Bastion Wallpaper

Posted by Greg Kasavin on February 26, 2011

Check out our beautiful new wallpaper image design by our artist Jen Zee, something we cooked up in preparation for PAX East. We have it in 1920×1080 and 1680×1050.

If you study this image closely it will give you an impression of some of the different places you’ll go in this new world of ours.


  • Thunderclaww on 26/2/2011

    1680, not 1650. I don't think that's even a possible screen size. :P Can't wait for this!

  • Greg on 26/2/2011

    Fixed, thanks!

  • Raptor on 26/2/2011

    Amazing wallpaper!! Thanks, now I have to make a 1024*768 with some GIMP :)

  • Derek on 27/2/2011

    Going on my desktop at work :D

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