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Posted by Supergiant Games on September 2, 2010

You’ve seen the game. Now… experience the press release. But seriously, here’s the official word on our first game. We’re so excited to finally raise the curtain on what we’ve been working on! Even if you’ve been following us closely thus far, you’ll want to read this for some exciting new details. Note: If you’d like a PDF copy of this announcement, you can download it here. For screenshots and our official trailer, check our media page.

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Supergiant Games Unveils “Bastion”, an Original Action Role-Playing Game 

Set in a lush imaginative world, the digitally-distributed title invites players to create and fight for civilization’s last refuge as a mysterious narrator marks their every move. 

SAN JOSE, CA – September 2, 2010 – Supergiant Games, an independent start-up studio founded by ex-designers of the hit Command & Conquer franchise, announced today that it is developing Bastion for digital platforms. Featuring a unique interactive narrative style and hand-painted environments in dazzling full-HD, Bastion challenges players to build a new world from the broken remnants of the past. 

The goal of the game is to construct a safe haven in the wake of the Calamity, a cataclysmic event that shattered the world into a series of floating islands. As players journey into the wild unknown in search of survivors and supplies, they will confront strange beasts, forge an array of customizable weapons, and gain new powers from specially-brewed spirits. The entire play experience of Bastion is dynamically narrated, gradually revealing a rich backstory as the narrator reacts to the player’s actions in real time. 

“Our goal with Bastion is to hit players’ emotional chords in unexpected ways, in addition to delivering highly responsive gameplay that rewards finesse and experimentation,” said game industry veteran Greg Kasavin, Supergiant Games’ Creative Director. “We’re pushing to make it so that players become absorbed in the game’s distinctive setting and narrative tone from the first moments.” 

Bastion will be shown in playable form at the PAX Prime event on September 3-5 in Seattle, where it is being featured among the PAX 10, an exclusive selection of the most promising upcoming independent games. “It’s an honor to be selected for the PAX 10 from among all of the inspired and great-looking indie games currently in development,” said Amir Rao, Co-founder of Supergiant Games. “We’re very excited to show Bastion for the first time at PAX, where thousands of people will be able to get their hands on the game and see what makes it special.” 

Bastion will also be featured in a new video series chronicling the making of the game, exclusively at, the world’s largest editable video game database. In the ongoing series titled “Building the Bastion“, viewers will receive unprecedented insight into the trials and tribulations of independent game development through the story of Supergiant Games. “People all over the world invest countless hours into playing video games, but so few of us ever get to truly find out how they’re made,” said Giant Bomb Editor-in-Chief Jeff Gerstmann. “With Building the Bastion, we’re going let our community ride shotgun with a mix of behind-the-scenes footage and regular live broadcasts that let you interact directly with the developers as they take Bastion from early prototypes to a full and final product.” 

Bastion is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2011. The game is not yet rated by the ESRB. For the latest information on the game, visit  

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About Supergiant Games 

Founded in 2009, Supergiant Games is a small independent developer with big ambitions: to make games that spark players’ imaginations like the games they played as kids, while enabling them to share the experience with those they love. Prior to forming the company, the founders spent years working together in key design roles on successful, big-budget productions for major publishers, but walked away in order to take bolder creative risks crafting games for people who love gaming. Supergiant Games is headquartered in San Jose, CA. To learn more, visit

About Giant Bomb is a website about video games for people who love gaming. The site features the world’s largest editable video games database, and is also the definitive source for gaming information, news, and reviews. Led by veteran games journalist Jeff Gerstmann, Giant Bomb’s editorial team produces hours of original video each week and a regular podcast that reaches over 100,000 listeners each week. At the heart of Giant Bomb is its passionate community that contributes massive amounts of user-generated content and actively participates in site quests and forum discussions. Giant Bomb is a Whiskey Media property located in San Francisco, CA.

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  • Juno Cecilio on 2/9/2010

    OMG!!!! that´s the game I never knew I always wanted!!!! pleasee release a demo soooooonn or let me be your QA... 4 freeeee!!! PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *___* fantastic workkkk!!!!!!

  • Ronnie on 2/9/2010

    I want this on Steam, please.

  • Jin on 3/9/2010

    Yes Steam please!!

  • Dylan Pulley on 3/9/2010

    The visual and narrative style of this game is an immense breath of fresh air. I very much look forward to seeing this on any platform that you can get it on. Will this be digital distribution? XBox Live? Full retail? Anxious to find out more.

  • Humptydumpty on 4/9/2010

    So is this PC or what? It says it's released for "digital platforms" but that could mean the playstation network or Xbox arcade etc. Why doesn't it say anywhere what platform it's being released on? And if it is PC, what about Mac? And what kind of pricerange are we talking about here? More details please. I'm interested but I need to know.

  • Reluctant Hero on 6/9/2010

    I played this today at PAX. It's absolutely amazing. The team told that there is no announced platform yet as they do not have a publishing deal in place. Buy PAX was huge for them. I expect them to have the game signed up for publishing by the month's end. But when we'll know the official release platform is anyone's guess.

  • mrblackisme on 6/9/2010

    xbox live please. summer of arcade 2011?

  • Anton on 7/9/2010

    I love the idea and look, but seriouly... WHAT SYSTEM?! PC, PS3 or 360? Wii? I assume you have programmed it for some sort of control scheme, but which?

  • Pepper on 8/9/2010

    Came across this website, the press releases, and trailer for Bastion. Looks fantastic! Has a wonderful charm and bright environments! What language are you programming this in?...Would love to see this for PC ;). On a side note, how does one register for PAX 2011? I can't seem to find that information anywhere. Congrats & good luck on taking your product to market! XD

  • Phil Hoffman on 13/9/2010

    Played this at PAX and it's even more amazing than it looks on the site. The dynamic narrative is unique and super cool. The visual style and "world building" as you go are amazing and fresh. Most importantly, the game play is deep and rewarding. You get to switch between ranged and melee on the fly, and you get a shield which creates some incredibly fun and deep combos to play with. Can't WAIT to play this game! XBLA please! This could easily be one of the best on the platform.

  • Zachary Cain on 13/9/2010

    I would like to start by thanking you guys for being bold enough to take serious measures to make a 2D game for the current generation of consoles and PC. Presently, Vanillaware is the only other notable studio that has tried to represent the 2D game market. Good luck guys. Go ahead and charge $60 ($50 PC) for this game and I will be the first in line to buy it. I don't think you are going for a brief XBLA release here, or at least I hope you are not. It is about time the viability of the 2D market is realized!

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