Bastion Bulletin, February 2011

Posted by Greg Kasavin on February 26, 2011

We knew this month was going to be crazy so at least it’s all gone according to plan. We are in the thick of things over at Supergiant HQ, and here are the highlights:

Bastion @ PAX East: It’s pretty much official, we’re going to PAX East. After the awesomeness of PAX Prime in September, how could we resist? Besides, all you folks on the east side of the nation haven’t yet had a chance to play Bastion, but soon you’ll be able to fix that. What’s more, we’ll have a little present for you for your trouble — the official Bastion team bandana. There’s something special about this bandana that we’ll reveal closer to the event, but for now, check out this bad camera-phone photo of one of our early comps for the bandana. The final version will be brighter red.

New Web site: Check out our fresh new coat of paint! This new format is meant to put Bastion front and center, let us update more frequently, and provide easier access to our presence on Twitter and Facebook since that’s where we post daily updates. We hope you enjoy the new site, and in honor of the occasion, we’ve got a new Bastion wallpaper that Jen cooked up (available in 1920×1080 and 1650×1050. Set-as-Background this sucker!

We’re Alpha (just about): At the end of this week Bastion will be content-complete. That means every environment, every story moment, all our RPG systems, and all our thousands of lines of reactive narration will be implemented, and that the whole thing’s playable start to finish. We’ve pushed hard to get to this point, but to be clear, we’re far from finished, because now we change gears and start tuning and polishing the holy hell out of the thing until it’s as close to perfect as we can get. Then we’ll let it out the gate this summer. Stay tuned for an official announcement about that before long.

Bastion @ GDC: The Independent Games Festival is right around the corner, and we’ll be showing Bastion at GDC as part of the IGF pavilion. If you’re going to the show, please stop by and say hello.

We’re still working away like mad for the moment so ‘scuse me while we get back to it. Thanks as always for keeping up with us,

— GregK


  • Derek on 27/2/2011

    Honestly, the polish phase is probably the hardest part. You want to make it great, but you know you have limited time and must restrain yourself from contributing to feature bloat. You start seeing things you would do differently if you could start over, but there's no time to fix it now... Good luck, and I look forward to supporting the finished product!

  • Charles on 2/3/2011

    Keep up the briliant good work! From the pre-view video and screenshot artworks it looks awesome!!!! Please !! email me if you need any pre-release testers!!!!

  • Doug on 4/3/2011

    I've been intrigued by your project since I first saw anything about it this past summer, it looks like you all could have a big hit on your hands. I hope you hit your summer release, but be careful not to rush it. If it takes a little extra time, so be it...a polished finished product (with little to no bugs and plenty of content...not planned dlc) will go a LONG way towards building your rep as a company. Your rep is much more important than a couple extra early months sales. Good Luck! I'm eagerly anticipating your game!!

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