Andrew Wang Joins Supergiant Games

Posted by Greg Kasavin on January 28, 2011

We’re very happy to announce that Andrew Wang has joined Supergiant Games. Just like that, we’ve increased our engineering bandwidth by a whopping 100%! As our chief technology officer, Andrew’s primary role will be to make Bastion and any other game we make run beautifully on every platform we want to be on. He’s well acquainted with coding at such depths thanks to his years spent working at Infinity Ward, on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and its sequel.

Making the leap from developing some of the all-time-biggest blockbuster games to developing a small independent game where an old man talks at you the whole time may not sound like an obvious career choice. But then again, most of us at Supergiant Games come from a background of working on big franchises for big publishers, so we’re kindred spirits that way. The difference is… dude Modern Warfare is AWESOME!!! WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE??!

Not that we’re complaining. Like the rest of us, Andrew’s been playing games practically for as long as he can remember, and his favorites include PC classics like Sid Meier’s Civilization, Warcraft II, and Counter-Strike. Born and raised in Boston, Andrew graduated from MIT with a master’s in computer science and electrical engineering, which is to say, He Is Smart. And he is worldly! From teaching computer science in China to volunteering at an orphanage in Morocco, Andrew’s done much more than his killer monitor tan. Once all that philanthropy was out of his system, Andrew decided to get into game development. He and Amir met years ago in Purgatory, aka Orlando FL, where they were both just getting started with their game industry internships, and later shared an apartment in LA while working for gaming’s two biggest megapublishers. It’s great to be under the same roof again.

You can get to know Andrew better by checking out his newly launched blog, Coder Optimizations. There he puts it all pretty succinctly: And besides, Andrew says it best: “…in college, making games was just a bunch of close friends working hard, working fast, and making fun. It’s what got me hooked on programming and making games in the first place. So I’m returning to my roots.” Also he just might make a cameo appearance in our live show on on Friday, January 28. Welcome, Andrew!


  • Nice guy on 28/1/2011

    That definitely is an awesome pick you guys got lucky to get him before someone like Undead labs got him and added him to their roster, this will definitely add so much more to bastion and for future games (hopefully more RPG games..maybe one day a Darksun remake? :P)

  • Fisherman on 7/2/2011

    Awesome news! Glad to see the team expanding with new skill sets and talents.

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