“Building the Bastion” on Giant Bomb!

Posted by Greg Kasavin on October 26, 2010

UPDATE: Show’s over and we had a great time! If you tuned in, thanks for watching, and if you missed it, then you can watch it on-demand right here.

On behalf of all of us at Supergiant Games, we invite you to join us at Giant Bomb this Friday, October 29 at 3:30pm PST for the premiere episode of Building the Bastion. This live show will take you behind the scenes of our up-and-coming studio while providing an in-depth look at the making of Bastion and insight into life at a small independent game developer. This is a 30-minute live broadcast, available for free to all viewers!

The show will include a first look at never-before-seen new content for Bastion, as well as a first look at never-before-seen old content for Bastion in the form of early gameplay and narrative prototypes. A portion of the show will be dedicated to questions from the audience, which will be taken from Giant Bomb’s members-only chat room.


  • Jeff H on 30/10/2010

    Good show, looking forward to see the differences in style between the worlds.

  • thebigJ_A on 3/12/2010

    Can't wait. I'm loving this look into the world of game development, and indie development in particular. It's only in the last couple of years that I discovered indie games. I think the whole indie 'scene' blossoming the way it has is a great thing for both gamers and the industry as a whole, which seemed like it was beginning to stagnate a few years back. I guess this was my long-winded way of thanking guys like you for what you do. Things like Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress, Super Meat Boy, etc. really have me excited for where games are going. Oh, and by the way, Bastion looks awesome!

  • mic on 3/12/2010

    I just watch 15min demo gameplay from a gamespot and I need to say this game looks amazing!

  • Greg on 3/12/2010

    @thbigJ_A -- Thanks very much for the kind words here, and I happen to share your views about independent gaming. It's very difficult for mainstream AAA games to take significant risks because they're so expensive and so prone to commercial failure, so the big publishers need to depend on their steady franchises for new content. Meanwhile social and casual games are booming but they cannot (or have not yet been able to) deliver the kinds of emotional experiences I want to get out of games. That leaves the burden of this responsibility on the independent gaming community and I think they've been doing an amazing job, with recent games like Super Meat Boy and Limbo and others. This is exactly where we want to be, only question is whether we can deliver the kind of experience that's worth a damn and to that end we'll give it all we've got. @mic -- Right on, glad you like what you see. As the saying goes, that was only the beginning!

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