Bastion Official Trailer and Screens

Posted by Supergiant Games on September 1, 2010

Giant Bomb continues its pre-PAX coverage of Bastion with an exclusive reveal of our official trailer for the game, plus a brand-new slew of screenshots from the build we’ll be showing later this week!

To coincide with this, we’ve just launched our Bastion Media Page, featuring our official trailer plus eight screenshots in full-HD glory. These screens are the real deal, taken straight out of the silky-smooth playable sequence we’ll be letting people get their hands on at PAX.

So have a look at all this Bastion madness and if you’re planning to go to PAX this week, be sure to come visit us to experience the game for yourself! There’s still more news in store this week leading up to the big show, so keep your eyes peeled. And let us know what you think!

Bastion Media Page


  • Aarduil on 1/9/2010

    I saw coverage of your game on giantbomb and I must say - it looks great! I love the art style, it all looks like a living painting. I'm eagerly awaiting Bastion! Good luck

  • Sally on 1/9/2010

    Looks amazing! Can't wait to take a closer look at PAX!

  • Michael Manning on 5/9/2010

    I absolutely love what I am, seeing and hearing from this game. Props to the sound designer/composer, hope I can work on a project like this one day, totally my style. Great work, instant buy. - Mik

  • David on 7/9/2010

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep working on this. I swear i'm buying it the first day it comes out :P

  • Eric on 9/9/2010

    Love the artstyle. Definitely putting this on my watch list.

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