Bastion Bulletin, April 2011

Posted by Greg Kasavin on April 28, 2011

This has been a crucial month for us at Supergiant Games: After a big push by everyone on team, we locked down all the game’s content last week. That means we’re just about finished with development. The Xbox 360 version of Bastion is nearly ready!

We’re not quite there yet, of course. Andrew and Gavin are still hard at work on some key fixes so that we’ll be good and ready for Microsoft’s certification process to get on Xbox LIVE Arcade. In turn, that process can take a little while. Even so, at this point we can safely say it’s been an amazing experience, late nights and all. We’ve had a great time playing through the game over and over in different ways and we’re very much looking forward to getting the game out there to people. These next few weeks are going to be agonizing while we wait… fortunately, there’s still a lot to do, and talk about! For example:

First Look at New Supergiant Games Logo
Since we’re on the verge of releasing our first game, it seemed like the appropriate time to update our studio logo to something that felt more in line with our spirit than what we started with. Here it is:

Supergiant Games

Through the course of creating Bastion we’ve gained a stronger grip on our identity as a team and studio, and this idea of wanting to make games that spark your imagination like the games you’ve played as a kid has stuck pretty well. Our new logo by Jen Zee reflects this, and even ties back to the game a bit, in ways you might notice when you play it. Hope you like it.

First Bastion Fan Art
OK, I guess we’re not counting the dude with the Bastion tattoo and the dude with the awesome Xbox 360 case mod, but notwithstanding those guys we’re pleased to reveal the first piece of Bastion fan art we’ve received!

Fan art!

This one comes from Gabriel, the 6-year-old son of one of our colleagues from Warner Bros., who’s been playing through the game father-and-son-style. In all seriousness it feels great to have made an impression on the young man (and his dad).

A Comment on Our Release Date
This seems like a good time to point out that as soon as we have a specific announcement about a release date, we will come right out and say it. The exact timing is not entirely up to us since Microsoft works with publishers and developers to determine optimal release timing for its slate of XBLA titles. At any rate, there should be a good amount of advance warning before the release date so we’ll all know well in advance exactly when to expect the game. Shouldn’t be too long.

And that’s all we’ve got for right now, but we’ll have lots more in the coming days. We’ll be presenting some new artwork from the game probably next week, and also giving details on how you can get your hands on one of our Bastion bandanas if you missed us at PAX East. With development wrapping up, you can expect us to be a little more talkative here for the time being as we change gears to getting the word out about our game. We think it turned out pretty special and very soon you’ll be able to make that determination for yourselves.


  • lukasz on 28/4/2011

    What about PS3 version? U dont care about us? :)

  • James on 28/4/2011

    Love it! I love the new logo!

  • Temp on 28/4/2011

    Thanks for putting my case mod WIP on the blog. Hope to have it finished soon.

  • Greg on 28/4/2011

    @James, thanks, glad you like it!

    @lukasz, we're tackling one version of Bastion at a time, and we've only announced Xbox 360 and PC versions for now. We'll see how it goes though.

    @stephenlambson, hey sure thing! Please keep us posted how the case mod is going, we'd love to see it once it's all done. Can't wait to get your impressions of the full game, as that symbol will hopefully mean even more to you once you've finished it!

  • Marco on 28/4/2011

    So as PC is a target may I ask you what systems (as in Win32, Win64, MacOSX, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, ... ) and what stores (your webpage, Steam, Impulse, Desura, ...) will it hit?

  • Greg on 28/4/2011

    Marco, we haven't confirmed system requirements or delivery platforms just yet, so stay tuned for more info on that.

  • SpectacledBear on 29/4/2011

    Great job guys! I played the demo at PAX East and have been patiently awaiting the release for XBLA.

  • Greg on 29/4/2011

    While I did think it was a good move to change the old logo, I honestly think the older one is still better. This one just seems.. I duno, I don't want to say lacking, but something just seems like its missing.

  • Marcelo on 29/4/2011

    Hey guys just wanted to tell you that you are a big inspiration for me. I live in a country that has never developed a video game and does not have any interest in the whole indutry but that is about to change since your team has inspired me and a couple of friends to do something about it. Also, I CAN'T WAIT to play the game!

  • Greg on 1/5/2011

    Hey Marcelo, that's awesome...! Yeah the free tools and technology available these days open up a lot of possibilities. Good luck to you, let us know if you need playtesters down the line!

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