Bastion leading off Xbox 360′s Summer of Arcade on July 20

Posted by Greg Kasavin on June 27, 2011

Today Microsoft revealed more details about its fourth annual Summer of Arcade on Xbox LIVE, and that means some big news for us here at Supergiant Games: It means we can tell you that Bastion is coming to the Xbox 360 on July 20, less than a month from now.

Bastion will be the first of five Summer of Arcade titles, and will be selling for 1200 Microsoft Points.

With the game releasing so soon, we’re very, very excited to see what you all will think of it, and we have some cool stuff planned between now and July 20. Thanks so much to all of you who saw the potential in Bastion to get us to this amazing point in our studio’s relatively short history.

To those of you learning about Bastion for the first time, welcome aboard! Please follow @Supergiantgames and check out our Bastion FAQ for more info.


  • GregJole on 27/6/2011

    Why no PSN release? Either Microsoft offered you a timed-exclusive deal or you're playing favorites with XBL. I know your team is small but you chose to develop on 360 first...

  • Greg on 27/6/2011

    @GregJole Being a small team we have to be smart about how we use our resources, or else we would never ship anything for any platform. Please don't take it personally that the game isn't on PSN instead of XBLA, and know that your speculation is wrong.

  • Aquavelvaman on 27/6/2011

    The Kid decided to mark his calendar...

  • Temperor on 27/6/2011

    How about PC release? This game looks way too nice to be wasted on Xbox only!

  • Matthew on 27/6/2011

    @GregJole I'm pretty bummed just as you are. Know it is coming to other platforms. You've already waited a year for this game, you know you can wait a bit longer. Just tell your friends about it, they'll buy it, and if you can't wait until it comes out on your platform of choice, you can play it somewhere else!

  • Derek on 27/6/2011

    Whoo hoo! I was worried I was going to have to wait all Summer with my MS points burning a hole in my account. Between the Giant Bomb coverage and what I played at PAX East I'm super stoked. Can't wait to run around the levels like a madman searching for every bit of narration ^_^

  • Oxon on 27/6/2011

    And so we all wait for news of the Steam release. Sigh.

  • epiphaniesarefun on 27/6/2011

    I'm totally happy for you guys (and gals!). I hope you are able to make a profit day one, because your awesome game deserves it :)

  • Tyrone Lockhart on 28/6/2011

    Hey Supergiant Games. Bastion really caught my eye when I saw it being showcased at E3 on Gametrailers. I look forward to it's launch on PC and will definitely put down money on it.

  • reticle2020 on 28/6/2011

    OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! I'm marking it on my calendar...

  • DMitsuki on 28/6/2011

    Well, my ps3 just YLOD and I'm bummed I can't play Journey. Thankfully I still have my 360 and get to play this still! It looks amazing. Even looking at my wallpaper of it is getting me more pumped by the second. The graphics are very very very beautiful. I love the vibrant colors and the painting style employed for everything. It really makes the world interesting and alive. Not only that, the narrator is possibly one of the most innovative things I've seen in a game in a while. It is looking to be one of the best aspects of the game. The voice actor you got for him is very good, honestly the only way you could do better is if you got Morgan Freeman. Normally I'm not to big on isometric dungeon crawler looking games, but the emphasis you put on action rather than standing in place clicking really has me interested in the gameplay as well. The different weapons you can use, combine, and the timing in the combat system are all making me want this today and not wait. I hope to see more amazing things from you guys after this, I'll be buying the XBL and PC (Hopefully Steam) version of this, both day one. I want you to succeed to make more beautiful games like this. I wish you all the luck in the future!

  • ianmac on 28/6/2011

    been looking forward to this game for a while. I'll be downloading on day one. I'm sure it will be a success and all the hard work you've put in will payoff 100 times over. great work can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.

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