Friday April 1: “Building the Bastion” on Giant Bomb!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on March 30, 2011

Update: Thanks very much to everyone who tuned in live! In case you missed the latest installment, you can watch it here. As always the show was a ton of fun and it was great / slightly scary to show you examples of us ever-so-gently unraveling in these past couple of months as we’ve been putting the finishing touches on the game.

There was so much to cover this time that we couldn’t give shouts-out to everyone we wanted to but we can make it up here: First off thanks to all the dudes from the Giant Bomb community who came up to us at PAX East recently, as your vote of support really means a lot. We’re really happy to get to reveal so much of the process to you. Second, big thanks to our Seattle-based QA team that’s currently putting the game through the ringer! You’re helping us find all sorts of heinous stuff and giving us confidence as we put the finishing touches on the game. Everybody keep your fingers crossed for us, because even though we’re almost done, some of the most important days are still ahead.

Original Post: This Friday, be sure to tune in to at 3:30pm Pacific and join Amir, Gavin, Jen, and Greg for the latest episode of Building the Bastion, in which we take you behind the scenes of the game we’re making and give a rare glimpse into the world of game development. And as always, we’ll be live on the air taking questions from the audience.

This time around we’ll be showing you one of the most up-to-date versions of the game, including some of the rich RPG systems you’ll get to sink your teeth into as a core part of the experience. We’ll also show more of a build from around a year ago, when the game’s reactive narration system first came online and when we were still exploring different ideas for the art style and world design. Be sure to let us know what you think!

If you need a refresher, check out the previous episode of the show!

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  • Jason G. on 31/3/2011

    Hello Everyone! I enjoyed the episode 2 building Bastion on Giant Bomb! Why leave the computers on? Jen is very brilliant when it comes to design and a very down to earth person. Jen is it hard to learn to use the software to do the art? Also do you use software that Gavin created to make your art easier? Greg always provides great narrative and expert creative advice. I didn't know Amir makes martini's(Thanks for showing me how to make one btw). Yum! martini and a big pot of Ramen. Also what shocked me was that Logan and Darren were from NY. Who knew you could make a closet a sound booth? Btw what makes it so difficult to process when resoulution is too high to for art? Gavin you have a great smile. You should smile more. Thanks for update. I really enjoyed. I hope nothing but success for you guys. Till next post!

  • Jason G. on 31/3/2011

    Also I was wondering who will be promoting your game when it comes out? Will it be Warner?

  • Greg on 31/3/2011

    @ Jason, thanks! Depends on what you mean by "promoting" but we'll certainly be doing our best to get the word out and Warner Bros. will be backing us up. It's through their help that we were able to have a great booth and showing at PAX East for example.

  • Jason G. on 2/4/2011

    Just saw part 3 of Bastion on Giant Bomb! Im glad you guys are almost done with the game and polishing the game for this summer. Pokey fart is a great innovation! Jens Intuos 3 is the way to go! I could see how FF9 would be one of her favorite games because of the art thats similar to the lead char in Bastion. Nice that you caught more of Gavin's smile on camera, great! Jen modeling the Bastion bandana was also a plus. Who know optimized rain would make the game faster. Gavin and Andrews functions were interesting to look at. 2 week sprint must have been hell! Terminator and Castlevania, Greg have you considered something like this? Are you coordinating something with Jen? I sorely underestimate Gavin's smile at it definitely shines at 4 am in his COD Pjs (no copyrights intended). So now that contents finished how many hours will the game be? PAX east is such an awesome tool to promote the game, Amir waking up was so adorable. Also the backdrop for Bastion was impressive. Congrats on Amir's performance "Bind those keys". I also liked Logan's Bruce Lee impression of ripping the box. Also who does the video editing and recording? How did Warner make you guys feel when they visited the workplace? The rpg element of building your town seemed cool. Thanks for the content. Great job guys! Till next post.

  • Lyman on 3/4/2011

    Hey, will you guys be giving away those handkerchiefs you had left over? Those are cool and I would love to get one.

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