Bastion Bulletin, December 2010

Posted by Greg Kasavin on December 24, 2010

As the year draws to a close, we’re steeling ourselves for what promises to be an even more exciting 2011 for all of us at Supergiant Games. For now let me give you a quick update about what we’ve been up to and how our game’s coming along.

Bastion named a Top-5 Best Upcoming Indie of 2010 in Indie DB’s Editors’ Choice Awards: This was awesome. Out of all the independent games now in development (that have been announced), Indie DB’s editors named Bastion one of the five most promising ones. We’re humbled to be mentioned in the same breath as games like Fez, Overgrowth, Dustforce, and of course Monaco.

Bastion in the news: Also check out new previews of our latest build on GameSpot,, and even for all you Italian speakers out there. They’ve all had great things to say about how we’re doing so far. Plus you can check out new interviews with some of us on Dead Pixel Live and Big Download, with still more coming soon. There’s always a lot we want to say and show about our process and about our game, though of course there’s much more we intend never to show or talk about when it comes to the game content itself, since we don’t want to spoil it.

Bastion development update: Right now we’re putting the finishing touches on the last remaining game systems, including some of the later structures you’ll gain access to and creatures you’ll encounter, and forging ahead on the last third-or-so of the game’s content. Darren’s recently composed a bunch of great new music and Logan’s delivered an awesome performance on hundreds of new lines of narration we’ve since plugged into the game, so the game content has been growing at a good clip.

At the beginning of January, we’re planning to hunker down and polish up everything we’ve built in recent weeks, and stitch it all together, since our development process involves keeping the game in a stable, shippable state at all times. These kinds of milestones are intense, as the whole game feels like it levels up noticeably in the space of a week or so.

We’re not too far from being content-complete, after which we intend to spend months polishing everything up well in time for our planned release date in the summer of next year. When we squint, we can see what looks like it might be the light at the end of the tunnel, not that we want out of this tunnel anytime soon since it’s cool in here.

New screens of new areas: Just posted in a separate update, we’ve got images of two new areas from the game, the Workmen Ward and the Hanging Gardens. These are 100-percent-jen-u-wine screens taken from our real levels at our native full-HD resolution.

Happy Holidays! Also just wanted to wish you all a happy holiday and best wishes for the New Year, since our next update here will be in January.

It’s been an amazing year for us and for Bastion, and we have you guys to thank for a good part of it. When we talk to publishers and platform holders who can get our game onto console platforms like XBLA and PSN, they don’t need to take it from us that Bastion has the potential to be something special, they need only look at what everyone else is saying about it. That’s been incredibly helpful, and so is the sense that what we really need to do with this game is overdeliver on the positive first impression it’s created in people. We’re lucky we get to work on something like this and we’re going to do everything in our power to make the most of it. Glad you could join us for the ride.

— GregK


  • Samuel Abram on 27/12/2010

    I played this game at PAX Prime 2010. After playing what felt to me like a narrated Diablo, I wanted more. I await the day when I can play the full version when it comes out. This really seems like the future of RPGs. Greg, you were what made the old Gamespot so great and it's good to see you lending your greatness to making what looks like an incredible game!

  • Patrick on 4/1/2011

    I just stumbled onto this website because of your IGF nomination for excellence in audio, and was stunned to learn from the comment above that the K in the poster's name must stand for Kasavin! What a wonderful surprise. Glad to see you're doing well and working on a great project!

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