Bastion in Summer of Arcade, Nominated for 15+ E3 Awards

Posted by Greg Kasavin on June 11, 2011

Our team is back from what’s been another amazing show…! We love seeing people’s reactions to Bastion. Especially considering how E3 is the battleground for the heaviest hitters in gaming, stuff like Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3 and whatnot, we came away very, very happy that a smaller title like ours could earn so much attention amid all the AAA blockbusters throwing their weight around.

Bastion in Summer of Arcade

The big news for us coming out of E3 is that we got into the exclusive Summer of Arcade on Xbox 360 this year, following in the footsteps of great and inspiring games like Braid, Castle Crashers, Shadow Complex, ‘Splosion Man, Trials HD, and LIMBO, among others. This is a real honor. Summer of Arcade starts on July 20 and runs for five weeks, which means Bastion will be released sometime during that period.

As for how E3 went, the best evidence of how well we did at the show is that we racked up 10 award nominations from various gaming publications! Here they are, followed by a selection of Bastion coverage posted around the Web:

Bastion E3 2011 Award Nominations

Game CriticsBest Original Game, Best Downloadable Game

Game InformerBest Downloadable Game of E3 & X-PlayBest of E3, Most Original Game

Official Xbox MagazineMost Valuable Game

PC GamerMost Valuable Game

GameSpotBest Downloadable Game

EurogamerGame of Show, Honorable Mention

1UP.comBest Download Game

Machinima.comBest Original Game


GameSpyBest of E3

The Electric PlaygroundBest of E3

Game RantBest Original Game

GamingExcellenceBest Graphics

Videogamer.comBest of E3

Boys’ LifeBest Downloadable Xbox LIVE Game of E3

XBLA FansBest of E3

Please note some of the winners in these categories have yet to be announced at the time of this writing.

E3 2011 Coverage Highlights
There’s been a ton of great new Bastion coverage during and leading up to E3. Here are some examples!

“I think it’ll capture the imagination of most gamers. I know it did mine.” – IGN

“We’re pleased to see there’s plenty of substance to complement Bastion’s style.” – GameSpot

“This is one of those great stories you find in the industry: passionate people put together a great game, it gets noticed by the right people, and maintains its strong and unique ideas through development.” – Ars Technica

“My time with Bastion proved that the buzz it received at E3 was well deserved.” – Game Informer

“Bastion is one of most stylish action-RPGs to come along in a while.” – The Escapist

“You’re not going to want to miss this one.” – Games Radar

“[S]triking visuals and a keen sense of humor.” – A.V. Club

“Bastion is one of the truly imaginative role-playing games I’ve seen, a rarity among the fantasy-themed video games that come and go by the dozen.” – Venture Beat

“This cute, colorful, post-apocalyptic romp may shape up to be E3′s little engine that could.” – Entertainment Weekly

“Its approach to narration [is] fascinating, not only because it adds to the fun of the classic action-RPG experience but because of the way it tackles the fundamental problem of storytelling in videogames.” – Wired

“Even with the massive depth of material available within Xbox Live Marketplace, there’s nothing quite like Bastion.” – Official Xbox Magazine

“It’s bursting with charming visuals and a really approachable play style.” – GameSpy

“Bastion, is sure to turn some heads – showing that games can be art.” – Game Rant

“It was quite apparent that this is a game with heart and soul.” – DualShockers

“The game manages to strike a balance between old-school nostalgia and next-gen innovation.” – The Game Effect

“All of [the] pieces fit together to make Bastion much deeper than the average action RPG.” – XBLA Ratings

“It’s hard not to be enchanted by Bastion’s charm.” – GameFront

“Bastion was our favorite surprise of E3.” – Complex

“Gameplay is fast and exciting, and the art style is colorful and imaginative.” – Bitmob

“It’s hard to believe that Bastion was the work of a team of only seven people, but the hard work they’ve put into it clearly shows off.” – Middle East Gamers

“Despite having a small showing in the Warner Bros.’ booth, Bastion…stole some spotlight away from its retail brethren with its unique appeal.” – Gaming Union

“The short demo of Bastion at E3 was so well done, that it almost made me miss one of my appointments with a major developer.” – Attack of the Fanboy

Video Interview – G4

Video Interview – Game Informer

Video Interview –

Video Interview –

That’s just a sample of what’s come in so far, and we expect to see still more coverage of the game in the coming days.

Supergiant Games E3 Photo Gallery
Want to see more of us at E3? Check out our E3 2011 photo gallery on Facebook.

Once again, thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to play the game so far, as the support and positive word-of-mouth we’ve received has made all the difference.


  • Gozer the Carpathian on 12/6/2011

    It was great seeing you guys at E3! Also good to put a face to the voice of the narrator. (I made sure NOT to ask him to do the voice. :) ) I've already got my 1600 Microsoft point card in my account waiting for Bastion to launch! So once again congrats gang, I can't wait to get to play the full game and not just the taste I got at E3. "He types his earnest reply quickly before pressing the submit button."

  • Daikonqueroar on 13/6/2011

    Gog daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, that's a lot of awesome buzz for your awesome game--glad to see someone keeping the dream alive. I hear so many horror stories about big publishers killing creativity to do what's safe and proven instead of just what's fun and interesting--which is the real heart of any game--so it's refreshing to see people out there that aren't afraid to just do what they love and SUCCEED at it. You guys are seriously an inspiration.

  • Paul on 14/6/2011

    Congrats guys. I remember speaking to you at GDC and asking about the summer of arcade. You were very modest about your expectations but from that small demo I had a feeling you were destined to be a part of this. Amazing work I cannot wait to play this in July

  • Nick R on 20/6/2011

    Ridiculously fun game which was a joy to play, congrats on all the well deserved attention :) :)

  • Jamie on 20/6/2011

    god I hope it's super successful because I would give an arm and a leg for you guys to do a Shadowrun/Darksun RPG type game for PSN/XBLA/PC

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