We Hired An Artist!

Posted by Amir on July 13, 2010

We’re super excited to welcome Jen Zee to Supergiant Games to be our artist! She joined us in June and came to us from Gaia Online. She’s does all the hand-painted 2D art work in our game and 100% of the cosplaying that happens outside of our house.

Her talents include creating beautiful, lovingly crafted art and fighting Akumas. We’re really lucky to have her!

Jen as Sakura

I am trying to get her to play in my D&D campaign. I think she might also be a nerd, but I’m not sure yet. What do you guys think?

~ Amir


  • Gavin on 13/7/2010

    Having Jen at the office now is great. I never have to worry about missing a Metal Gear Solid news update again!

  • dgeorgeson on 17/7/2010

    Jen Zee is a menace!

  • MarcoET on 17/9/2010

    She totally looks like fun to be around!... yeah i think she's a nerd xD

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