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Posted by Supergiant Games on March 9, 2010

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We’re Supergiant Games, an independent game studio in the Bay Area. We’re former EALA developers who quit our jobs in 2009 to move into a house together and make games. We’re working on a game for digital download platforms that we hope to release in 2011. If you’re around GDC 2010, we’d love to have you play it and get your opinion on it. We’ll have Supergiant Cookies to give out and normal size business cards.

- Amir


  • James on 9/3/2010

    I'm there in a heart beat. Can't wait to play it!

  • Greg Kasavin on 10/3/2010

    Congrats on the site launch and good luck this week at GDC!

  • Nobu Tanaka on 12/3/2010

    I am looking forward to hearing from your new projects soon.

  • Jon on 12/3/2010

    Which Amir is this? :-)!!

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Supergiant Games is based in San Francisco, California. Email us for general inquiries or media inquiries.

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