranm on 20/7/2011

    Does Supergiant Games have any plans for porting the game to Play Station?

  • Tschai on 20/7/2011

    More than simply a great game; the release of your finely crafted piece of art heralds a new chapter in gaming within my eyes. Something that will be referenced and mimicked affectionately in the years to come. The high reviews and kudos are very well deserved, but more than that I had to personally thank you for creating something truely exceptional. <3

  • Stomphoof on 21/7/2011

    Sooo when is it coming to the PC?

  • Jay on 21/7/2011

    Well done, well done indeed. It is quite an accomplishment to not only create a game from a small team, BUT to have it also get rave reviews? Well, that is something worthy of tipping our hat to you all. I will be here poking at my playstation controller, wondering when I will also enjoy such a masterpiece of a game.... someday perhaps, someday.

  • Ben on 21/7/2011

    Just finished the game...and it was amazing. First time Ive been sucked into a story of a game in years. 3:32 AM here hahahaha....good job

  • IanMac on 21/7/2011

    fantastic been look forward this game for a while and you guys did not disappoint. Great art, Great gameplay only 30 mins in but the story is shaping up nicely. congratulations

  • chris on 21/7/2011

    Bastion is amazing, thank you for making such a solid game. please tell me the soundtrack is going to be available soon. take it easy.

  • Fisherman on 21/7/2011

    Congrats again fellas. Looking forward to what's next.

  • John on 21/7/2011

    Hey! Thank you for an awesome game. Loved the art. Loved the music. Loved the story. Loved the gameplay. Keep it up! John

  • Imperium Alpha on 22/7/2011

    I didn't watch the game before but after the trial I bought it. The game is amazing ! Ohhhhh and the Soundtrack <3

  • Pascal on 22/7/2011

    Want it! But there is no PC-Version ?! );

  • Furie on 22/7/2011

    Completed the story and working my way through New Game Plus. I simply had to come on and say thank you for such a wonderful story. Truly exceptional work.

  • Remea on 22/7/2011

    This game is just perfect. And yes, PLEASE release the soundtrack. I've been humming the ending song all day. :D

  • SwaDorgk on 22/7/2011

    Waaahh!!! I hope it comes to PSN!!!

  • beatle on 23/7/2011

    pc version please. There have have been a lot of abstract pc rpg's. A game with a agood concrete implementation as expressed by plot would be most welcome. Please release soon.

  • ThatGuy on 23/7/2011

    Congrats on the hard work and well earned success. Will be waiting for the PC release to give it a shot.

  • Adam Caverhill on 23/7/2011

    Hello, just wanted to say how amazing the game looks! A pity, but I don't have a 360! I would love to buy your game so I'm going to throw my voice into the PSN/PC please crowd!

  • Henrik on 23/7/2011

    I love Bastian, as i once loved Zelda (before they ruined it with 3D). I think you found something other games don't have, a soul. I've not played so far, but i can easily say this is going to be quite a trip. Thank you. Throw some updates, themes etc. I'll buy em all just to sponsor you guy's, you deserves it. I want more of this! 10/10 + a soul..

  • q on 24/7/2011

    quick question, does this Bastion have a 4:3 mode?

  • SotoSaki on 24/7/2011

    Jeeennzeeeee. Glad you found success after you left gaia! Glad to hear that the game is a critical success, too!

  • Linus Mårtensson on 24/7/2011

    Bastion is a very well-placed game for the RPG-starved 360 console. I lovrd it, and my only gripe was that I finished the first run through in an evening sitting. Very well done! Story, storytelling, music, gameplay, and graphics, A+ on all of it!

  • Brian on 24/7/2011

    Downloaded it last night and stayed up all night playing it. Such a beautiful and fantastic game. I absolutely love the way you implemented variable difficulty with the shrine and idols. I'm excited to see what you guys come up with next!

  • Leo on 24/7/2011

    Elegant, unusual, mysterious without being esoteric, accessible, full of grace and fluidity, magical, sublime, painstakingly crafted like a graphic novel you actually play, broadly fashioned into a cinematic experience yet exquisitely detailed, finely balanced mechanics with generous complexity, a story and a world with characters you care for, a soundtrack that will root itself into your dreams. I know we've got a big lineup of top-tier games yet to come this year (especially Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet which is the only other game I hungered for on the level of this one), but Bastion is shaping up to be THE game experience of 2011. You have all done exceptional work and we gamers thank you. And a recommendation to everyone: if you have not beaten the game twice you have not beaten it at all. I found the story so much more engaging the second time's hard to appreciate the details when you're so thrown for a loop by the initial experience.

  • snowsk8 on 24/7/2011

    the only thing missing from one of the best games i've played in along time is the free avatar award... i mean c'mon how cool would it have been to throw in an avatar repeater or at least a t-shirt! =P update says what?! =D

  • Chris on 25/7/2011

    Did you guys make a game just for me? I love every tiny element in this game from the pantheon of gods you invoke to beef up your enemies to the cool little trinkets you pick up on your travels and their tendency to populate the Bastion. Rucks is amazing! The music is epic! And on that note, is there any chance you might toss the soundtrack up? I'd love to add it to my playlist.

  • Paul on 25/7/2011

    Nearing the end of my first playthrough. I have fallen in love with this game and everythingit does. Is there anyway to get hold of the soundtrack. Its phenomenal especially the song. Puts me in mind of a cross between Firefly and O Brother Where Art Thou. Chilling and spellbinding. Congratulations

  • Coralie on 26/7/2011

    This is way more helpful than anthying else I've looked at.

  • Robb on 26/7/2011

    Ive been following this game for a while now and i have to give it to you guys, it is truly awsum. You guys are brilliant good luck in future and make sure your next game is just as good =P

  • Collymilad on 26/7/2011

    I don't have cash to get your game yet, but as soon as I do I'll be picking it up. Heard only good things about it and it looks GORGEOUS. Great job :)

  • Noble on 26/7/2011

    Thank you for creating an experience that shows how much you all truly respect the essence of gaming. I thought I was going to play through a simple action role-playing game, but thanks to Bastion's wonderful narration, storyline, characters, and music I found myself immersed in a game that delivers on all levels. Simply put, thank you for crafting a gem that few developers can match, and countless gamers will never forget.

  • JetarR on 26/7/2011

    Just finished up the review for danish gaming site you got a solid 9/10 guys. Really good work :) Sooooo... When will we get to buy and/or download the brilliant soundtrack?

  • DominikD on 26/7/2011

    The first time I finished Basiton and had to make a choice - I cried. The second time I finished it - I cried again. This is one of the best, most touching narrative experiences I've encountered in my life. Thanks you. Now. I'd love to be able to get my hands on the Bastion soundtrack. Many of us would. I hope we'll be there before too long...

  • Skitz on 27/7/2011

    Totally love your game! I also agree with posters such as DominikD that the Bastion soundtrack seriously needs to be released for download/purchase...its way too awesome sounding to not (not release it that is)!

  • Andrew on 27/7/2011

    Finished the game once, loved it, going back for more, and really, really, REALLY wishing you guys would release the soundtrack on Itunes or Amazon. I can't wait for your next game!

  • Matteo on 28/7/2011

    This game is awesome. It's kicking my ass, telling me a good story ang giving me something great to look at and hear. Congratulations Supergiants. You've done it.

  • wangxiuming on 28/7/2011

    Wonderful game! Love the soundtrack, please release it as well!

  • SWestberg on 28/7/2011

    Stumbled into the game on a whim and it feels special. Beautiful art, I'm enjoying the narrator, but the music is something else entirely. Please consider releasing the soundtrack, even the trailer songs. At any rate, great game folks. Thank you much!

  • Jason H. on 28/7/2011

    Just wanted to join the chorus about how great a gaming experience Bastion is. Best surprise of the year. Please, PLEASE, release a soundtrack.

  • Arcdelad on 29/7/2011

    Great experience guys! I had a great time playing (and replaying) Bastion. And now I want to buy the soundtrack. Any place or link you can point me to?

  • wangxiuming on 29/7/2011

    An RPG infused with style, atmosphere, and just enough poignancy to make the trip feel worth both your time and your hard-earned dollar. If there is only one XBLA downloadable game you get this year, you can bet Bastion should be one of your top choices. Full review here:

  • Graydon Clarke on 29/7/2011

    Wow, what an amazing title you guys produced. Great job on innovating action RPGs with new storytelling methods. I had the pleasure of reviewing Bastion for Good-Game-Media, here's the review link...

  • Farshid P on 29/7/2011

    Guys, I really want to play this game. Sadly, I do not own a XBOX, any plans for PS3 release or PC release? Heck at this point I will settle for a Linux release if it gets me the game. Heard so many good things ...

  • Cappy on 30/7/2011

    I absolutely LOVE this game, I'm almost done with my first playthrough. I hope there's more to do after this. The music is incredible, I had to YouTube the soundtracks because I couldn't get enough of it, pleeeeaaaaase tell me a purchasable download is coming out soon!!! Thanks for such a great game

  • Angelo V. on 30/7/2011

    You guys killed it, chopped it, sliced it! Can't wait for jen's artwork for prints!

  • Michael Windle on 31/7/2011

    I just completed my first playthrough, and I loved it. I really look forward to seeing what's coming next from you guys. I'll buy it regardless. There's plenty of gushing already about the soundtrack, but props on the awesomely tight controls and beautiful way that the levels unfold before you. Did I mention you're awesome? Cos you are.

  • Coreymw on 1/8/2011

    Congratulations. I just finished the game and absolutely loved it.

  • Skitz on 3/8/2011

    To help in showing Supergiant games just how many people truely love their game, and want them to release the soundtrack and therefore I decided to create this petition so help gather all the requests in one area. this petition is not meant to be taken as a "we demand you release the soundtrack at once!!!" but more of a "hey you guys roc and here's all the people who are interested in the soundtrack"

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