Greg Kasavin Joins Supergiant Games

Posted by Supergiant Games on September 2, 2010

We’re very pleased to announce that Mr. Greg Kasavin joins us today as Creative Director. He’ll be writing all the words you read and hear in our games, in addition to conjuring up our gameworlds, characters, and stories, among many other things. Greg is best known for his years working as Editor-in-Chief of GameSpot, though he’s been quietly making a difference in game development since 2007.

Greg met Supergiant Games cofounders Amir and Gavin at EA LA, where they worked together on Command & Conquer 3 and Red Alert 3 and became fast friends. Now that they’ve reunited, their first act together again will be to drive for 14 hours to Seattle. PAX awaits!

Greg Kasavin


  • John-Luke on 2/9/2010

    Wow! GameSpotting's Greg Kasavin?! Congratulations on the new job, Mr. Kasavin. Can't wait to play the game!

  • Brown n Gray on 3/9/2010

    Wow! Really? GREG KASAVIN?? This is great! Greg has been reviewing games for YEARS so he KNOWS what makes a game GOOD and what makes a game BAD. I can't wait to see what he comes up with!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Duxa on 8/9/2010

    Поздравляю :) Скажи Гавину чтоб по меньше веса тягал а то скоро bouncer-ом сможет работать :P

  • BukkookkuB on 12/9/2010

    I've watched Greg flourish from GS days, and into his last role before joining Super Giant Games. If there's one thing I do know, it's definitely his honest word, and attention to detail. I cannot wait until you're guys' game comes out, as i'll be among the first, of many, happy customers to purchase it. Congratulations! I'm hearing all about it on Giant Bombs website (Live LIVE event), big shout out to the GB crew, and members!

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