Bastion Giveaway @ PAX East

Posted by Greg Kasavin on March 9, 2011

All right, here’s the deal. We made a whole bunch of these rad Bastion bandanas and we’re going to be giving them away at our PAX East booth, #724, all throughout the show. Limit one per person unless you do the old Trick-or-Treating trick where you come back disguised as someone else and freeload more, but please don’t. On top of that, we figured we’d do a little something extra:

If you post a photo of yourself wearing a Bastion bandana on Twitter with hashtag #bastion during PAX East, you’ll automatically be entered into a random drawing to win a signed, framed Bastion poster. Twice a day for three days we’ll pick winners from the pool to receive a poster that we’ll send you sometime after the show. Or if you want the info in the form of a JPEG:

PAX East Twitter Giveaway

One more thing: The more followers we get during PAX East, the more prizes we’ll give out, so by all means retweet us with impunity.

We’ll have photos of the posters soon. The wallpaper we released recently is based on the same piece, and is the original work of our amazing artist, Jen Zee. The bandanas feature her original design as well.

Lastly, a note to those of you who can’t make it to PAX East and have been asking if there’s a way to get one of those bandanas: Don’t worry! While we created these especially for the PAX East crowd we’ll make sure the people who can’t make it to the show have a chance or two to get their hands on one sometime down the line.

So yeah, come play the game at booth 724 at PAX East, meet some of the team, and join us for what ought to be a show to remember!


  • Jen Zee on 13/3/2011

    I just want to say those photos are sort of amazing.

  • Thjan on 19/3/2011

    I hope you'll make the bandanas available for purchase (with international shipping ofc!). The walk from Europe to PAX East is a bit too long :/

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