It’s Official: Bastion Coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade this Summer!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on March 10, 2011

We’re very happy to announce we’ve joined forces with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to bring you Bastion this summer. Check out the official announcement right here, and read on for our take on the news.

Supergiant Games joins forces with Warner Bros.!

The big question is, what changes now that we have a major game publisher like Warner Bros. in our corner? You may be surprised to learn… not much! We’re still six people making Bastion out of a living room in San Jose with the invaluable aid of a few of our close friends. We’re still an independently owned game studio creating our first game and, with it, our own original IP. What Warner Bros. provides is the opportunity to release the game on Xbox LIVE Arcade – all XBLA titles are either published by Microsoft directly or by a licensed third-party – as well as heavy-duty promotional support for events like PAX East and E3. In other words, Warner Bros. is helping us see to it that Bastion reaches the biggest possible audience. They saw the potential in Bastion straightaway and it’s great to be working with the folks over there.

As stated in the announcement, Bastion will be debuting on Xbox LIVE Arcade and coming to the PC later this year. These are the only platforms we expect to support in 2011. Beyond that, anything goes – it’s going to come down to how much demand there is and what makes the most sense for us to do next.

We’re now in the process of putting the finishing touches on Bastion for the Xbox 360 and you’ll be able to try and it and play it before long. That will be the deciding moment for Bastion and Supergiant Games, but until then, this is a pretty big one for us. So thanks again to all of you who’ve been following us to this point, and to those of you just joining us, it’s great to have you along for the ride – the best is yet to come!


  • Stomphoof on 10/3/2011

    EXCITEMENT! When I found out about this game, I got excited. Now I am even more excited to see it coming out this Summer! GLEEE!!!!!

  • anon on 10/3/2011

    Congrats! Cant wait to play it. Easy day 1 purchase for anyone who has seen it in action

  • Nick on 10/3/2011

    Great to hear you guys! I've been following along with your progress on Giant Bomb's "Building the Bastion" and Bastion is a game that I've been looking most forward to playing for a while now. Can't wait to play it this summer!

  • Jason Ford on 10/3/2011

    FANTASTIC news. XBLA is the perfect platform for you guys, congrats! Game looks amazing.

  • Ben on 10/3/2011

    Congratulations! That is great news. Really looking forward to playing the game.

  • NYstate on 10/3/2011

    That is SOO not cool. What do you guys have against PS3? I have a 360 too but i'm pulling the plug on live by June. WTF?! I was looking foward to this game until I found out that it's only coming to XBLA! Thanks for supporting my console of choice.

  • Aquavelvaman on 10/3/2011

    I can't wait to get this game. I love the graphic style and the narration.

  • OSC on 10/3/2011

    No Mac version in 2011?! :'(

  • Justin on 10/3/2011

    Congratulations guys, this is great news I was hoping you would be a summer release, I really don't think I could wait any longer than that to get my hands on Bastion. Hope to see more of the game soon.

  • canedaddy on 10/3/2011

    No PSN release? Bummer.

  • tcrown on 10/3/2011

    Great news, I and 100million others would love to see a Mac and iDevice version. Self publishing on both app stores seems like a no brainer to me.

  • slackerninja on 10/3/2011

    Awesome. Can't wait for this come out. Been following it for awhile now.Congrats!

  • Finn Haverkamp on 10/3/2011

    Yay! PC! Thanks so much. Can't wait.

  • Sagi Koren on 10/3/2011

    Huge congrats you guys. Your game is simply amazing! Good luck! Sagi

  • AKjayjay on 10/3/2011

    Really hope you guys bring this to ps3 sometime, game looks so dope!

  • Kate on 10/3/2011

    I was looking forward to this... but I have a PS3 and a Mac. =( Guess I'm not playing it this year.

  • Raptor on 10/3/2011

    Great news!!! This will be one of my purchases this summer!!

  • Rhammi on 11/3/2011

    cant seem to find info anywhere, will it be single player only?

  • GoSign on 11/3/2011

    So, it's kind of like, they're marketing your game (and getting it on XBLA) in exchange for a cut of the profits. Do they have any veto power at all on game content? Do they technically legally own any rights to the game? Are you at risk of them dropping you if you make a decision they don't like? Wish I could play this on Day 1, but buying a console is never worth it to me. Looking forward to eventually buying this once it's available for computers! I'll just have to avoid spoilers until then ;)

  • tobey on 11/3/2011


  • Greg on 11/3/2011

    Thanks everyone for all the support...! To those asking about PS3 and other versions -- the decision to debut on 360 and come to PC next is due to several reasons, not the least of of which is that we're a relatively small team and need to focus in order to do our best work. We didn't want to trade off the quality of the game for the sake of releasing on every platform at the same time. Unfortunately that makes for some tough choices but it's ultimately in the service of the game.

  • Ben on 11/3/2011

    Well, at least you used the word "debut" :D That gives people hope for other platforms in the future :)

  • MON on 12/3/2011

    great!!! awesome looking game!! PSN please...:)

  • Zahir on 15/3/2011

    Disappointed by the lack of a PSN release... The game looks amazing. Really hope you guys can find a way to bring it to PSN come 2012 then. Would still love to review this for you guys if that time comes :)

  • Jason G on 15/3/2011

    Greg your living the dream. Keep it up buddy! The game reminds me of NC Soft type of games. Is all the art here original? It's so beautiful. You remember all the great rpgs of snes and gens. Don't forget Shining Force, Warsong, Breath of Fire I and II. Shadownrun. Sword of Vermillion, Willow.. These were truly inspiring games. Your honoring us by staying true to your love of rpgs. Thank you Greg! I hope much success to SuperGiantGames.

  • Jason G on 15/3/2011

    Did you also get interview by gamedeveloper mag?

  • Jason G on 15/3/2011

    Bastion Reminds me of all types of games. The narration reminds me of Afro Samurai. The gameplay reminds me of the recent Shining Force series (HackNSlash). The art reminds me of NIS America software; Disgaea series.

  • jack on 22/3/2011

    you guys are a bunch of **** for chopping the PS3 version, I hope your game sucks and you die

  • Jace on 23/3/2011

    First of all, ignore morons like Jack. The competent people that have been following you guys totally understand that it takes alot of work to go multiplatform - especially when debuting your company. The fact that you took it to two platforms and hit both console and PC is huge. I doubt most people out there have a PC that wont be able to run the game in some fashion anyhow. My only question is what kind of delivery system are you planning on using for PC? Direct DL, Steam, CD only, etc? Oh and will there be xbox controller support integrated into the system? (I would assume so.) Take care guys and good luck out there. I'm sure Supergiant will take off with Bastion's release! P.S. Jack, stop crying and buy a computer... oh wait you posted here so you should have one :P

  • Amir on 23/3/2011

    Hey Jace -- we're still not settled on our PC distribution method, but we would love to be on Steam (we're big fans) and the other services you mentioned. Regarding controller support, there's a very good chance we would support it since it works now.

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