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Posted by Greg Kasavin on June 5, 2011

This week our entire team is in Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, where we’ll be letting people get their hands on Bastion at the Warner Bros. booth. To keep up with the latest, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook because that’s where we’ll have rapid-fire updates.

It’s the first time we’ll have all seven members of our team together at a show. So if you’re going to E3, stop by, say hello, and try the game for yourself.

Lastly, here’s a closer look at our awesome banner in front of E3′s South Hall:

Click for the full-size version. Jen created this piece just for the show. Big thanks to the folks at Warner Bros. for having the courage to promote an independent game from a small studio in this fashion, amid all the big AAA blockbusters clamoring for attention. To all our friends and supporters out there, thank you for believing in us!


  • Robert on 6/6/2011

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know I've been following you guys for awhile, Bastion looks so awesome and I can't wait for the pc release! I'd also love to do beta testing or user feedback if you wanted that. I'm bummed I wont be able to make it to this year's E3, but best of luck to you guys!

  • Mark on 8/6/2011

    I am a massive fan already and as an IT engineer/aspiring indie game developer I will be following you guys closely! Bastion look's great and I really love the art style. Keep it real guys!

  • John on 9/6/2011

    You guys have made a fantastic game. Bastion has easily provided me with the most excitement as I left the booth amid all the big AAA blockbusters clamoring for attention. Such imagination.

  • Brendan on 9/6/2011

    Hey guys! Big love from the UK, cannot wait for the release of Bastion, have been following it for a while now. If I was able to come to E3 I would tell you all what a great job you have done on this game. I have been following development for a while now and can honestly say how impressed I am.

  • Telixion on 10/6/2011

    Love the art style! Looks alot of fun to play and as a fan of XBLA games this one the stands out to me! Great work on getting the Summer of Arcade as well. Can't wait to play!

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